Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 243 – Thwarting an Ambush

Chapter 242 – Defeating the Silver Sword Corps

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When Magana saw the cloud of dust raised by a cavalry from afar, his face changed dramatically and he roared wildly: “Regroup!! Regroup!! The cavalry of the Miracle City is here!!!”

The silver sword warriors had fallen into confusion and were still fighting over the valuables scattered on the ground. Only a few officers responded to Maganas orders, yet they were unable to organize the troops, at all.

The 2,000 cavalrymen commanded by Yang Feng quickly arrived, and, like a sharp sword cutting tofu, pierced into the silver sword corps and divided the warriors into two groups.

Without the power to resist, the silver sword warriors, as if pigs, were chased and killed by the 2,000 cavalrymen commanded by Yang Feng.

Some brave warriors of the silver sword corps had just gathered in a group, when Yang Feng led the 2,000 cavalrymen to kill them.

The silver sword warriors fighting over the treasures on the ground woke up and came back to their senses. However, the people beside them were no longer those familiar comrades-in-arms and commanding officers, but some strangers who fought with them over the treasures a moment ago.

The silver sword corps collapsed and the warriors fled in helter-skelter, unable to organize any more.

“Fucking bastards!! Die!!” Following a furious bellow, Magana suddenly burst out with Star Knight rank qi, rushed at Yang Feng in an overbearing manner, and, while carrying tremendous pressure, slashed at Yang Feng.

With the army being routed, the only way to reverse the battle was to kill Yang Feng.

Magana was a martial arts genius of the Morrince Empire. He cultivated Star Knight rank qi at the age of 45. With his frightening Star Knight rank qi, he killed numerous powerhouses and thwarted numerous rebellions.

Magana was in desperate straits several times. Each time, by relying on his exceptional courage and strength, he killed the general of the opposing party and reversed the battle. In this fashion, he slowly ascended to the position of commander.

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows. He didnt dodge. Instead, he slashed mercilessly at Magana with the magic sword forged from divine blood steel.

Ding!! The 2 swords clashed. Amid Maganas shocked gaze, his sword was sliced in two. He was sliced in twine by the extremely sharp magic sword in a flash.

Practically at the same time, Yang Feng was knocked away by Maganas terrifying qi. He fell from his mount, rolled aside, and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

“Its a pity. Even though you arent week, but your weapon is just too lacking!” Yang Feng swept Magana with a glance. After leaving a few words behind, he jumped onto another horse, and continued to chase after the silver sword corps.

If they had similar weapons, Maganas strike would be able to knock Yang Feng away from his mount without receiving any damage himself. Magana was killed by Yang Feng with a single strike because there was a tremendous gap between their weapons.

A good weapon was equally crucial to a powerhouse. It was due to this reasoning that the 5 magic swords had previously caused such a big stir among the merchants in the Miracle City.

Yang Feng and the 2,000 cavalrymen chased the silver sword corps for 20 kilometers and killed 7,000 odd warriors before turning back and returning to the Anchor City

Of the 20,000 warriors of the silver sword corps, only 5,000 routed warriors ran back to the Zhero Province with their tails between their legs.

The Zhero Province immediately gathered the 5,000 routed silver sword warriors at the rear. At the same time, another army, the silver hammer corps, was transferred to the border of the Zhero Province with the Molinson Province to bide their time.

After the silver sword corps was crushed, the governor of the Zhero Province no longer thought about how to help his ally, but how to defend himself. If Yang Fengs 2,000-strong cavalry were to enter the Zhero Province and cause a great upheaval, it could be the end of the governor.

Inside the Anchor City.

Standing atop the city wall of the Anchor City, Yang Feng looked far into the depths of the hinterlands of the Morrince Empire, and heaved a long sigh: “Its a pity that I have so few troops. Otherwise, the Molinson Province would have already been captured.”

Yang Feng had Clive train the 2,000 cavalrymen meticulously, as he led them to breach 10 cities within 13 days, and then to ambush and defeat the silver sword corps. After going through fierce fighting day after day, the 2,000 cavalrymen were exhausted, so Yang Feng had to stop pushing ahead.

After all, humans were not robots, who could fight 24/7. If Yang Feng was commanding the xizu robot army, he would have taken the advantage of the hunting fang corps crushing defeat to capture the entire Molinson Province.

As for the 10,000 slave warriors in the rear, their fighting strength was even worse than that of the local troops of the Molinson Province. Taking them to the battlefield would be just throwing their lives away.

In such a large-scale war, the weakness of the Miracle Citys shallow foundation was exposed. Even if the Morrince Empire lost a dozen times, its strength wouldnt be affected. For Yang Feng, however, a single loss would lead to the Miracle City being easily swallowed by the other. This was the absolute gap between the strength of the two sides.

“Amazing, Master Ian! You really are amazing! To defeat the hunting fang corps and the silver sword corps in succession, you really are a remarkable talent.” Following a soft laugh, Edith slowly walked out of a corner of the Anchor Citys city wall.

With a flowery smile adorning her face, Faldina followed beside Edith. As if she was his shadow, every step she took matched his.

Exuding frightening qi, 3 burly warriors with sword in hand flanked Yang Feng and cut off his path of retreat.

Behind the three warriors stood 2 Great Wizards, who stared at Yang Feng with frosty expressions.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and asked solemnly: “How did you get in?”

Yang Feng had been very cautious all along. He had deployed a lot of micro-monitoring devices in the Anchor City, leaving no blind spots. He didnt understand how Edith and them could sneak up on him.

Edith replied with a smile: “Master Ian, your magic abilities are really strong. However, you arent the only Wizard in the world. My dearest sweetheart Faldina is a genius Archwizard. For her, deceiving the perception of a Great Wizard like yourself isnt an issue!”

Yang Feng creased his brows slightly and said: “Miss Faldina, I heard that theres a feud between the Titan Empire and Morrince Empire, so why have you joined hands with Edith to ambush me? The more I wreck the Morrince Empire, the better it is for the Titan Empire, am I right?

“You make a lot of sense!” Faldina blinked her big, beautiful eyes and then said with a soft smile: “However, I love Edith. And since he wants to ambush you, Ill help him. Everything else doesnt matter.”

Yang Fengs words were directly blocked by Faldina. Faced with a woman who was blinded by love like her and was a powerful Archwizard rank powerhouse, he was left speechless.

Such a beautiful and enamored girl would be a goddess in the minds of many men. Yang Feng could not help but feel slightly jealous of Edith.

Edith smiled, saying. “The Hansen Family needs such a talented person like yourself very much, Master Ian. Please join the Hansen Family so that your outstanding capability will have space to be showcased.”

Yang Feng frowned slightly and said faintly: “What if I dont want to?”

Still looking very graceful, Edith said without a trace of anger: “If you dont want to, then, regretfully, youll die here today. His Majesty has offered a high bounty for your head. That bounty, even Im tempted by it!”

“In this case, please go and die together!” A cold light flashed past Yang Fengs eyes. Then, he operated a secret method and countless black dragon scales immediately covered his body. Next, he silently recited an incantation and sent 30 vampiric rattan seeds flying with a wave of his hand.

With the power of magic, the 30 vampiric rattan seeds suddenly burst and grew crazily into freaks with numerous sharp barbs and tendrils.

“Master Ian, the magic sword you forged is unusually sharp, I like it very much!” Edith smiled faintly. In a flash, he took a step forward, erupted with terrifying Star Knight rank qi, and unsheathed the magic sword at his waist. Sword rays, as if specks of light, ripped apart the defenses of the 30 vampiric rattans and sliced apart the cores of the 30 vampiric rattan seeds.

Resembling human brains, when the cores of the 30 vampiric rattan seeds were sliced apart, the rattans withered, fell to the ground, emitted black smoke, and gradually crumbled.

“Psyche Hammer!” Faldina smiled. She silently chanted an incantation, then took out a dark green Legend rank magic staff, pointed at Yang Feng, and shot white, magic light at Yang Feng.

Psyche spells were most difficult to resist. The best way to resist psyche spells was to strengthen your willpower.

When the Psyche Hammer hit Yang Feng, his mind shook, he had a splitting headache, his eyes dulled, and his body stiffened.

The 3 warriors instantly erupted with frightening Firmament Knight rank qi and slashed at Yang Feng from different directions with 3 swords.

At that critical moment, the divinity of fear inside Yang Fengs spirit sea trembled, divine energy of fear covered his body, and pulled his mind out of the shock.

Yang Fengs eyes re-focused in an instant. He erupted with divine energy of fear and gave an earth-shaking roar.

Under the eruption of divine energy of fear, everyone on the scene stopped mid-action for a moment.

He unsheathed his sword and released a brilliant sword ray, which turned into a mysterious arc that wound around the 3 Firmament Knights.

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