Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 22 – Allen

Chapter 21 – Necklaces And Headrings

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After listening to Robot Bonneys explanation, Yang Feng couldnt help but to inhale a mouthful of cold air: “In order to hatch an egg, he killed 1,376 virgins! What a vicious fellow!”

Robot Bonney spoke.

Yang Feng creased his eyebrows. He had a vague feeling that he arrived at some crazy world.

He said in a low voice: “If I had lost to Bonney, I would have been captured by him and become a subject for human experiments!”

Robot Bonney responded:

“A contracted beast!” Yang Feng looked at the strange egg in the middle of the altar with bloody gas coming in and out of it, and his gaze flickered. He got caught up in his thoughts.

After killing Bonney and capturing the Black City, he was bound to face a counterattack from the Fernandro Principality. This was the most dangerous period of time.

The best course of action for him would be to have his true body hide in an undisclosed location and wait for the commotion to pass. He already produced a large number of level-6 and level-7 battle robots. At any time, he was ready to abandon everything, leave the Fernandro Principality, and have a fresh start.

Once he chose to hatch the strange egg from the taboo stone, he might have to face great peril. The Fernandro Principality was established over 300 years ago, so who knew how deep their roots went. Anyway, the Warlocks who tried to challenge the Fernandro Principality in the past 300 years had died, and even an official level-2 Warlock had fallen.

Yang Feng hesitated, saying: “Can it be removed from the alter, or its incubation period be delayed?”

The 2nd Warlock Dynasty inheritances have been passed for close to 1 million years, and many of the various items sealed inside taboo stones were already exceedingly rare. Bonney was extremely lucky to be able to obtain a taboo stone. Even if the egg from the taboo stone was dead, it would still have amazing research value in the current times.

He contemplated for a while, and then finally made a decision, saying: “Alright! My true body will come here as soon as possible! Make sure that the ritual carries on.”

Taboo stones were extremely rare in the Turandot Subcontinent. Once discovered, they would either be used by someone, or pocketed by the six major forces. The egg from the taboo stone may be the last one in the Turandot Subcontinent that could become a contracted beast. Naturally, Yang Feng didnt want to miss this chance.

Robot Bonney replied respectfully:

He gave the strange egg on the altar a profound look, then turned around and left the Warlock tower.

The Black City, within the city masters mansion.

Standing orderly, Apprentice Warlocks dressed in gray robes looked at Yang Feng sitting on a throne. The eyes of many Apprentice Warlocks flashed with enmity.

Next to the Apprentice Warlocks stood 400 fully-armed bladed robots, who were ready to kill them so long as they did anything suspicious.

“This headring can detect your thoughts, while this necklace is equipped with an explosive! Once you harbor any harmful thoughts towards me, this necklace will blow your head off. Now, form into lines and put the necklaces and headrings on. Otherwise, drop dead!” Yang Feng clapped his hands, and bladed robots carrying basins with black necklaces and silver headrings walked out from both sides.

When the Apprentice Warlocks heard that, their faces paled, and they exchanged looks with each other. They hesitated.

Yang Feng continued callously: “I give you 10 seconds to consider it. Those who arent lined up within 10 seconds will die! 10…”

Hearing the countdown to death, the faces of the Apprentice Warlocks paled some more, and they quickly formed into lines.

He swept the hall with a look and said coldly: “0! Kill those not lined up!”

200 bladed robots rushed towards the 10 hesitant Apprentice Warlocks, brandished their blades wildly, and easily sliced them into pieces.

The remaining Apprentice Warlocks looked pale, their bodies trembled, and their eyes flashed with boundless fear.

“Begin!” Sitting on the throne, propping his head up with a hand, Yang Feng looked grimly at the remaining Apprentice Warlocks.

Under his command, the Apprentice Warlocks of the Black Cottage stepped forward and carefully put on the black necklaces and the silver headrings.

Bang! After an Apprentice Warlock put on a black necklace and a silver headring, the silver headring lit up and the black necklace exploded, blowing off the head of the Apprentice Warlock.

Seeing this, the scared Apprentice Warlocks trembled, and their eyes flashed with fear. Meeting Yang Fengs gaze was like looking at a terrifying demon king.

Yang Feng sneered: “You want to pretend to surrender, and then find a chance to assassinate me? How amusing! You cant conceal your thoughts from the secret treasure silver headring. Continue!”

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