Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 240 – Defeating the Hunting Fang Corps

Chapter 239 – The Hunting Fang Corps

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After receiving the ultimatum of the Morrince Empire, Yang Feng immediately carried out a general mobilization in the Miracle City.

In the Miracle City, there was a 2,800-strong standing army.

In this army, the most elite troop was a 1,000-strong cavalry established by the royal guards of the Iman Principality.

Yang Feng spared no effort to teach the 2,800 warriors the martial art Star Qi that could be cultivated until the Legend rank.

After cultivating the Star Qi, the strength of the 2,800 warriors increased greatly. However, the number of people who broke through to the Knight rank didnt reach 300.

In addition to the 2,800 warrior, Yang Feng still recruited 10,000 slave warriors, who were responsible for some auxiliary work in order to free up the 2,800 warriors.

The Morrince Empire claimed to have millions of regular troops. In fact, the various auxiliary troops were at least half of all the troops.The genuine troops only numbered about 2 million people.

The 2 million troops were scattered all over to deter the greater aristocrats. Only tens of thousands of warriors could be mobilized.

“The preparations are ready! Now I have to deal with the Wizards of the hunting fang corps.”

After finishing the war preparations, Yang Feng stood atop the Miracle Citys city wall and looked profoundly in the direction of the Morrince Empire. His figure shook and he disappeared.

The Red Earth City was located at the junction of the Morrince Empire and the Red Earth Wasteland, and it was established by the Morrince Empire to defend against the flow of goblins, bugbears, ogres, and other bandits coming from the Red Earth City. There were usually only 3,000 troops stationed in the city. Now, however, it was turned into a huge fortress with 20,000 regular troops and 40,000 auxiliary troops.

Because of the presence of the 60,000 human warriors, the Red Earth City became bustling almost overnight. Numerous merchants entered the Red Earth City to sell their goods to the warriors. At the same time, many prostitutes gathered in the city to do business with the warriors.

Night fell and darkness covered the land.

In the Red Earth City, the brothels were brightly lit, with people going to a fro. It was very bustling.

Many generals of the hunting fang corps began to linger about the brothels, indulging in sensual pleasures.

There were only 2,800 warriors and just a single powerhouse, a Great Wizard, in the Miracle City in the Red Earth Wasteland. In the hunting fang corps, the regular troops numbered over 20,000 people, Great Wizards numbered 10 people, and there was even an Archwizard.

It was impossible for such a powerful army to be defeated by the troops of the Miracle City.

“My Miracle City is being looked down on! However, this is also good.” In the Red Earth City, in a room of a tavern, Yang Feng leaned against the window, and looked at the very bustling red light district with a faint smile.

Under the cover of the darkness, nobody noticed mechanical ants easily crawl into the logistics department of the hunting fang corps, bite through buckets of water, and crawl inside.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly: “The defense is really lax. Unfortunately, such tactics cannot be used casually. Otherwise, once Im seen through, I will have one less trump card.”

Poison couldnt be used frequently. Otherwise, once it was seen through, it would be very easy to defend against. By assigning a few Wizards to protect the provisions and water, and by setting up layers upon layers of defensive magic arrays, the provisions and water could be defended without leaving any loopholes.

After the preparations were completed, Yang Feng looked profoundly in the direction of the Morrince Empire for a while, and a chilly glint flashed past the depths of his eyes.

10 days passed in the blink on an eye, and there was no answer from Yang Feng. The hunting fang corps stationed in the Red Earth City moved out boldly. The entire army advanced to the Red Earth Wasteland

Numerous merchants followed in convoys of different sizes in order to supply the army with provisions and water.

In the Red Earth Wasteland, what lacked the most were provisions and water. The amount of water and food consumed by tens of thousands of people every day in the Red Earth Wasteland was astronomical.

After fifteen days of marching in the Red Earth Wasteland, the hunting fang corps finally saw the Miracle City hidden deep in the Red Earth Wasteland.

“The climate here is really dry. My skin, dried by the sun, feels really uncomfortable.” Surrounded by many generals of the hunting fang corps, a young man dressed in commander uniform looked at his hands and complained. The young man had red lips, pearl-white teeth, and peerless looks. He was more beautiful than a woman.

The generals of the hunting fang corps looked at the man who was more beautiful than a woman, and a glint of disgust swept past the depths of their eyes.

The man more beautiful than a woman was named Amodeo. He was the new commander of the hunting fang corps and the favorite subordinate of the emperor of the Morrince Empire. This time, the emperor appointed his favorite subordinate to be the commander of the hunting fang corps in order for Amodeo to gain great military merit, and to promote the beautiful man.

Amodeo wiped his lips with a wet towel in order to moisten them, and then commanded gracefully, “Fred, Ill give you 3 days time! In 3 days, if you havent taken the city, then you dont need to come back.”

Fred was the former commander of the hunting fang corps. Due to a minor mistake, the emperor demoted him to the vice-commander, and had him assist Amodeo. He was the real backbone of the hunting fang corps.

Amodeo was very cunning. Knowing that he wasnt good at military affairs, let alone at fighting, he very cleverly gave Fred military command. In this way, he would get the credit if Fred succeeded and would avoid responsibility if Fred failed.

Fred took a step forward and replied: “Yes!”

Fred came up to a Wizard with white hair and wizened facial features and said respectfully: “Master Pagos, please have the Wizard squad suppress Master Ian.”

Master Pagos was the leader of a Wizard squad formed of 10 Great Wizards and 100 official Wizards, and was a very powerful Archwizard.

The destructive power of Archwizards on the battlefield was extremely frightening, and the might of their spells was comparable to the spells conjured by level-3 Warlocks. One misstep, and even level-3 Warlocks could be bombarded to death by Archwizards. On the Feisuo Plane, no matter where they went, such powerhouses would command respect.

Pagos said haughtily, “A trifling Great Wizard. Hell die if he dares to show up.”

“They went out!! They actually went out of the city!!”

“Do they want to die?”


Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hunting fang corps. The generals of the hunting fang corps were surprised to find that 1,000 cavalrymen came out of the Miracle City, arrayed, and gradually broke out into a charge.

When Pagos saw this, he sneered and said in contempt: “A bunch of fools! Fred, it seems that theres no need for the Wizard squad to act!”

“Thats right, these fools! Our hunting fang corps will mop the floor with them!”

Fred smiled scornfully and ordered coldly: “Peso, Kata, go smash them! Show these fucking slaves the strength of the hunting fang corps.”

“Yes!” 2 valiant generals with Sky Knight cultivation base took a step forwards and replied in unison.

Before long, the 2 generals each led 1,000 cavalrymen in a charge from 2 directions towards the 1,000 cavalrymen commanded by Yang Feng.

Peso and Kata looked at Yang Feng and his cavalry getting closer and, as if seeing Yang Feng being beheaded, revealed a sardonic smile. Their warhorses were first-class, their equipped was excellent, far better than the equipment forged in common principalities, and their warriors were well-trained, experienced regular troops. There was no way they would be defeated.

“Weakness!” When the distance between the both sides was less than 300 meters, Yang Feng suddenly raised his sword, pointed at Peso and Kata, and barked.

The 2 Sky Knights suddenly felt a sharp pain in their bellies. They cried out, spouted a large mouthful of blood, and fell from their horses.

The cavalrymen commanded by Peso and Kata also felt a sharp pain in their belly, a black aura overtook their hearts, and they screamed and fell from their horses.

With just a sword move, the 2,000 cavalrymen of the hunting fang corps fell to the ground like reaped wheat and cried in pain.

The generals of the hunting fang corps were dumbstruck, and couldnt believe their eyes.

“What sorcery is this? Master Pagos, protect me!! You have to protect me.” When Amodeo saw this, his petite body trembled and fear filled his eyes, and he hid behind the Archwizard Pagos and screamed like a woman.

The generals of the hunting fang corps glance at Amodeo with contempt in their eyes.

Yang Feng, as if aided by a god, charged straight at the hunting fang corps with the 1,000 cavalrymen.

Fred kept deploying troops to block in front of Yang Feng.

As long as Yang Feng pointed with his sword, the troops would spit out blood and fall to the ground; unable to stop Yang Feng, at all.

Pagos looked carefully for a while. Then, his face turned ashen and he said coldly: “Its poison! These cheap slaves poisoned our warriors!!”

Amodeo trembled and shouted with an ashen face: “Poison! Fuck, am I poisoned? Master Pagos, you have to save me!! I dont want to die, I really dont want to die!!”

Pagos silently recited an incantation, conjured the spell Detect Poison, and a grey magic radiance covered the many generals of the hunting fang corps.

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