Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 244 – Powerful Wizard Squad

Chapter 243 – Thwarting an Ambush

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The 3 Firmament Knights were instantly split into twine, and blood splashed about.

In that moment, the 2 Great Wizards behind the 3 Firmament Knights finished conjuring their spells. They pointed at Yang Feng and released the level-1 Fireball, which was the fastest to be unleashed.

Along with scorching heat, the 2 Fireballs mercilessly slammed into Yang Feng. Frightening flames and heat swallowed him in an instant.

Although Fireball had a simple name, yet it was one of the most powerful level-1 destruction spells. Level-2 Warlocks would be seriously injured or even killed if they didnt conjure the corresponding defensive spells to defend themselves.

A figure broke out of the frightening flames and instantly appeared in front of the 2 Great Wizards. With the flash of sword rays, the heads of the 2 Great Wizards, which carried shocked expressions, flew high into the air, and large amounts of blood spurted out of the necks.They couldnt believe that someone could withstand the bombardment from their Fireballs and still be able to attack them.

When she saw this, Faldina wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and waved her lily-white hand. Suddenly, 36 rhomboid crystals surrounded her and formed a huge crystal shield. Simultaneously, she rose into the air and floated backwards.

The land was the domain of warriors, the sky was the domain of Wizards. It was their flying ability that enabled Wizards to beat warrior powerhouses and placed them far above warriors in status.

“Magic and martial dual cultivation! Master Ian, I underestimated you!” Edith took a step to the left and positioned himself in front of Faldina with his sword held horizontally. His eyes flashed with graveness.

While under the siege of a Star Knight and an Archwizard, Yang Feng was still able to kill 3 Firmament Knights and 2 Great Wizards. His fighting strength was simply terrifying.

“You dare to make an attempt on my life! This will be your burial place!” As if a humanoid black dragon, Yang Feng was covered in dragon scales. His eyes were frigid. He released a fierce killing intent and said coldly!

Pointing the magic sword forged in the Miracle City at Yang Feng, Edith said gravely: “Edith, disciple of Star Sacred Swordsman Banksy, is here to experience your swordsmanship!”

Faldina squinted her eyes slightly and burst out with very powerful spirit force fluctuations. With the magic staff in her hand, she was ready to conjure level-2 spells and under at a moments notice.

“Lets fight!” Roared Yang Feng. His figure flickered, he jumped down from the city wall, and fled madly into the city.

If it was one-on-one, Yang Feng was confident that he could fight Edith. But against Edith and Faldina joining hands, even a level-3 Warlock might not be their match. Yang Feng wasnt confident that he could beat them.

When Edith heard Yang Fengs roar, his spirit congealed and the sword in his hand assumed a defensive stance. Yang Feng killed 3 Firmament Knights with a strike, and then braved the spells from 2 Great Wizards and killed them. This scene was very shocking, prompting him to play it safe. After all, when he and Faldina worked together, even a Great Wizard who practiced magic and martial dual cultivation was not their opponent.

Seeing Yang Feng choose to run away, Edith and Faldina stared blankly for a moment. They didnt expect that Yang Feng, who looked like a hero who would fight to the death and never retreat just now, would choose to flee.

“What a shameless fellow! Go to hell!!” Faldinas pretty complexion changed slightly. She bit her silver-white teeth and waved her lily-white hand.

Ice Cone, Fireball, Earth Thorn, Windblade, and other level-1 destruction elemental spells slammed towards Yang Feng in a flash.

Under the bombardment of Faldinas various level-1 destruction elemental spells, Yang Feng was compelled to stimulate his life force and swing his sword to slice apart the destruction elemental spells. The spells that he failed to slice apart could only be resisted by relying on the defensive strength of the black dragon scales.

Faldinas spirit force seemed to have no limit. The densely packed level-1 spells hadnt bombarded Yang Feng for a long time and he was already covered in blood. The black dragon scales were torn to shreds and dripped with blood.

Apart from the elemental spells, Faldina still released a variety of curse spells, such as Splitting Headache, Weakness, Perception Disturbance, and others, onto Yang Feng.

Even though Yang Fengs level-2 Warlock rank life force gave him immunity to some low-level curses and weakened the strength of a lot of powerful curses, yet he still felt dizzy and weakened at times, nearly falling to the ground.

When Faldina acted, Yang Feng was no longer able to escape, and could only stand in place and desperately resist the various spells without fighting back.

Ediths figure flickered and he shot towards Yang Feng like a bolt of lightning.

Yang Feng barked suddenly: “Pagos, youre still not acting? If I die, youll all be buried with me!”


“Dark Rays!”


“Psyche Shock!”




Suddenly, under 100 spells were released from a house, and slammed madly towards Edith.

The less than 100 spells included all kinds of different spells, and even a Star Knight would die if hit by them. Level-3 Warlocks also wouldnt dare to forcibly resist the bombardment from the under 100 spells.

“No!” Faldina gave a miserable scream and then watched in despair as the less than 100 spells engulfed Edith.

With the flash of white light, Edith strangely got away from the bombardment of the less than 100 spells and appeared atop the city wall with his face pale and his back drenched in cold sweat. Where it not for the disposable life-saving magic item he owned, he would have been killed by the less than 100 spells.

Edith saw under 100 Wizards come out from the house slowly, and his eyes filled with astonishment: “Master Pagos, how come its you? How can you serve him?”

Yang Feng ordered icily: “Kill them!”

“Yes! Sir!” Pagos smiled bitterly, then raised the magic staff in his hand, pointed at Edith, and silently recited the incantation for a level-3 spell.

20 Wizards recited quickly an incantation and conjured a variety of powerful defensive spells around the Wizard squad.

Offensive Wizards were responsible for the offense, defensive Wizards were responsible for the defense. Wizard squads that combined offense with defense were the strongest military force of humans.

“Retreat!” Ediths complexion changed, his figure flickered, and he quickly fled outside of the Anchor City.

Faldina, who was midair, conjured a variety of spells, turned into a stream of light, dropped from the sky, and ran after Edith.

For an Archwizard and a Star Knight to confront a Wizard squad with an Archwizard in their ranks would be suicidal.

Yang Feng looked at the backs of the escaping Edith and Faldina and frowned slightly: “These peak powerhouses are really troublesome. Its not that easy to kill them!”

Yang Feng had many powerful level-4 extraordinary life form mechanical battle beasts inside his dimensional crest. If those mechanical battle beasts were released, they might be able to kill Edith and Faldina, but as a result, it would raise Yang Fengs profile in the eyes of the Morrince Empire. The next time they sent people to kill him might be a group of Legend rank powerhouses.

Yang Feng said suddenly: “Pagos!”

Pagos responded: “Yes.”

Yang Feng continued lightly: “Now that the Wizard squad was exposed, join the 2nd corps and attack the Tose City!”

The 1st corps was the 2,000-strong cavalry trained meticulously by Clive. Most of the experts of the Miracle City gathered in the the 1st corps.

The 2nd corps was a new army formed from 5,000 slaves. The fighting strength of the 2nd corps was extremely low. Even after being equipped with the equipment seized from the hunting fangs corps, their fighting strength was still much worse than that of the local troops of the Molinson Province.

No matter how lacking the 2nd corps was in terms of strength, with the support of the human Wizard squad, there was no force in the Molinson Province that could contend against it.

When properly utilized, the under 100 official Wizards led by an Archwizard may even be able to kill a Legend rank Sacred Swordsman. This was the terror of human Wizard squads. Of course, if a Legend rank Sacred Swordsman managed to get close to the Wizard squad, the squad would be annihilated in under 1 minute.

Pagos hesitated for a moment before saying: “Master Ian, the strength of the Morrince Empire is beyond your imagination. It has the gods as its backer. Even if you manage to conquer the Molinson Province, you wont be able to keep it.”

The Morrince Empire was one of the 4 most fertile empires of the Feisuo Plane, and it was supported by the gods of the Zaliah divine system.

In the history of the Feisuo Plane, there was no shortage of geniuses who appeared out of nowhere and established their own states, threatening the rule of the Morrince Empire. Later, there would be divine chosen, divine descendant, and demigod rank heroes to appear in the Morrince Empire, and, under the guidance of the gods, destroy the geniuses who appeared out of nowhere and the states they established.

It was practically impossible to destroy the Morrince Empire and Titan Empire, so Pagos had to warn Yang Feng of this cruel fact.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said: “Thats all right. Anyway, I dont intend to keep the Molinson Province. I just want to loot it clean and sell its population to the Titan Empire before withdrawing.”

Pagos felt his heart turn cold. He finally understood why Yang Feng would plunder the populations of each city he attacked clean and transport them to the Miracle City.

If Yang Feng did this to the Molinson Province, it would take it at least 10 years to recover. At the same time, the Morrince Empire would find it more difficult to attack Yang Feng from the Molinson Province.

Pagos hesitated, then gritted his teeth and asked: “Sir, isnt that too cruel?”

“Cruel?” Yang Feng was taken aback slightly, then smiled softly and said coldly: “If it was me who lost the fight over the Red Earth Wasteland, what would have become of the tens of thousands of people in the Miracle City, you should know too well, Master Pagos, right? Why havent you thought of the word cruel at that time?”

Pagos was rendered speechless immediately.

If the Miracle City was defeated, the people would be captured by the hunting fang corps and sold to others as slaves, and the wealth would be plundered clean.

However, at that time, Pagos didnt regard the slaves in the Miracle City as people. He didnt even care about Yang Fengs avatar Master Ian. Why would he take note of the word cruel when he was at a high?

Yang Feng said lightly: “Okay, Master Pagos! Now that you are a person of the Miracle City, your life and death, honor and disgrace are connected to the Miracle City. If you do well, I can even tell you the method on how to promote to a Legend Wizard and let you become a powerful Legend Wizard!”

“Legendary Wizard!!” When Pagos heard this, his eyes burst out with tremendous longing.

On the Feisuo Plane, the ultimate goal of Wizards was to promote to a Legend Wizard.

Once a Wizard was promoted to a Legend Wizard, they could master Legend rank spells (level-4 spells). Among Legend rank spells, there were many spells that could strengthen your physical constitution and extend your lifespan.

On the Feisuo Plane, only after promoting to a Legend Wizard would your lifespan reach upwards of 200 years. This was also one of the biggest weaknesses of Wizards of the Feisuo Plane.

After all, on the Cangzhi Plane, an official level-1 Warlock would have the lifespan of 200 years. If you gathered some life-extending elixirs, even living until 300 years old wouldnt be an issue. On the Feisuo Plane, the lifespan of an official Wizard was no different from that of an ordinary person.

With a casual flick of his wrist, Yang Feng sent a stack of magic notes flying towards Pagos.

When Pagos took the stack of magic notes, his face trembled and his eyes flashed with excitement. The stack of magic notes in his hands talked about how to advance to a Legend Wizard from an Archwizard.

This stack of magic notes was very valuable. Generally, such a stack would be controlled by greater aristocrats, royal families, churches, and other powerful forces.

Only by working hard for the royal family could a commoner Archwizard like Pagos acquire the corresponding magic knowledge. This was a trick royal families used to control Wizards.

Pagos could promote to an Archwizard due to his talent in magic. However, because he was sidelined, he hadnt been able to get his hands on magic knowledge regarding the promotion to a Legend Wizard. His heart was flooded with a feeling of delight now that Yang Feng gave him the stack of magic notes.

Pagos bowed slightly towards Yang Feng and said: “Sir Ian, rest assured, I will comply with your orders! I will lead the Wizard squad and take all the cities of the Molinson Province!!”

Yang Feng said faintly: “Go!”

2 days later, the Tose City.

The Tose City only had 2,000 local troops. In fact, what should have been 2,000 local troops, was only 1,300 people under the fraudulent behavior of the military upper echelon.

Atop the city wall of the Tose City, it was filled with guards, who looked in alarm at the 5,000-strong 2nd corps of the Miracle City outside the city.

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