Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 214 – Subduing Artais

Chapter 213 – Yang Feng Arrives

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Looking at the 300 elves tied together, Gerald laughed wildly: “Ha ha, 300 elves! Were going to make a lot of money!! These elves are really stupid! They thought that they are stronger than us and dared to fight us! What fools! If they fled at the very beginning, then we would have no way to catch them!”

Gerald didnt take to heart the close to 1,000 casualties among the slave hunters. So long as there was enough money, then with the strength of his family, he could recruit as many people as he wanted.

Artais showed a complacent smile: “The elves are too arrogant, which is a weakness! They look down on us due to their individual strength being far greater than ours. If it wasnt for their belief that they are stronger than us, would they have stayed to fight us? The cultivation bases of these two elven girls are at the Firmament Knight rank. They certainly wouldnt care about small fries that arent even Knights. But now, they have been captured by us. This is the power of the wisdom of humans.”

“They didnt consider that for us to come to capture them, we naturally would have our trump cards. This elven leader is really a boobs for brain good-for-nothing.” Mocked Artais. As if suddenly coming to a realization, he continued: “No, the real boobs for brain good-for-nothing isnt the elven leader, but the girl from the Krossdale Family, whose people are reputed to have divine looks. She didnt even manage to display her capability before being captured by us, leaving the elven leader distracted, which was why it was so easy for us to capture her.”

When she heard that, Belindas lovely body trembled slightly. She was full of remorse.

As Artais said, if she had fled directly towards Yang Fengs Miracle City, then the slave hunters would basically have no chance at capturing them. She was overconfident in her fighting strength and therefore, chose to confront the slave hunters. Little did she know that these human warriors were so cunning, so incisive.

If it was in the Elven Woods, then the 300 elven archers could truly erupt with their skills and completely destroy the 4,000 slave hunters without loosing more than 10 individuals on their side. Belinda had confronted human slave hunters in the Elven Woods, killing an unknown number of human powerhouses. Even Sky Knight rank experts had died to her arrows. Yet now, she was defeated by Gerald and Artais, who werent even Knights. This left her extremely regretful.

Karinas lovely body trembled and she shed tears of humiliation and remorse. It was because she was caught that Belinda got distracted and captured.

Otherwise, with Belindas strength of a Firmament Knight, it was entirely possible for her to trade a bloody path out of the crowd and escape alone.

Gerald went up to Karina, squatted down, lifted her chin, and sized her up full of excitement: “This girl is of the Krossdale Family, whose people are reputed to have divine looks? Sure enough, the skin is flawless and the body is perfect – extremely enchanting. Haha!

Krossdale Familys elven beauties were so peerless in their looks that even the regents of empires would be tempted by them. Gerald naturally wanted to take a closer look at Karina.

Suddenly, a long sword pierced through Geralds chest and drops of blood dropped onto the ground from the tip of the sword.

Gerald clutched at his chest, coughed out a large amount of blood, stared at Artais with horror, and said with a shaky voice: “Why?”

“So youre actually one of those rare few people with the heart on the right side.” Artais frowned slightly and then continued with a smile: “Gerald, dont you think that these elves are too few for two people? So please die!”

Artais pulled out the sword out of Geralds chest. Large amounts of blood gushed out of his chest and sprinkled on the ground. Next, he brandished the sword decisively and beheaded Gerald. Simultaneously, he shouted: “Do it!”

Artais private troops were already prepared to launch a sudden attack and brandished their swords at those who were their comrades-in-arms just a moment ago.

Caught unprepared, more than half of Geralds private troops were killed at once. The remaining people knew that they had no way out, so they madly fought against Artais private troops with clenched their teeth.

The apprentice Wizards on Geralds side were the first people to be attacked by Artais troops before being instantly killed. With the help of the Apprentice Wizards on their side, Artais private troops madly slaughtered Geralds warriors, which had a snowball effect on their advantage.

Some of Geralds private troops that wanted to flee were stopped by spells cast by Apprentice Wizards.

A warrior on Geralds side screamed shrilly: “Artais, you murdered Earl Albetts only child, he will never let you off! Earl Albett will kill you along with your family.”

“You dont have to worry about me! Ill offer the Krossdale Familys elf to His Majesty and His Majesty will definitely grant me the hereditary peer earl title. With these 300 elven beauties, I can perfectly weave a formidable network in the imperial capital. Earl Albett wouldnt dare to act rashly in the imperial capital, right?! Just give me a few years and Earl Albett wont count for much!”

“Lastly, thank you for being a stepping stone of mine and for helping me to take a firm step towards the summit of power! Now that you no longer have any use, you can go and die.” Artais said with a smile to the warriors on Geralds side.

Following their final death throes, Geralds private troops were butchered to a man.

Seeing that his private troops finished killing Geralds private troops, Artais patted his hands and said with smile: “Alright! My dearest subordinates, apart from these two elves, you can choose 10 from among the other elves as your reward. Of course, each of the esteemed Apprentice Wizards can also choose an elf.”

Artais private troops, whose eyes were red from killing, issued loud cheers.

10 elves, that was 10 times as much as what Gerald promised.

The eyes of the Apprentice Wizards who followed Artais lit up and they sized up the bodies of the elves without restraint, showing expressions of greed.

Although the status of these Apprentice Wizards was high, yet when compared to official Wizards, there was still an extremely wide gap in status. They werent entitled to enjoy elven slaves.

The elves struggled and shed tears of pain and humiliation. They knew how miserable and tragic it was to fall into the hands of humans as slaves.

“That wont do, these elves are my friends!” At this moment, from the sky, from far away came Yang Fengs voice.

Artais complexion suddenly changed greatly and he looking up. Everyone looked up.

Midair, they saw Yang Feng covered in the sacred light from Light of Intervention standing atop a magic carpet. Looking like the embodiment of a god descending into the secular world, he flew over.

“Chaikin! Shoot him down!” Artais complexion changed greatly and he bellowed. At the same time, he quickly took several steps back and retreated into the crowd of people.

An archer with the cultivation base of an Earth Knight stepped forward. His qi surged and he shot an arrow, which looked like a shooting star, towards Yang Feng.

Shiiing! With a crisp sound, Yang Feng instantly unsheathed the level-3 secret treasure Sword of Light from his waist.

Yang Feng hacked the sword at the arrow and directly crashed it.

Artais was dumbfounded and muttered: “Magic and martial dual cultivation, how is this possible? Arent divine descendants and demigod rank powerhouses the only ones that can practice magic and martial dual cultivation? Hes just a Great Wizard and a human, how could he practice magic and martial dual cultivation?!!”

The elves lying on the ground were also stunned and couldnt believe their eyes.

In the Feisuo Plane, because of the Weave, which covered the entire plane, the planes Wizards would forget the spells they learned the day before. Under such circumstances, Wizards were already short on time for magic cultivation and basically wouldnt have the energy for martial cultivation. The more powerful the Wizard, the weaker their body be.

This was also the reasons why the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks despised the various cultivation inheritances of other planes. In addition to the divine path, other planes only had demons, ancient fiends, ancient devils, and other ancient and formidable beings that could contend against the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks.

Yang Feng shook gently and jumped down of the magic carpet. He blessed himself with Light Feather.

Artais private troops quickly stepped forward to surrounded Yang Feng.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, a trace of red swept past the depth of his eyes, his divinity of massacre trembled, his blood boiled, and he stepped forward!

Following flickers of bloody radiances, Artais private troops blocking in front of Yang Feng were chopped in two and blood sprayed all over.

The blood splashed about, yet Yang Feng was shrouded with a life force cover. The blood was ricocheted upon touching his life force cover.

Nothing could withstand his sword, no one could block in front of his sword!

Lying on the ground, Karina and Belinda watched Yang Feng walk in the crowd. They couldnt tear away their eyes from him.

Amid the crowd, Yang Feng seemed to have turned massacre into an art. He exuded a dangerous and fascinating charm. The divine energy of massacre and black dragons bloodline coupled with his own continuous growth and transformation gave rise to the fascinating charm.

Yang Feng fought calmly despite his boiling blood. With each strike of the sword, he gained a deeper understanding of the art of the sword and the divine energy of massacre increased by a bit.

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