Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 248 – Morrince 2867th

Chapter 247 – The Famous Bousso

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Riding a magic carpet, Yang Fengs group of 2 circled to in front of Boussos 2,000-strong cavalry.

“I am Archbishop Esteban of the Sun Temple. Have Governor Bousso come see me!” Esteban jumped off the magic carpet and landed on the ground, blocking in front of Boussos troops. A dazzling sun slowly rose behind him and erupted with endless light, proving his identity as an Archbishop of the Sun Temple.

When the 2,000 cavalrymen saw the sun and heard Esteban, their hearts shook and they stopped.

On the Feisuo Plane, people of churches were not to be provoked. Once you were convicted of heresy, your entire family would be burnt at the stake. Even aristocrats, once convicted of heresy, would be burnt, have their titles confiscated, and have their families implicated.

This was a world of gods, where gods had their divine countries rise high among the stars. Occasionally, they would perform miracles in the secular world. Everyone knew that gods existed, and was full of awe towards churches that worshiped gods.

“Greetings, Archbishop!” Bousso, surrounded by a dozen generals, walked out. When the generals saw Esteban, they bowed slightly in salute and said respectfully.

Esteban was recognized as the genius in the Sun Church most hopeful to promote to a Legend Archbishop. Naturally, the generals didnt dare to slight him.

When Bousso came out, he saw the magic carpet behind Esteban, then his eyes lit up and he said full of expectation: “Esteban, you came to take me away?”

On the Feisuo Plane, unlike on the Cangzhi Plane, there were no secret treasures refined by human Warlocks. However, there were still some magic items circulating in the world.

As someone with the background of a greater aristocrat, Bousso was no stranger to magic items like the magic carpet. He also had a few life-saving magic items on him. However, he didnt have such an advanced flight secret treasure like a magic carpet.

Esteban swept Bousso with a dignified glance and said in an unquestionable tone: “I brought a person who wants to talk to you! Lets go over and have a talk!”

“Yes!” Bousso was shocked by Estebans grandeur, and obediently followed Esteban far away from the 2,000 cavalrymen.

Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation, pointed to the surroundings, and, with the flicker of a magic radiance, conjured a soundproofing spell that enveloped the 3 of them.

Esteban said faintly: “This person is Master Ian of the Miracle City, he wants to see you!”

“Hello, Master Ian. A friend of Archbishop Esteban is my friend! No, Master Ian, you are the Devil Ian!” Bousso spoke very boldly at first. Suddenly, he reacted. His complexion changed greatly and he took a few steps back. Looking at Yang Feng, his eyes were filled with fear.

Yang Feng pulled open the black cloth wrapped around his face and revealed his true identity, then smiled faintly at Bousso and said: “Yes, I am Master Ian, the one you call the Devil Ian!”

“Master Ian, spare my life! I beg you, spare my life! Ill give you a lot of money as ransom! Spare me!! I dont want to die yet!!” Bousso fell to his knees and wept loudly. Snot and tears covered his face, as he pleaded bitterly.

“This fellow is really the best!” Yang Feng was secretly amused, yet his heart was firm.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said: “Governor Bousso, Im not here to kill you, but to give you a great credit! Under the leadership of Governor Bousso, the army of the Miracle City will suffer successive defeats, before eventually being beaten back to the Miracle City. What do you think of this credit?”

“Youre not here to kill me?” Bousso was a little taken aback. He wiped the snot and tears off his face, got up, and his eyes lit up, saying: “You want to have a fake war with me and then lose on purpose? What do you want in return?”

Yang Feng was slightly surprised. He thought that Bousso was a waste, yet unexpectedly, Bousso reacted this quickly and got to the core of the matter.

Yang Feng said lightly: “With such a great contribution, can you, Governor Bousso, keep your position as the governor of the Molinson Province?”

Boussos eyes lit up and he said with a beaming smile: “If it was someone else instead, even if they rendered such a great contribution, Im afraid that they would still be demoted to a commoner. However, with the strength of my family, I can atone for my crimes by rendering this great contribution and hold the position of governor of the Molinson Province firmly.”

Having friends at the court was always helpful. Boussos family had great power in the Morrince Empire. His sister, the Northern Consort Kateryna, was one of the 4 consorts favored by the emperor of the Morrince Empire. If he suffered a crushing defeat, even Kateryna wouldnt be able to help him. However, once he put up a good spectacle and orchestrated a huge counterattack, he could wash away the criminal charge and render a great achievement.

Yang Feng said lightly: “I want to flush out 200 million gold coins from the Barroman City.”

Shocked, Bousso contemplated for a while before replying: “200 million gold coins is too much! How about 100 million gold coins? Most of the assets of the greater aristocrats of the Barroman City are linked to real estate. Their liquid capital is fairly limited, so it is very difficult to come up with 100 million gold coins together. However, if antiques, precious stones, and the like are included, then its possible to get 200 million gold coins.

Yang Feng suddenly asked: “What title can I get from the Morrince Empire if I have my territory attached to the empire?”

Boussos eyes lit up and he replied enthusiastically: “Good! Good! Good! Master Ian, leave this to me!! Ill definitely do a good job. Rest assured, the title of a hereditary earl is all but a certainty. Leave this matter to me, and we will be the best of friends!!”

The Morrince Empire sent troops on a punitive expedition against the Miracle City, which resulted in a disastrous defeat. The entire Morrince Empire was greatly humiliated. Right at this time, Bousso would came forward, subdue the Miracle City, and expand the domain of the Morrince Empire, bringing great honor to the empire. Bousso would render a great contribution, a really great contribution, which would increase his political capital and lay a solid foundation for climbing to a higher position.

Yang Feng said: “However, I dont want others to interfere with the operations of my Miracle City.”

A nominal surrender to the Morrince Empire was acceptable, but Yang Feng didnt want to have the Miracle City he built himself to be swallowed by others.

Bousso laughed and said without a care: “Ha-ha, thats easy! There are so many bandits in the Red Earth Wasteland, so its quite common for officials who take office to accidentally die in their hands. Everyone does that. As long as you do it cleanly, then no one will find out about it. Regarding this trivial matter, the Orthux Family can cover for you in the court without raising any waves.

Although he was a coward, but Bousso was clear about the various gateways in the Morrince Empire. With the way he spoke about murder, it was clear that he had the blood of a number of people on his hands.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly. The colossus that was the Morrince Empire was so chaotic that he could fish in troubled waters.

With a smile on his face, Archbishop Esteban watched Yang Feng and Bousso discuss how to cooperate and seize the Molinson Province.

For Bousso, Yang Fengs offensive against the Molinson Province was also a great opportunity to eradicate his political adversaries. By borrowing Yang Fengs hand, all his enemies would be removed, and he would make a killing.

Both Yang Feng and Esteban could make a fortune from this.

For the Sun Temple, so long as Yang Feng cooperated, his invasion could expand the faith of the Sun Church in the Molinson Province and promote the devotion and faith of the believers. As for the fates of other people, Esteban didnt consider this question, at all.

3 days later, Bousso led 2,000 cavalrymen on a counterattack towards the Barroman City.

The troops of the Miracle City were defeated, and orderly withdrew from the Barroman City.

A day later, Bousso led the 2,000 cavalrymen in pursuit and once again defeated the forces of the Miracle City at the Taron City.

Within 10 days, the forces of the Miracle City fought 10 times and were defeated 10 times. Like raindrops, victory reports were sent to the capital of the Morrince Empire.

Boussos fame as an exceptional general gradually rose in the Morrince Empire.

Under Boussos mad pursuit, the forces of the Miracle City finally suffered a disastrous defeat. A procession carrying treasures and goods and excitedly escorting countless slaves extended for dozens of kilometers, and returned to the base in the Red Earth Wasteland.

St. Tulan City, the capital of the Morrince Empire.

As the capital of the Morrince Empire, this city was not something that could be built by mortals. This was one of the divine cities build by the gods in a miraculous way.

The city wall of the St. Tulan City was 200 meters tall, and it was completely constructed from the highest grade secret steel rock and was blessed by the gods of the Zaliah divine system. The city wall was enchanted with numerous defensive divine spells, so even a demigod rank powerhouse with a divine armament would find it hard to destroy it.

In the center of the St. Tulan City lied huge, majestic, sacred temples. Powerful fluctuations of power emanating from the temples formed a barrier around the St. Tulan City.

Darkness and evil creatures would be purified as soon as they entered the St. Tulan City, which was blessed by the gods. Once inside the barrier, spirit and control spells would be weakened and turned visible. It was practically impossible to control people of the St. Tulan City upper echelon by means of evil spells.

Within the St. Tulan City, only the temples of gods of the Zaliah divine system could be encountered. Even powerful gods such as the Weave Goddess could not have their temple in the St. Tulan City, nor could their faith be preach publicly.

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