Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 226 – Unstoppable

Chapter 225 – Breaking Through the Gate

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“This is the power of hope!!” Yang Fengs rock-solid mind was slightly shaken as he silently watched Koen bleed from his chest.

“I am willing to go with you!”

“I am willing, as well!”


There was silence. Of the 56 half blood beastmen in the room, whether men, women, old, or young, no one shrank back.

Katherine decided at once and said: “For an assassination, the number of people should be small. I, Caesar, Koen, and Chuck will go! Dick, you organize the others and get in touch with the surrounding villages. We dont have much time, every minute is precious!”

Without quarreling or hesitating, Dick nodded silently.

At the border of the beastman empire and the Casama Region lied a small city called the Frozen Rock City.

The Frozen Rock City was the bridgehead of the beastman empire for the winter hunt. As the advance guard of the winter hunt, the Copper Wolf Tribe was stationed here.

Night fell and darkness covered the land.

Katherine took Yang Feng and the others to the front of the Frozen Rock City.

Koen looked at the brightly lit Frozen Rock City from afar and his eyes flashed with worry: “Katherine, what are we going to do now? The security looks rather strict there!”

When the vanguards were killed by Yang Feng, the defense of the Frozen Rock City got stricter. Outside the gate stood 2 squads of fully-armed wolfman warriors.

Squads of wolfman warriors patrolled on top of the Frozen Rock Citys city wall, ready to reinforce the warriors at the bottom at any time.

The entrance was filled with torches at the gate. On the city wall, there were thick torches placed at certain intervals, brightly illuminating the city.

Katherine looked at Yang Feng and said, “Caesar, your turn!”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Lets charge into their headquarters and then kill the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe.”

Chuck frowned and said coldly: “It sounds simple wan you put it that way! However, we dont even know how many warriors there are in the Frozen Rock City nor where the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe is. Besides, how do the 4 of us charge in?”

Although Yang Feng‘s identity as a divine emissary was acknowledged, but Chuck still felt quite jealous of him. This was mainly because half blood beastmen were ignorant and didnt know the importance of a divine emissary.

If it was in the 4 great empires, no one would dare to be so rude to a divine emissary sent by a god. The ignorant were fearless.

Koen focused his attention on Yang Feng as he wanted to see what the other party had to say. He also didnt believe that the 4 of them could charge into the city and kill the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe.

“These are treasure god bestowed upon me. This is a sword that can cut through any weapon and this is a whole-body armor that can resist almost any weapon! Besides, god is watching us. He will guide us to where the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe is.”

“These are the treasures God Ian bestowed upon me. This is a sword that can cut through any weapon and this is a whole-body armor that can resist almost any weapon! Besides, God Ian is watching us, he will guide us to where the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe is.” Yang Feng smiled lightly. With a flick of his wrist, 2 copper boxes appeared in front of Chuck and Koen. On top of each copper box lied a magic sword forged from divine blood steel.

Yang Feng continued indifferently: “Press your hands against the boxes and youll get the divine warrior armor god bestowed upon you!”

Without hesitation, Koen reached out and pressed on the depressions on top of a copper box.

With the flash of bronze magic radiances, pieces of armor flew out of the copper box and landed on Koen. Every key part of his body was covered, with only the joints being left exposed.

There were 16 grooves on the divine warrior armor and each groove was inlaid with a high grade magic stone.

A very powerful magic energy came out of the divine warrior armor, entered Koen, stimulated his potential, and made him erupt with qi.

“Qi!! This is the power of qi!!”

Koen looked stunned. Next, his eyes flashed with delight and he said in praise: “Praise the great God Ian!”

When Chuck saw this, he also pressed the copper box, put on the divine warrior armor, and bore qi.

Although it looked like the divine warrior armor had many components, but in fact, it was extremely light. The divine warrior armor only weighed 25 pounds and was completely forged out of divine blood steel. Additionally, it was still blessed with Grace, Brute Strength, Gather Courage, and a good deal of other spells. Thus, the wearer not only wouldnt feel heavy, but rather, would feel light and very agile.

The divine warrior armor was an original product Yang Feng developed by combining Warlock knowledge and xizu technology. So long as the body of the wearer was strong enough, they would possess formidable offensive strength and defensive strength. On the battlefield, they would resemble man-shaped tanks.

Yang Feng waved his hand and 2 golden boxes appeared in front of him and Katherine.

Katherine reached out and pressed the depressions on a golden box. Numerous pieces of golden armor flew out of the golden box, surrounded her, and formed a golden armor. With her visor on, there was no way to tell that she was a female warrior.

“Follow me!” Yang Feng took the lead and stealthily moved toward the city wall of the Frozen Rock City.

Katherine and the other two followed after Yang Feng.

When they reached the edge of the city wall, Yang Feng took a deep breath, tapped with his foot lightly, rose into the air, and easily landed on top of the city wall.

The city wall of the Frozen Rock City was only 6 meters tall, it couldnt stop an expert such as Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his hand and a rope extended to the bottom from the top of the city wall.

Katherine and the other two quickly reached out and grabbed the rope.

Yang Feng yanked the rope slightly. In a flash, he erupted with Sky Knight rank strength, lifted Katherine and the other two into the air, and sent them to the top of the city wall.

Midair, Katherine operated her qi, twisted her petite body, turned her feet towards the floor, and stepped on the floor, effectively stopping her forward momentum.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with praise. He took a step forward, pressed his palms on the abdomens of Chuck and Koen, and ejected a gentle force from his palms, helping the both of them land.

These days on the Feisuo Plane, as he couldnt rely on the astonishing fighting strength of his mechanical legion, Yang Feng could only rely on himself for the most part, stimulating his potential.

At the time when he just left the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng could slap Chuck and Koen into meat paste with a wave of his hand. However, he wouldnt have used his strength to do something so trivial.

Previously, Yang Feng was just an ordinary Warlock who was a product of various precious resources and alchemical elixirs. Now, while tempering himself on the Feisuo Plane, he could feel himself change constantly, become increasingly powerful and be more nimble in terms of grasping knowledge.

When they landed, Chuck and Koen heaved a long sigh of relief.

Yang Feng grabbed Chuck and Koen, raised them, and with a light jump jumped off the wall.

Katherine also gave a light jump and jumped off the wall.

Once they entered the Frozen Rock City, the 4 people formed a battle formation. Yang Feng was in the front, Chuck and Koen guarded his flanks, and Katherine brought up the rear.

Yang Feng took the other 3 people into the Frozen Rock City without hesitation.

In the Frozen Rock City, Yang Feng, as if aided by the gods, meandered the allays and avoided squads after squads of beastman patrolmen, leaving Chuck and Koen full of admiration. They really believed that Yang Feng had the guidance of a god.

In the middle of the Frozen Rock City was a small castle, which was the city masters mansion.

As the bridgehead to attack the Casama Region, half blood beastmen would occasionally think of ways to attack the Frozen Rock City and assassinate its high-ranking officials. As a result, the city masters mansion was remodeled into a castle.

The 7-meter-tall city wall of the castle was brightly lit and was patrolled by jagged-looking wolfman warriors.

Guarding atop the city wall were confidants of the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe, valiant warriors who went through numerous battles. Each one of them was no weaker than a human Knight.

“Charge!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching glint. His figure shook and he charged towards the gate of the castle alike a human tank.

“Charge!” At Katherines command, Koen and Chuck looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and followed behind Yang Feng.

“Enemy attack!! Enemy attack!!” Atop the city wall, a wolfman warrior sighted Yang Feng in his golden armor, then faced upwards and gave a piercing howl.

Worthy of elites, the wolfman warriors atop the city wall got ready quickly.

20 archers of the Copper Wolf Tribe immediately stepped forward, pulled back their bows, and shot at Yang Feng.

A rain formed from 20 arrows shot at Yang Feng.

Ding! Ding! Amid crisp sounds, 3 arrows hit Yang Fengs golden armor and were ricocheted.

Braving the volley of arrows, Yang Feng reached in front of the gate and slashed a dozen times at it with the magic sword forged from divine blood steel.

“Break!!” Yang Feng gave a furious roar and punched the gate.

Boom! Following a loud sound, the gate fell apart into numerous pieces and spattered about.

“The gate is broken!! The gate is broken!!!” Koen and Chuck were stunned and could hardly believe their eyes.

“Alright!! Follow him! We may really be able to kill the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe!!” Koen and Chuck felt their blood boil and hope welled up inside their minds.

Katherines beautiful eyes sparkled with a peculiar glint and she looked at Yang Fengs back with worship in her eyes: “Master Ian indeed!”

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