Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 238 – Faldina

Chapter 237 – Emissary of the Morrince Empire

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Yang Feng was taken aback slightly. He didnt expect that the mechanical black dragon would ask him for a name.

He thought for a while before saying slowly: “Your name is Aesop!”

The mechanical black dragon grinned, and its voice revealed an indescribable cheerfulness: “Yes! Master! From today on, I am Aesop.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Do you eat magic stones, the flesh of life forms, or high energy crystals now?”

Previously, Yang Feng supplied the mechanical black dragon with high energy crystals. Now that the mechanical black dragon transformed into a half machine and half flesh-and-blood life form under the strange power of the soul stone, Yang Feng didnt know how to raise it.

Aesop replied: “Now, I can eat anything! Naturally, I can also not eat, at all! Now, I can absorb the energy drifting in space to live. Unless the space energy is drawn away or Im sealed in a place without energy in the space, I wont require a supply of energy. Because of the divinity of blood energy, if Im given enough blood of powerhouses to absorb, I can continue to evolve. Of course, if I want to continue to evolve, I can only absorb the blood of demigods or gods.”

The kindred were a race that relied on absorbing the blood of powerhouses to evolve continuously. For them, sleep was just a means to upgrade when they no longer could absorb the blood of powerhouses.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, although kindred were pursued by human Warlocks like dogs, they still managed to live on and accumulate enough power to ascend to godhood. The strength of kindred was apparent. However, the human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane were so powerful that the kindred of the Cangzhi Plane couldnt withstand a single blow.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly as he looked at Aesop: “Now that I got Aesop, a divine life form with demigod rank fighting strength, Im a step closer to killing a being of the demigod rank.”

Now that Aesop evolved into a powerful being of the demigod rank, Yang Feng got another trump card. Even if he came across a demigod rank powerhouse now, he could choose to flee if he couldnt beat the opponent.

Yang Feng allowed Aesop to move about freely, while he himself returned to the Guandou City and continued to study the knowledge required to promote to a level-3 Warlock from a level-2 Warlock.

A month later.

In the study of the imperial court of glory.

Anguriaux I looked away from the numerous memorials to the throne, and then stretched himself. Suddenly, he asked a foxman attending him lightly: “How long has it been since Thunder Claw and the other Sacred Warriors set off?”

The foxman guard replied respectfully: “Your Majesty, it has been 43 days since Thunder Claw and the other 2 Sacred Warriors set off.”

With a gloomy expression, Anguriaux I said in a low voice: “It seems that they have met with mishap.”

The foxman guard lowered his head, not daring to say anything else. To be in the kings company was tantamount to living with a tiger. Although Anguriaux I was a rarely seen wise emperor in the beastman empire, but he also had times of fury.

Anguriaux I gave a long sigh and said faintly: “We still know too light about the enemy! Transmit my order, summon Faulkner for an audience!”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” The foxman guard immediately accepted the order and took his leave.

2 hours later, Faulkner stepped into the study.

Faulkner respectfully performed an impeccable salute: “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Anguriaux I said lightly: “Thunder Claw and the others have left for the Red Earth Wasteland 43 days ago.”

Faulkner smiled bitterly in his heart. After pondering for a while, he consoled: “Your Majesty, Thunder Claw and them may have been delayed for some reason.”

Anguriaux Is gaze congealed and pierced into Faulkner like daggers. He asked expressionlessly: “Prime minister, do you really think so?”

His back drenched in cold sweat, Faulkner was silent for a while, and then replied slowly: “Your Majesty, this humble servant believes that it doesnt bode well for Thunder Claw and the other 2 Sacred Warriors. Although they are somewhat unruly. Nevertheless, they still would do their best to fulfill an imperial order. If everything went smoothly, they should have returned 13 days ago. We havent gotten any news from them for so long. Thus, I believe that they were either killed or captured by the Red Earth Wasteland.

Anguriaux I nodded slightly, saying: “Yes, I think so too! Faulkner, immediately send someone to investigate. I want to know the details of the half blood beastmen as soon as possible.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Faulkner replied respectfully and then took his leave.

Under Anguriaux Is order, the vast intelligence agency of the beastman empire mobilized numerous spies and sent them towards the Red Earth Wasteland.

3 months later.

A huge convoy of more than 8,000 people crossed the Red Earth Wasteland.

Ever since the news of the Miracle City in the Red Earth Wasteland spread and was confirmed, the merchants of the various states made detours to the Miracle City to replenish food and water before leaving for the 4 empires to trade.

With the increase in merchants, there was also an increase in bandit groups and a rise in assaults.

Although Yang Feng sent troops to exterminate a dozen bandit groups, and had the severed heads of bandits inserted on both sides of the road, yet he still could not stop bandits from emerging.

Under such circumstances, the merchants were compelled to unite and form a huge escort squad, so that the bandits wouldnt dare to attack them.

“At last, the Miracle City! However, the Miracle City seems to be more flourishing and beautiful than the previous time I was here!” Riding at the forefront of the caravan, Jim looked into the distance and smiled.

Outside the Miracle City, there were purification trees growing everywhere, and, under their purification, there was a large tract of black earth.

To the delight of the merchants who suffered from the bumpy road, a very spacious cement road that could hold 10 carriages side by side extended from the Miracle City. Crossing this cement road was a pleasure.

A large number of purification trees were planted on both sides of the cement road. Behind the purification trees, there were farmlands with breadfruit trees and other edible foodstuff that could grow in concert with breadfruit trees growing on them.

There were also flowers blooming in a variety of colors, looking very beautiful. Besides, the fragrances exuded by the flowers projected a sense of ease when breathed in.

“How beautiful!”

“This is the Miracle City Master Ian established, so beautiful!”


When the merchants who came to the Miracle City for the first time saw the neat road and the beautiful scenery, they couldnt help but to sigh in praise.

In the middle of the convoy, a luxurious carriage surrounded by dozens of Knight rank guards suddenly opened and a very handsome man with a golden ponytail, a distinguished temperament, and a sword at his waist alighted the carriage.

After the golden-haired and blue-eyed, handsome man alighted the carriage, he looked at the Miracle City in the distance and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “So this is the Miracle City Master Ian established? Not bad, this city is more to my liking.”

After a short pause, the huge convoy continued forward, and entered the Miracle City.

Jim couldnt believe his eyes when he entered the Miracle City.

Inside the Miracle City, there were houses of various sizes, 3-story-tall and upwards, and the streets were filled with people. Unlike the first time Jim visited the city, when it was desolate and only had slaves, the city now looked extremely bustling.

Along the way, the extremely handsome man looked around, and revealed a light smile: “Interesting, it seems that Master Ian of the Miracle City is really a talented person.”

The huge convoy dispersed immediately after entering the Miracle City.

Jim came up to the handsome man and asked respectfully: “Sir Edith, should we go to the city masters mansion?

Edith said faintly: “After a while, I still want to have a stroll.”

Jim replied and quickly retreated to one side: “Yes! Sir!”

When Edith reached the center of the Miracle City, he saw a lake in the distance, and sighed sincerely in praise: “A Lake! What a masterpiece. To be able to produce a lake in the Red Earth Wasteland, he does indeed have some skill.”

After having a stroll in the Miracle City, Edith was satisfied, and followed Jim to the city masters mansion.

In the conference hall of the city masters mansion.

“Jim, my good friend, what surprise have you brought me this time?” Yang Feng greeted Jim enthusiastically when he entered the conference hall.

Although Jim hadnt come in person in the past few months, but he still worked very hard to organize the goods and sent over 5,000 slaves to Yang Fengs Miracle City. Such a big client, Yang Feng still had to give him some face.

Jim forced a smile and introduced: “Master Ian, let me introduce you. This is Sir Edith, the sole heir to the Isere Duchy. He is the emissary the Morrince Empire sent to conduct talks with you.”

Jim, a small time manager of the Rydgex City branch of the moon rose merchants, couldnt contend with the Isere Duchy nor the court of the Morrince Empire.

“Its finally came to this!” Yang Fengs heart sank slightly and he sighed.

The Red Earth Wasteland was of an excellent geographical location and had a very vast area. It had always been coveted. However, the 4 empires were forced to give up on it because it was difficult to develop.

Now, Yang Feng built the Miracle City in the Red Earth Wasteland, attracted the majority of merchants of the Morrince Empire and the Titan Empire, and turned the Miracle City into a big fat cake. It would be strange if the 2 empires showed no reaction.

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