Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 234 – Sacred Warrior Thunder Claw

Chapter 233 – Miraculous Victory

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“I surrender!”

“Stop, I surrender!”


With pale faces, the bloody lion knights shouted in humiliation. In a frontal confrontation, they would fear no enemy. But now that they were poisoned, they could only be trampled on. Such a death left them rather unresigned.

When they heard the pleas of the bloody lion knights, many half blood beastmen hesitated and looked at Katherine.

There was an unwritten rule on the Feisuo Plane. On the battlefield, if the enemy abandoned resistance and was willing to surrender, the other party would generally take them as captives and ask for a large ransom from the opposing party.

Katherines eyes flashed with killing intent and she said coldly: “Kill them all! Leave no one behind! These bastards, did they ever listen to the pleas of our people when killing them?! These scum would only torture them harder and take pleasure in it. These bastards dont deserve to live in this world.”

When the half blood beastmen recalled their past miserable experiences, their eyes turned red, and they continued to slash madly at the bloody lion knights with their blades.

“You hybrids will have horrible deaths!”

“I curse you, you lowly hybrids….”


The bloody lion knights madly hurled curses at the half blood beastmen. The half blood beastmen used their blades in reply and beheaded the bloody lion knights.

Blood dyed the land in front of the city red, as if suggesting that massacre and bloodshed were the fate of the city.

A cloud of dust rose, the sound of horseshoes came from afar, and the silhouettes of Yang Feng 100 odd half blood beastman cavalrymen gradually appeared in the horizon.

“Long live Sir Caesar, long live the great God Ian!”

“Long live Sir Caesar, long live the great God Ian!”


Tremendous cheers burst out from the crowd of half blood beastmen. The half blood beastmen madly shouted the names of Yang Fengs avatars Caesar and Ian, and zealous gazes gathered on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng could sense faith power of the zealous half blood beastmen slowly gather on him.

“Unfortunately, the standard of culture of these half blood beastmen is still a bit low. To saylong live god is practically the same as cursing the god. It seems that they have to be taught properly.”

Covered in sacred radiance, Yang Feng waved at the half blood beastmen with a kind smile plastered on his face. Every time he waved his hand, there would be cheers coming from the crowd.

The 100 odd half blood beastman cavalrymen following behind Yang Feng held their heads high and accepted the cheers of the crowd with pride on their faces.

Yang Feng pointed at the city with his sword and shouted: “This city is a miracle of my Lord the God Ian. This city belongs to us half blood beastmen and is called the Guandou City!!”

In the ancient divine language of the Feisuo Plane,guandou meant half blood beastman. In fact, the Guandou City was called the City of Half Blood Beastmen.

“Guandou City!!”

“Guandou City. Henceforth, it is the city of us half blood beastmen!”


The half blood beastmen shed tears, sobbed, and shouted loudly.

The half blood beastmen finally had a city of their own. Prior to this, half blood beastmen were regarded as slaves in every city on this land. They practically had no foothold. The Guandou City was a city that belonged to them, it was their foothold and a place where they could live with dignity.

“Enter the city!” Yang Feng took the lead and went through the gate.

“Enter the city!”

“Enter into the city!”


The half blood beastmen cried tears of joy and shouted with great joy. Following Yang Feng, they orderly entered the Guandou City.

Once they entered the Guandou City, they sized up the city that changed their fates with greedy eyes.

“So many trees!!”

“Those are breadfruit trees!!”

“There is a pond here!”

“This ground is strange!”


The half blood beastmen sized up everything inside the city with inquisitive eyes and issued cheerful laughter.

After leaving Koen and Dick in charge of everything, Yang Feng went to the lake near the Guandou City with Katherine.

In a place like the Red Earth Wasteland, a city had to have a lake and grow many extraordinary plant rain trees to be able to sustain the water consume of the city. Otherwise, the city would soon perish due to lack of water.

Yang Feng walked silently around the lake.

Katherine followed behind Yang Feng. Her complexion changed a few times before she clenched her pearl-white teeth, took a few steps forward, and said: “Im sorry, Sir Caesar! I acted on impulse and ordered the killing of the bloody lion knights, many of whom wanted to surrender! I couldnt help my anger!”

Yang Feng was silent for a while before suddenly saying with a light smile: “Its nothing! Even if you didnt kill them, I would still order you to take people to kill them. We dont have extra food and water to feed them here.”

Katherine was a little relieved.

Yang Feng said faintly: “However, I hope that you consult me first before making such an important decision next time. If Im not present, then itll be at your discretion.”

Katherines heart shook slightly and she said: “Yes!”

Katherine killed the 20,000 elite bloody lion knights. Of the 20,000 elite warriors from different tribes, who lost their food and water in the Red Earth Wasteland, 99% of them died in the cruel environment of the Red Earth Wasteland.

The Frozen Rock City.

A carrier pigeon arrived from the distance and landed on Groxs hand.

Grox revealed a smile when he read the piece of paper from the carrier pigeon. Then, his smile gradually faded, his eyes flashed with graveness, and he creased his eyebrows: “What a beautiful job, Caesar! To wipe out uncle Lawrences bloody lion knights and the 20,000-strong tribal allied army in one fell swoop, what a wonderful job. But that leaves me with a headache.”

Grox suddenly smiled and whispered, “However, this headache is for my imperial father to mull over! In any case, Im just an idle prince.”

Lawrence was a powerful Star Knight rank powerhouse. By using his frightening qi, he forcibly expelled the poison in his body. With his tail between his legs, he fled from the Red Earth Wasteland and returned to the beastman empire.

Lawrences crashing defeat couldnt be concealed. The entire beastman empire was shaken.

A 40,000-strong elite army went into the Red Earth Wasteland – particularly the 20,000 blood lion knights, which was one of the strongest armies of the lionmen – yet such an army was annihilated. Even though Lawrence was a grand prince, but he was immediately arrested and thrown into prison.

The capital of the beastman empire, the City of Glory.

The city wall of the City of Glory was 100 meters tall and stretched without end. At certain intervals, huge statues of gods were erected atop the city wall. There were beautiful murals underneath the huge statues. The city covered a vast expanse, and was not the least bit inferior to the St. Kaulin City and the other large cities of the Turandot Subcontinent.

In the center of the City of Glory lied a magnificent palace, which was the imperial court of glory of the beastman empire.

The lionmen and tigermen struggled ceaselessly in order to enter the imperial court of glory. In this generation, however, lionmen were the ones to have the honor to enter the imperial court of glory and assume the imperial power of the beastman empire.

At the heart of the imperial court of glory, in the hall of glory, where the tribes discussed official business.

A tall and sturdy, handsome middle-aged lionman powerhouse was dressed in an imperial robe, had lion ears and a lion tail around his waist, and exuded a powerful aura. The lionman powerhouse sat on a golden throne and proudly overlooked the powerhouses from various tribes beneath him.

The middle-aged lionman powerhouse was Anguriaux I, the power-holder of the beastman empire. The beastman empire respected the strong. In his time, Anguriaux I defeated numerous lionman and tigerman powerhouses, gained great military merit, and led the lionmen into the imperial court of glory to become the true royals of the beastman empire.

In the beastman empire, the throne wasnt hereditary. Just because Anguriaux I became the emperor of the beastman empire didnt mean that his offspring would be able to become the emperor. Although Anguriaux I was extremely powerful in the beastman empire, but he wasnt overwhelmingly powerful. Therefore, he had to listen to the opinions of the chiefs of the various tribes beneath him.

A tall and sturdy leopardman powerhouse with leopard ears and a leopard tail around his waist stepped forward and said loudly: “Your Majesty, I ask that you immediately send troops to suppress the half blood beastman rebels in the Red Earth Wasteland! A spark can start a prairie fire. We cant let these half blood beastman rebels develop and grow. Otherwise, they will only become harder to deal with. I am willing to be the vanguard and behead the traitor Caesar for Your Majesty!!”

A gnoll powerhouse also stepped forward and shouted: “Thats right! Your Majesty, please send troops on a punitive campaign to the Red Earth Wasteland! I am willing to be your vanguard!”

A wolverine powerhouse covered in golden fur stepped forward, saying: “Your Majesty, please send troops on a punitive expedition to the Red Earth Wasteland! We wolverines are willing to send 1,000 warriors.”

“Your Majesty, dispatch troops!!”


Fierce-looking beastman generals exuding valiant auras stepped out and requested loudly. Only conflict could showcase the value of these beastman generals and allow them get more spoils of war, military merit, prestige, and land.

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