Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 225 – Breaking Through the Gate

Chapter 224 – My Blood Is Hot Too

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After leaving that place, Katherine quickly returned to her village and gathered the people together.

Once everyone gathered, Katherine immediately declared: “Its no longer possible to stay here! We must depart for another place.”

Dick, a half blood beastman with tiger ears, gave a long sigh and said: “We dont have much food. Besides, where are we supposed to go to? Theres no place where we half blood beastmen could live in!”

Bitterness welled up in the minds of the half blood beastmen present.

A tigerman half blood beastman with tiger ears, an imposing and dignified demeanor, a sturdy figure, and looks similar to those of Dick suddenly pointed at a half blood beastman with lion ears standing next to Katherine and asked: “Katherine, who is he? Why havent I seen him before?”

The other half blood beastmen also gave Yang Feng, who had transformed into a lionman half blood beastman and stood next to Katherine, strange looks.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Hello, I am one of the divine emissaries of the mighty God Ian! I was sent to help you! My name is Caesar!”

When he finished speaking, the alarming qi of a Sky Knight rank expert spread out from Yang Feng. This oppression left quite a few half blood beastmen breathless.

Warlocks used secret methods to condense a soul seed, establish a spirit sea, and then get the power they called life energy. Life energy could imitate a variety of powers, including qi.

Most of the half blood beastmen present werent even knights and havent cultivated qi, they naturally couldnt resist the pressure released by Yang Feng.

“Divine emissary!! There is really a god who wants to help us!”

“Thank heavens, the heavens finally cast their gaze on us!”


The half blood beastmen burst into tears and and started to mumble when they felt the imposing pressure released by Yang Feng.

When Chuck felt the bottomless aura released by Yang Feng, he couldnt help but feel secretly dejected. He knew very well that with his strength, he wouldnt be able to reach Yang Fengs level even after a lifetime of cultivation.

When Dick saw this, he no longer doubted Yang Fengs identity.

The dozens of people of the half blood beastman village werent enough to kill Yang Feng, who was just a single person. If Yang Feng wanted to capture them and sell them as slaves, they wouldnt have any strength to resist him. The half blood beastmen couldnt think of anything else a person would plot against them

After displaying his strength, Yang Feng smiled and retreated to beside Katherine.

Yang Feng wanted to control the half blood beastmen via Katherine. After all, he had too many things to do. In fact, each god would have numerous subordinates to perform a variety of tasks in their stead. Otherwise, even if they were gods, they would be very tired and would have no any time to practice cultivation and enjoy themselves.

Katherines beautiful eyes sparkled with anticipation and she said loudly: “The Red Earth Wasteland! With his mighty divine power, the great God Ian established a city and purified a vast tract of land for us half blood beastmen in the Red Earth Wasteland. There is food, clean water, and safe shelter. There, we can live with dignity and no longer be slaves to anyone!”

“A city that belongs to us half blood beastmen!”


“If so, then its great!!”


The half blood beastmen wept with joy. A city that belonged to half blood beastmen, this was a dream of half blood beastmen for millennia. This was just a dream, a dream that no one had ever been able to realize, as they lacked knowledge and strength. No one wanted to impart these pitiful half blood beastmen with knowledge and power. Because they were products of tragedy, they were loathed by all.

Katherine said with a solemn expression, “However, only the believers of the mighty God Ian can enter the city that belongs to half blood beastmen. If you want to enter the city with me, you must believe in the great God Ian, who is the sole god of us half blood beastmen. If youre unwilling, you can leave now.”

“I am willing to believe in the mighty God Ian!”

“I am willing, as well!”


None of the half blood beastmen present refused to believe in Yang Feng. Before the pressure of reality, they just wanted to lead good lives. No matter which god gave them a way out, half blood beastmen would believe in them.

“This is the idol that God Ian bestowed upon us. To become his believers, we have to pray to him everyday. In return, he will send divine envoys to bless and protect us!” Katherine took out an idol that looked similar to Yang Feng and put it on a table. The face of the idol was shrouded in a veil of blinding light, so it couldnt be seen clearly.

“Now, lets have a prayer! Follow my lead!” Katherine clasped her hands, closed her eyes, and silently recited a prayer.

“Mighty Lord Ian!”

“You are the ruler of half blood beastmen, a supreme sacred being,… you are the sovereign of light… the sower of fear!”

“Mighty Lord Ian!”

“You are the invincible god of war… you are the guardian of the good and the weak!”

“Mighty Lord Ian!”

“We offer you our most pious faith. From now on, well return to your divine kingdom after death. Well become your shield and shield you from all harm, become your sword and kill all your enemies.”

“Great Lord Ian!”

“May your divine country ascend and turn into a star in the sky!”

Under her lead, the half blood beastmen adopted Katherines posture and prayed earnestly and piously.

Very pure faith power exuded from the half blood beastmen and entered the idol created by Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the faith power condense on the idol and smiled: “I finally took the first step!”

Most people already had a god they believed in. In a world where gods constantly performed miracles, there were practically no non-believer. Even among slaves, there were many who still had faith in gods. It was very difficult for Yang Feng to spread his faith. Thus, the suffering half blood beastmen were the best choice for him.

After the prayer was completed, the dozens of half blood beastmen present felt that their entire being had changed, as if they had gone through a complete transformation.

Before this, these half blood beastmen had no hope and could not see the light. Now, they saw the light of hope.

Dicks eyes erupted with vitality and he asked, “Katherine, can you contact the surrounding villages and take them with you to the city?”

Katherine smiled and said: “Half blood beastmen will be welcomed with open arms into the city so long as they are willing to believe in my Lord.”

Dicks eyes glimmered with apprehension: “Since my Lord is so generous and great, I believe that all half blood beastmen will believe in him. However, the biggest problem at hand is the winter hunt!! The wolf cavalrymen were only the advance guard of the winter hunt. According to the usual practice, a large-scale winter hunt is about to begin!”

Occasionally, in winter, beastmen of the beastman empire would sweep through the Casama Region. They would plunder the food of half blood beastmen and capture beautiful half blood beastmen women for their enjoyment or to sell them to human slave merchants in exchange for various goods. This was the winter hunt.

The winter hunt wasnt limited to just the beastmen of the Copper Wolf Tribe, rather, the entire army of the beastman empire would be mobilized to hunt in the Casama Region.

In front of the army of the beastman empire, all resistance from half blood beastmen would be easily crushed.

Among half blood beastmen, there were oxmen, tigermen, lionmen, and elephantmen. These half blood beastmen were born with extraordinary strength and their fighting strength was far beyond that of ordinary people.

There were resisting half blood beastmen in the Casama Region. However, half blood beastmen lacked weapons, cultivation methods, and knowledge inheritances, so they naturally couldnt withstand the assault from the army of the beastman empire.

Resisting half blood beastmen would be killed practically by the hundreds and thousands. Half blood beastmen would be thrown into the Casama Region by the hundreds and thousands to die, so that they wouldnt consume the food of the beastman empire.

For half blood beastmen, the army of the beastman empire was the most hated and most dreaded thing in winter time.

The eyes of the half blood beastmen revealed worry when they heard this.

Katherine said: “I have a solution!”

Gazes filled with expectation gathered on Katherine.

Katherine looked around and said gravely: “Before the official start of the winter hunt, only the Copper Wolf Tribe poses a threat to us. I will take people to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe! So long as he is killed, the advance guard Copper Wolf Tribe will collapse without a fight. We can win 10 days! 10 days is enough for us to contact many villages. Who is willing to come with me to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe?”

“I am willing!” A person, whom no one expected to, took the lead and shouted.

Gazes of surprise gathered on the person. Yang Feng was also rather surprised. That person was Koen, the middle-aged man with dog ears who previously tried hard to advise everyone not to kill the 8 wolf cavalrymen.

“Heh heh, I know what youre thinking!! My wife and son died tragically in the hands of those scum. You think that I dont hate their guts? We had no strength to resist in the past. But now that there is a god willing to protect us, I, Koen, am willing to put my life on the line for the sake of my people. If Im lucky enough to survive and reach the land promised to us by my Lord, Ill dedicate everything to my Lord. I, a dogman half blood beastman, promise this!” Koen ripped apart his ragged clothes, tore at his chest and started bleeding, broke into tears, and shouted at the top of his voice: “My blood is hot, too!”

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