Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 228 – Migration

Chapter 227 – Return

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Yang Feng stepped on the road stained with blood and arrived before the granary of the Frozen Rock City. With the flash of a sword ray, the steel gate of the granary collapsed into numerous pieces and revealed large amounts of foodstuff.

When the half blood beastman youngsters saw the large amounts of foodstuff in the granary, their eyes nearly showed green light and they swallowed quite a few times.

The living environment in the Casama Region was very harsh. There, the youngsters only had some sour berries and unpalatable wild vegetables and roots to barely eat half their fill. They had never seen so much food.

Koen said both respectfully and unwillingly: “Sir Caesar, isnt there a way to bring this foodstuff back with us?”

Katherines big expressive eyes also stared straight at Yang Feng.


“We should bring it back!”


The half blood beastman youngsters also spoke out.

Yang Feng said faintly: “We cant, we dont have that much time! Theres another piece of bad news! According to the divine decree from the mighty God Ian, the Bloody Lion Monarch Lawrence is rushing over along with 20,000 bloody lion knights.”

When he heard that, Koens face changed greatly, his eyes flashed with fear, and he said in a trembling voice: “Lawrence! Its the fiend!!!”

Katherines beautiful eyes were full of endless fury. At the same time, there was fear in the abyss of her eyes: “Lawrence, that scum! Hes here!”


“The fiend is here!!”

“Its that fiend!!”


The faces of the youngsters turned pale from fright, their bodies shivered greatly, and fear overtook their eyes.

The Blood Lion King Lawrence was a paternal uncle of the current emperor of the beastman empire. In the beastman empire, he was conferred the title of grand prince. He was extremely cruel and presided over the winter hunt against half blood beastmen a number of times.

When others presided over the winter hunt, they would release more water to nourish the fish in the pond, they wouldnt go so far as to recklessly kill in the Casama Region. The blood Lion Monarch Lawrence, on the other hand, was extremely cruel and vicious. Once, he wiped out the Casama Regions resistance army, including those that surrendered, then massacred the villages where the half blood beastman resistance army operated and even recklessly slaughtered half blood beastman villages that hadnt taken part in the resistance, striking terror and abhorrence into everyone of the Casama Region.

Yang Feng said gravely: “Only by burning the foodstuff can we stop them in their tracks! Otherwise, for the sake of the foodstuff, they will never stop chasing us.”

Katherine nodded silently.

Yang Feng took out a jar, spilled kerosene onto the foodstuff of the granary, then ignited a torch and threw it into the granary.

Flames rose abruptly and spread rapidly in the granary.

“The granary is on fire!!”

“Its over!!”

“What do we do? Sir Ahriman seems to have been killed!”

“What should we do now?”


Within the Frozen Rock City, the troops of wolfmen fell immediately into chaos. After Ahriman was killed, there was no longer anyone in the Copper Wolf Tribe who could unite the masses.

When some powerhouses of the Copper Wolf Tribe, who originally burned with ambition, saw the granary go up in flames, they knew that things were over. They immediately took their troops to escape the Frozen Rock City and led them to the Copper Wolf Tribe. Whoever returned to the Copper Wolf Tribe first, would gain a huge advantage.

Yang Feng took the hundreds of half blood beastman youngsters to the arsenal and opened it. After everyone picked a few weapons, he took the swaggering youngsters to leave the Frozen Rock City

In front of the nameless village where Katherine lived.

Dick stood at the gate of the village. Every now and then, he would look in the direction of the Frozen Rock City with eyes full of worry and unease: “Wasnt it too impulsive? 4 people went to the Frozen Rock City to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe! This is an impossible-to-occur miracle. Just to ascertain the position of the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe is a very difficult undertaking.”

Dick looked into the distance. There seemed to be a few more wrinkles between his eyebrows, as he smiled bitterly and sighed: “Theres no way around it! Even if its a straw, we still have to firmly clutch at it. We have no way out!”

A middle-aged man with cat ears and a wizened complexion slowly came over and said with a forced smile: “Yes, Dick, we have no way out. The only thing we can do now is pray, pray to the mighty God Ian to bless them.”

4 people went to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe in the heavily defended Frozen Rock City. This sounded like a fairy tail.

It was quite normal for the half blood beastmen to be anxious after they cooled down.

Dick asked: “Burrow, how was it? How did the other villages react?”

Burrow smiled bitterly and said: “They basically agreed to go with us. However, there is a prerequisite. If Sir Caesar can assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe, theyll go with us. If he cant, they will do as they did in the past – look for a place to hide, resign themselves to fate, and pray that they can avoid this times winter hunt.”

To resist the winter hunt, half blood beastmen could only search for a place to hide and resign themselves to fate in an attempt to avoid it. After all, the winter hunt organized by the beastman empire had a time limit. After capturing a certain number of people, they would leave this place. Providing for the people and mounts of a 10,000- to 20,000-strong elite army was quite taxing. The army of the beastman empire couldnt stay a long time in a barren place like the Casama Region.

Dick suddenly asked, “Why is it Sir Caesar whos going to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe and not Katherine?”

Burrow replied dully: “We watched Katherine grow up, shouldnt we be clear about how strong she is? Although she received guidance from a god, but she certainly isnt strong enough to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe at the moment.”

Dick was silent for a while, then gave a long sigh and nodded lightly.

“That!! Somebody, somebody is approaching our village!” Burrow suddenly looked tense and stared into the distance. His eyes flashed with graveness, saying: “I will go back to the village and have everyone hide.”

“No!! Theres no need!! Its Caesar, its Sir Caesar, theyre back, theyre back!! My son Chuck is also alive! Thank heavens!! Hes alive!!” Dicks eyes widened and his body trembled. He spoke incoherently and his eyes broke out with tears of excitement.

“Ha-ha!! Theyre back!! Ha-ha!! Ill go back and tell everyone the good news!! Ill go back and tell everybody the good news!!” Burrow was also excited and incoherent. He jumped up and, as if he had become young, rushed into the village.

“Sir Caesar is back! Sir Caesar and the others are back!! Come out!! Sir Caesar and the others are back!!” Burrow rushed into the village and shouted.

“What, Sir Caesar and the others are back!!”

“They are back!!”

“Does that mean that they managed to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe?”


Over 100 half blood beastmen, many of whom were representatives from other villages, rushed out from the village. These days, time seemed to pass very slowly in the village. Now that they heard the news of Yang Feng and delegation, they became ecstatic and rushed out of the village.

When the half blood beastmen reached the entrance of the village, they saw Yang Feng and Katherine walk side by side, followed by Koen and Chuck, and behind them were the half blood beastman youngsters.

Koen lifted the spear with the Ahrimans head high and shouted, “We are back!! Sir Caesar killed Chief Ahriman of the Copper Wolf Tribe! This is his head! Long live the great God Ian! Long live the great Sir Caesar!”

“They did it!! They really did it!!”

“They killed him! They actually killed Chief Ahriman of the Copper Wolf Tribe.”

“This is a miracle! A miracle that can only be achieved with the guidance from a god!!”

“We half blood beastmen have hope at last!”


When the half blood beastmen saw the spear with Ahrimans head, they immediately burst into tears and shed tears of excitement.

“Long live the great God Ian! Long live the great Sir Caesar!”

“Long live the great God Ian! Long live the great Sir Caesar!”


Bursts of cheers came from the crowd.

Yang Feng could clearly perceive the faith power that exuded from the half blood beastmen and then was gathered by the idol he produced.

Dick slowly walked up to Yang Feng, prostrated himself on the ground, and, wit tears on his face, said solemnly: “Thank you very much for bringing us half blood beastmen hope, great Sir Divine Emissary Caesar.”

Shedding countless tears, over 100 half blood beastmen came up to Yang Feng, prostrated themselves on the ground, and voiced their most sincere gratitude.

For countless years, half blood beastmen had suffered without hope in sight. Even when the half blood beastman resistance army appeared, it was easily suppressed by the beastman empire and human slave merchants.

Now that a god sent a divine emissary, almost miraculously, just 4 people managed to assassinate the chief of the Copper Wolf Tribe in the Frozen Rock City and guarded by thousands of wolfman warriors. Half blood beastmen could finally see a glimmer of hope.

Seeing this, the youngsters also burst out into tears and prostrated themselves in front of Yang Feng.

Chuck hesitated for a moment, then finally sighed lightly and also prostrated himself in front of Yang Feng. He no longer entertained the idea to compete with Yang Feng. During the fight to assassinate Ahriman, he had a first-hand experience of Yang Fengs strength. There was no way he could compare to such a person. He was also a half blood beastman and also longed for freedom and dignity for half blood beastmen.

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