Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 227 – Return

Chapter 226 – Unstoppable

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Broken!! The gate was broken!!”

“Fuck!! How could the gate be broken?!”


The wolfman warriors were stupefied, they couldnt believe their eyes when they saw the broken gate.

Yang Fengs group of 4 darted into the castle and rushed madly to where the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe was.

“Block them! Stop them!!” A chief guard roared and dashed towards Yang Fens group of 4 along with 50 wolfman warriors.

Yang Feng rushed up to the chief guard. A very bright sword ray slashed at the other party.

The chief guard roared. In a flash, he erupted with Earth Knight rank qi, then poured his qi into a fine steel sword and lifted the sword to parry Yang Feng.

Ding! Amid the chief guards shocked gaze, the fine steel sword in his hands was cut in two. A sword ray slashed downwards and, in a flash, sliced the chief guard in two.

After killing the chief guard with a slash of his sword, Yang Feng slashed with his sword at his surroundings and sliced the wolfman warriors near him in two along with their armor.

Although Koen and Chuck, who were in charge of guarding Yang Fengs flanks, didnt know any martial arts, but, by relying on the very sharp magic sword and the divine warrior armor with astonishing defensive strength, they withstood the attacks of wolfman warriors and, by employing an unrelenting fighting style, killed wolfman warriors.

Wielding the kings sword crazily, Katherine killed wolfman warriors. Blood spattered all over her, yet she didnt care. She gained a deeper understanding of the Lion King Battle Scripture that Yang Feng imparted her with amid that crazy fighting.

As if a dagger cutting through tofu, Yang Feng and the other 3 people easily cut through the 50 elite wolfman warriors and then continued to dash to the where the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe was.

On the way, no more organized troops appeared before Yang Feng.

After killing a dozen guards, Yang Fengs group of 4 dasted into a room.

In the room, the naked bodies of 4 half blood beastman girls lied on a carpet. The 4 half blood beastman girls were very beautiful and were just 15 or 16 years old.

There was still a middle-aged beastman with wolf ears in the room. The wolfman beastman had a bushy tail over his buttock, was of medium build, and his face looked as if it was carved with a chisel. The middle-aged wolfman, who had a chilly and cruel temperament, stood in the middle of the room with a blood-stained scimitar and coldly looked at Yang Fengs group of 4.

The middle-aged man was unruffled and said very calmly: “The 4 of you got guts! Do you know who I am? I am, Ahriman, the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe! I am a hereditary baron of the beastman empire. The beastman empire will never let you off if you kill me! Who sent you to assassinate me? I can pay you twice as much. No, Ill pay you thrice as much and you go kill the one who sent you! Kill them and I will recommend you to the beastman empire and have you become chevaliers. Youll gain hereditary lands and great riches.”

In the Feisuo Plane, many people thirsted for aristocratic titles and hereditary lands. Many martial powerhouses and formidable Wizards would serve the human empires for the sake of aristocratic titles and hereditary lands.

Although strong martial powerhouses didnt have to worry about food and clothing, but their offsprings might not be able to learn their martial arts. An aristocratic identity and hereditary land were the foundation for the continuation and prosperity of a family.

“Unfortunately, I only want your head!” Yang Feng swept the naked bodies of the half blood beastman girls with a glance, his gaze turned frosty, and his figure shook. He very strangely appeared in front of Ahriman and slashed with his sword at the other party.

“A bunch of clowns! I just didnt want to waste my energy! Since you want to die, then be my guests!” Snorted Ahriman. He erupted with alarming Firmament Knight rank qi, took a step forward, and slashed fiercely at Yang Feng with a blade.

In the beastman empire, the weak were pray to the strong. For Ahriman to be able to become the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe, he had to be very strong. Otherwise, he would be suppressed by the pack of pups in the tribe.

Ding! The swords and blade clashed. Following which, the fine steel blade in Ahrimans hands cut in two and Yang Fengs magic sword continued to slash at Ahrimans head, before sending it flying.

When Ahrimans head soared into the air, his eyes were still flashing with incredulity, as if he couldnt believe that he was instakilled in a single exchange.

“Your martial prowess might not be too bad, but unfortunately, your weapon was rather lacking!” Yang Feng grabbed Ahrimans head, which had an unreconciled expression, and said indifferently.

Scorching blood spurted out of Ahrimans neck. Before the blood could touch Yang Feng, it was ricocheted by his life force cover.

In real combat, weapons and equipment were extremely important and could even play the decisive role. Ahrimans martial prowess may have been stronger than Yang Fengs, but he was still instakilled by Yang Feng because he didnt know that the magic sword forged from divine blood steel in Yang Fengs hands was that sharp.

A powerful weapon could make it so that a fighters fighting strength soared by several times. This was also the reason why Yang Fengs 5 magic swords could be auctioned at sky-high prices.

Koens eyes overflowed with tears and he started sobbing. Very strong faith power effused out of his body: “Its really done! We really assassinated the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe! This is a miracle that God Ian granted us! Praise you, great God Ian! Praise you!”

Yang Feng was surprised when he felt the faith power coming from Koen: “A true believer! Pretty good! I really couldnt tell that Koen was a good seedling!”

Yang Feng took out a spear, stuck Ahrimans head on it, and strode outside.

“Ahriman is dead! The Frozen Rock City has fallen!!” Yang Feng had Koen carry Ahrimans head and shout when he saw people.

When they saw Ahrimans head, the morale of the wolfman warriors started crumbling and they started splitting into two different mindsets.

Some wolfman warriors, with bloodshot eyes, would rush madly at Yang Feng and delegation, before being killed by Yang Feng and Katherine.

But even more wolfman warriors would choose to escape the city masters mansion.

Yang Feng and his party charged towards the prison of the city masters mansion.

Taking the lead, Katherine killed a dozen wolfman prison guards and then broke into the prison.

“I am Katherine, a divine chosen dispatched by the mighty God Ian to rescue half blood beastmen. I am a lionman half blood beastman! Im here to rescue you! Anyone willing to believe in my Lord, the great God Ian, can be redeemed! Who is willing to believe in my Lord Ian!” Once Katherine broke into the prison, she removed the golden visor and revealed her heroic, beautiful appearance and her lionman half blood beastman characteristics. Shrouded in Light of Intervention, she shouted.

“I am willing to believe in the great God Ian! Save me!!”

“I am willing to believe in the great God Ian, too! Save me!”


In the prison, there were hundreds of handsome boys and beautiful girls, who were captured by the Copper Wolf Tribe. When they saw Katherine, who was shrouded in Light of Intervention, they started weeping and pleading as if they saw a god.

Yang Feng and the others stepped forward, swung their swords at the cages, and rescued the hundreds of half blood beastmen.

Katherine said gravely: “Pick up the weapons that you can and follow us! You have to protect your own lives!”

The hundreds of half blood beastman youngsters silently picked up the weapons of the dead prison guards and then followed behind Katherine.

Yang Feng said: “Lets go to the granary! Well leave after we burn it to cinders!”

Katherine nodded, then turned around and said to the half blood beastman youngsters: “Follow us!”

The half blood beastman youngsters silently following after Katherine.

Under Yang Fengs leadership, the group of people charged towards the granary of the Frozen Rock City. Along the way, any wolfman warrior that appeared was sliced to pieces by Yang Feng. Their weapons were taken by the youngsters.

“So you came! I guessed that your next target would certainly be the granary of the Frozen Rock City. Fucking half blood beastman hybrids. You saw me, Randy, and youre still not kneeling? You want to die?!” Suddenly, a group of 200 people rushed out of the granary. The armed-to-the-teeth wolf cavalrymen were headed by a very arrogant, tall and sturdy wolfman powerhouse. The wolfman powerhouse swept the half blood beastman youngsters with a glance, roared furiously, and released frightening Sky Knight rank qi.

Subjected to the the imposing pressure from the Sky Knight rank powerhouse, the half blood beastman youngsters showed fear.

Sky Knight rank powerhouses had already entered the ranks of extraordinary life forms and there was a qualitative gap between them and ordinary life forms. Their grandeur wasnt something that ordinary people could withstand.

“Randy, Ahriman, the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe was already killed by me! Heres his head! Its still not to late for you to surrender! Otherwise, theres only death awaiting you!” Yang Feng took Ahrimans head, shook it at the wolf cavalrymen of the Copper Wolf Tribe, and shouted.

“Its Chief Ahrimans head!!”

“Is Chief Ahriman really dead?”


When they saw Ahrimans head, the wolf cavalrymen felt their minds rock. Ahriman, who had the strength of a Firmament Knight, was the number one powerhouse of the Copper Wolf Tribe. For such a powerhouse to die to Yang Feng, Yang Fengs strength could very well be imagined.

Taking advantage of the time the wolf cavalrymen were distracted, Yang Fengs figure shook and he rushed towards the other party.

“Go to hell!” The wolf cavalrymen of the Copper Wolf Tribe were extremely fierce. 2 wolf cavalrymen immediately slashed at Yang Feng with their blades.

Without dodging or evading, Yang Feng bumped into the enemy alike a humanoid demonic beast.

Ding! 2 fine steel blades hit Yang Fengs golden armor and then ricocheted. The hands of the 2 wolf cavalrymen were jolted and the fine steel blades slipped out of their hands.

Sword rays flashed and the 2 wolf cavalrymen were instantly sliced into numerous pieces of flesh and blood that sputtered about.

Yang Feng appeared in front of Randy from amid a mist of blood and frenziedly slashed at the other party.

Randys complexion changed greatly. Although there were still over 100 subordinates beside him, but at this moment, only he was facing Yang Fengs tyrannical sword!

Randy mustered up his qi, bellowed, and raised his sword to parry Yang Fengs sword. The wolf cavalrymen around him would rush at Yang Feng and slice him to pieces so long as he parried this strike.

Ding! Amid Randys shocked gaze, his sword was sliced in two as if tofu and a sword ray slashed across his heck, sending his head flying high into the air. Large amounts of blood sprayed out of his headless body and splashed about.

In the middle of the wolf cavalrymen, Yang Feng burst out with frightening Firmament Knight rank qi, faced upwards, and bellowed: “I already killed Randy! Who else wants to die?!”

The wolf cavalrymen were stupefied and couldnt believe their eyes. At the same time, they were deterred by Yang Fengs grandeur and kept still for a moment.

Yang Fengs blood boiled and the divine energy of massacre increased steadily. The sword in his hands flickered and sword rays spread into the surroundings. Where the sword rays passed, wolf cavalrymen would fall apart and turn into numerous pieces.

Under Yang Fengs crazy massacre, the wolf cavalrymen began to split into two different mindsets. Some wolf cavalrymen rushed angrily at Yang Feng in order to take revenge for Randy. Many more wolf cavalrymen lost their courage and dispersed.

After killing dozens of wolf cavalrymen in succession, there were no longer any living wolf cavalrymen in front of the granary. Only Yang Feng and his people remained and stood loftily amid the blood and corpses.


“So powerful!!”

“Sir Caesar is so powerful!!”

“Can we half blood beastmen also bear such powerhouses?”


The half blood beastman youngsters imprinted this scene into their eyes and their minds were filled with shock.

Koen felt overwhelmed by emotions and his eyes flashed with zealotry as he gazed at Yang Fengs back : “Divine emissary Caesar is really strong!!! Only such a powerhouse can call himself a divine emissary. At last, theres hope for us half blood beastmen!”

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