Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 234 – Sacred Warrior Thunder Claw


Anguriaux I swept Faulkner with a look and frowned slightly, then brushed Tiger and the other beastmen generals with his gaze before finally stopping on a tall and sturdy middle-aged man with tiger ears, a tiger tail around his waist, and a powerful kingly aura.

The middle-aged tigerman was Kemets, the current chief of the tigermen. At the time, he was the strongest competitor of Anguriaux I. With great difficulty, Anguriaux I managed to defeat Kemets and finally climb onto the throne. Even so, Kemets was the most influential grand prince of the beastman empire.

Anguriaux I said apathetically: “In this case, invite Sir Sacred Warrior Thunder Claw to make a trip to the Red Earth Wasteland to eliminate the hybrids.”

The motion was passed since no one in the court had any objections.

After the court session, Anguriaux I summoned Faulkner to the imperial study.

Anguriaux I asked: “Faulkner, what are your concerns regarding todays court session?”

Faulkner replied respectfully, “Your Majesty, I was wondering, since Caesar can defeat His Highness Grand Prince Lawrence and wipe out 40,000 elites of the beastman empire, he certainly isnt a simple character. Sir Sacred Warrior Thunder Claw may not be able to kill this mysterious Caesar. But General Tigers words are true. If we let the half blood beastmen grow and develop, theyll certainly become a huge threat to our race.

Anguriaux I was silent for a moment, before suddenly saying in a low voice: “Cant the half blood beastmen become our fellow people?”

Faulkners complexion changed greatly, he hastily lowered his voice, and said very anxiously: “Your Majesty, you cannot mention this in front of others. Half blood beastman slaves are one of the cornerstones of the beastman empire. If this gets out, that person wont let this chance slip past his fingers.”

In the beastman empire, half blood beastman slaves were abound. Many families had half blood beastman slaves. The entire beastman social class enjoyed the benefits of half blood beastman slaves. Therefore, even though Anguriaux I was the emperor and his status in the beastman empire was sublime, but once he got hit by this laser beam, he could be overthrown and crushed to bits.

Anguriaux I was silent for a moment, then nodded slightly. His eyes flashed brightly. No longer showing any confusion, he said domineeringly: “I understand! All threats to the race must be eradicated. Since Caesar is so mysterious, then lets send Thunder Claw, Tyrannic Blade, and King Kong to the Red Earth Wasteland. With 3 Sacred Warriors joining hands, even if Caesar is also a Sacred Warrior, he will still die.”

Faulkner smiled in relief and said: “Your Majesty is wise!”

Within the beastman empire, under a huge waterfall, sat a very burly man with a head full of golden hair, rippling muscles, lion ears, and a lion tail around his waist.

Suddenly, the golden-haired lionman opened his eyes and gave a piercing howl. Countless thunder danced around him and he slammed a fist into the waterfall.

Boom! Surrounded by lightning, the flow of the 100-meter-tall waterfall reversed in a flash. Under the extremely strong power, countless water splashed about, rolled back, and revealed the cliff behind.

5 seconds later, the reversed flow of the waterfall crashed down.

The golden-haired lionman erupted with qi and formed a qi cover. The water of the reversed flow smashed onto the qi cover and was ricocheted.

A lionman powerhouse quickly arrived before Thunder Claw, knelt on one knee, and said respectfully: “Sir Thunder Claw, His Majesty has given an order. Please go to the Red Earth Wasteland along with the 2 Sirs, Tyrannic Blade and King Kong, to kill the perpetrator behind the half blood beastman rebellion, Caesar, and the half blood beastman upper echelon.”

Sacred Warriors were Legend rank powerhouses. On many planes, Legend rank powerhouses were already the strongest powerhouses and were nearly unfettered. However, it was different on the Feisuo Plane.

On the Feisuo Plane, except of the aloof gods, even Legend rank powerhouses would be controlled by powerful empires. Of course, every empire would worship their Legend rank powerhouses and give them a special status. Only at certain, critical moments would they invite them to take action.

However, there were also some Legend rank powerhouses who, for the sake of power and wealth, would reduce themselves to hired thugs of certain powerful force. After all, even Legend rank powerhouses may not be able to resist to the allure of power and wealth.

Thunder Claw was one of the Legend rank powerhouses worshiped by the beastman empire. As he had a certain degree of freedom, his power in the beastman empire wasnt as great as that of other Legend rank powerhouses who were fully committed to the beastman empire.

Thunder Claw creased his eyebrows slightly and asked successively: “Caesar! Who is that? Why havent I heard of him? Is he a new Sacred Warrior produced by the humans? Whats his class?”

The guard replied at once: “Sir Thunder Claw! Caesar shouldnt be a Sacred Warrior. According to the survivors, he should be a half blood beastman Knight between the Firmament Knight rank and the Star Knight rank. However, he may be a Wizard, too! He used magic items on the battlefield.”

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