Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 245 – Easily Taking the Barroman City

Chapter 244 – Powerful Wizard Squad

Translator: Xaiomoge

The 5,000 warriors of the 2nd corps of the Miracle City were in fact slaves who had just been trained for 1 month. Although they may not compare to these guards in terms of combat strength, but as they wore the equipment seized from the hunting fang corps, they looked very fierce, and gave palpitations to others.

Clive rushed out, pointed at the city wall with his long sword and barked: “I am Clive, the commander of the 2nd corps of the Miracle City! Open the gate immediately and surrender! Otherwise, after the city is breached, the people in this city will be reduced to slaves!”

A guard officer shouted encouragingly: “Dont listen to him! This rabble doesnt even carry siege weapons, so how can they possibly take the Tose City? This Clive is also a nobody, he isnt the Devil Ian!! Its impossible for him to breach the Tose City. So long as we hold the Tose City, there will be glory and wealth for us to enjoy! We can even become aristocrats!!”

Yang Feng first destroyed the hunting fang corps, then defeated the silver sword corps, and then went to loot the Molinson Province, plundering countless wealth. He was dubbed as the Devil Ian by the people of the Morrince Empire, and had a fearsome reputation.

When they heard the guard officer, the warriors regained some morale. The 2nd corps led by Clive had indeed no siege weapons.

“Master Pagos, Ill have to trouble you!” Clive retreated into the 2nd corps and said very politely to Pagos.

On the Feisuo Plane, Wizards had a very high status. Even though Pagos was subdued by Yang Feng, but Clive was still unwilling to offend Pagos, who was an Archwizard.

Pagos nodded slightly and stepped out slowly with the less than 100 official Wizards.

With big shields in their hands, 500 warriors of the 2nd corps blocked in front of the Wizards. Their only task was to guard the Wizards with their lives.

Pagos silently recited a chant, pointed at the gate with the magic staff in his hand, and conjured the level-3 spell Advanced Fire Arrow

An arrow formed from flames shot towards the gate like a meteor.

Boom!! Following a sky-shaking sound, the gate was blown apart, revealing a large hole.

“Wi… Wi… Wizards!!!” The guard officer shouted in despair.


“Shadow Ray!”

“Corrosive Ray!”


The Wizards silently recited incantations and pointed at the top of the city wall. As if raindrops, numerous spells were shot at the top of the city wall.

Screams came from the top of the city wall. In a mere blow, more than 100 warriors succumbed to the bombardment of the spells.

Clive pointed at the Tose City and barked: “Charge!”

2 Earth Knight rank officers immediately took 2,000 warriors of the 2nd corps and charged towards the Tose City.

With the gate broken and the suppression from the Wizard squad, the resistance of the Tose City was quelled quickly, and the Tose City fell into Yang Fengs hands.

When the Tose City fell into Yang Fengs hands, Lina organized the slave transportation group, which, like worker ants, methodically looted the Tose City – looting the city clean of anything of value – and then transported everything to the Miracle City.

To this date, Yang Feng obtained tens of thousands of slaves through various means from other places. Among which, in order to cope with this sudden war, he had 10,000 slaves form the 2nd and 3rd corps, and another 10,000 slaves form the transportation group, which, under Linas command, was in charge of transporting goods.

The entire Miracle City had been mobilized, operating frenziedly like a well-oiled war machine. It could continue to operate so long as it didnt lose. However, once it had a loss, the tightly-wound war machine would collapse.

After taking the Tose City, the 2nd corps rested for several days before setting out for the Dia City.

There was no suspense. The powerful Warlock squad destroyed the resistance of the Dia City, allowing the 2nd corps to occupy the city.

Meanwhile, Yang Feng took the well rested 2,000 cavalrymen, which comprised the 1st corps, and continued to attack the Molinson Province. Wherever the cavalry passed through, one after another, cities would fall into his hands without much resistance.

The governor of the Molinson Empire sent blood-written letters to the imperial capital and the governor of the neighboring Zhero Province, begging for support. The governor of the Zhero Province ignored the letter. He proceeded to recruit warriors to fill the gap inside the silver sword corps, and had them train continuously to recover the strength of the silver sword corps.

The Morrince Empire didnt expect that the silver sword corps would be defeated by Yang Feng, which greatly rose Yang Fengs profile in its eyes. The empire had the corps of several provinces lying behind the Molinson Empire mobilize and travel gradually towards the Molinson Province.

A mobilized army required a lot of provisions. The Morrince Empire wasnt ready to fight a war, and, in all the hurry, was unable to coordinate.

According to the original plan of the Morrince Empire, the hunting fang corps was already enough to take care of the Miracle City. The empire didnt consider the possibility of defeat. Therefore, it hadnt stockpiled enough provisions.

Now that Yang Feng defeated the hunting fang corps and silver sword corps, the inadequately-prepared Morrince Empire was caught in a predicament.The huge empire had countless provisions and elite warriors, but because it hadnt prepared beforehand, the mobilization of provisions was very cumbersome.

The corps from the several provinces moved very slowly due to logistics.

10 days later, the 1st and 2nd corps of the Miracle City finally converged outside the Barroman City.

Yang Feng stepped forward, looked at the Barroman City from afar, and his eyes flashed with graveness.

The city wall of the Barroman City was 20 meters tall and was entirely made of secret steel rock. It could even somewhat withstand Legend rank spells. The gate of the Barroman City was made of the magic metal star magic iron. It could fully withstand the bombardment from Legend rank spells.

There was a temple dedicated to the Sun God Dragoni inside the Barroman City.

The Molinson Province was one of the missionary sites of the Sun God Dragoni.

The Sun God Dragoni was a powerful intermediate divine power rank god of the Zaliah divine system, his status was only second to that of the 9 primary gods, and his fighting strength was terrifying. Reportedly, he was no less powerful than primary gods of weak divine systems.

If the Sun Temple in the Barroman City gave the governor its full support in protecting the city, then with the bit of strength Yang Feng wielded at present, he may not be able to take the city.

“If this huge city has the support of the Priests of the Sun Temple, then with my current strength, unless I use the Legend rank mechanical battle beasts, it will be difficult to breach it!”

As he stared at the Barroman City, Yang Fengs gaze flickered and he kept coming up with strategies, but they were all rejected. Unless he used poison or mechanical battle beasts, he had no hope at capturing the Barroman City.

Yang Feng was stumped by the siege weapons alone.

The 2 armies, cavalry corps and slave corps, under Yang Feng didnt have much experience in besieging a city.

Their modus operandi was to have Yang Feng or the Wizard squad smash gates with spells before easily breaking into cities. They never experienced the bitter struggle of a real siege.

Yang Feng gave the Barroman City a profound look and his eyes flashed with determination: “Lets feel it out a bit and then see again! Ill retreat immediately if it really is difficult to take it!”

The 2,000 cavalrymen and 5,000 slave warriors were the foundation of Yang Fengs Miracle City. Without these 2 armies, Yang Fengs power would be weakened greatly.

If it was field warfare, Yang Feng was confident that he could defeat the army recruited by the governor of the Molinson Province, who was already badly frightened. But urban warfare was different. In urban warfare, even recently recruited rookies could put up some fight. There were 130,000 warriors in the Barroman City. Against so many warriors, even with 10 to 1 casualty ratio, Yang Fengs troops would still be consumed first.

Suddenly, sounds of fighting came from the gate of the Barroman City, and the tens-of-thousand-of-catty-heavy gate was opened.

White flags were raised atop the city wall.

Seeing this, the generals of the Miracle City, including Yang Feng, were dumbfounded and couldnt believe their eyes. They suspected that it was just a ploy.

A huge barrier, which was released by the temple of the Sun God Dragoni, was spread open inside the Barroman City. Yang Feng didnt dare to have his mechanical insects venture inside and investigate. Otherwise, once exposed, he may be pursued by the gods true body.

Clive said promptly: “Master, this is a golden opportunity! Whether its a trap or not, we still should send someone to have a look!!”

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast, then he made a decision and ordered: “Helio, take 500 people and go have a look! Send a signal if there are no issues!”

“Yes! Master!” Helio, who had an Earth Knight rank cultivation base and had the background of a general of the Iman Principality, immediately urged his warhorse to rush madly towards the Barroman City along with 500 cavalrymen.

Yang Feng and his party nervously stared at the 500 cavalrymen.

They saw the 500 cavalrymen enter the Barroman City. Soon after, a firework signal soared into the sky. A cavalryman returned quickly and shouted excitedly: “The city is breached! Master, the city is breached!”

Yang Feng ordered promptly: “Enter the city!”

Yang Feng led the 1,500 cavalrymen into the Barroman City.

Once he entered the Barroman City, Yang Feng saw chaos everywhere, with sounds of crying, shouting, screaming lingering in the air. Countless people fled in the direction of another gate.

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