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Chapter 250 – The Puppet Prime Minister Casimiro

Chapter 249 – Earl of the Red Earth Wasteland

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The Morrince Empire was enormous, so 40 million gold coins were nothing to it. However, the taxes collected by the enormous empire, in large part, had to be used to pay the expenditures of civil servants and millions of warriors. Coupled with the luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of the emperor, it was very difficult to mobilize 40 million gold coins in a hurry.

Most importantly, Yang Feng already withdrew into the the Red Earth Wasteland and posed no threat to the Morrince Empire.

Morrince 2,867th wasnt willing to cut back on the gold coins that went towards his pleasure-seeking lifestyle and spend them on military expenditures.

Isere said loudly: “Your Majesty, the Devil Ian has looted over 1 billion gold coins in wealth from the Molinson Province. If the empire spends 40 million gold coins and defeats the Devil Ian, it can take back the 1 billion gold coins.”

Morrince 2,867ths muddy eyes flickered brightly, as the 1 billion gold coins in wealth moved his heart somewhat. He looked at Fabio.

Fabio smiled faintly and said: “Your Majesty, your humble servant hasnt finished yet. After the crushing defeat of the hunting fang corps, the fighting strength of the Molinson Province was nearly consumed. Although Governor Bousso defeated the Devil Ian times and again, but his troops suffered many casualties, as well. It will take at least 2 years to recruit and train new warriors and restore his fighting strength.”

Morrince 2,867th creased his eyebrows slightly. He could not wait 2 years.

Fabio turned the tables and mercilessly attacked Isere: “Your Majesty, I have a good suggestion! The private troops of Iseres family are very strong. Not long ago, the Isere Duchy used its private troops to destroy the Iman Principality. It would be better to have Duke Isere send his familys private troops to serve Your Majesty and capture the Miracle City in one fell swoop. Duke Isere is Your Majestys most loyal minister, so he definitely wouldnt decline this suggestion, right?”

Morrince 2,867ths eyes glimmered and he laughed loudly, saying, “Good! Good! Good! Fabio, you said well! Isere, I order you to attack the Miracle City with your familys private troops. After the Miracle City is captured, I will take 100 million gold coins from the wealth acquired in the Miracle City and reward you with it.”

When he heard that, the complexion of Duke Isere suddenly changed dramatically. The Hansen Family had 20,000 elite private troops. The 20,000 elite private troops were the lifeline of the Hansen Family and the foundation of Duke Isere that allowed him to run amuck in the Morrince Empire. Once the 20,000 elite private troops were wiped out, the Hansen Family would drop from a top bigshot to an ordinary bigshot of the Morrince Empire and its strength would decline greatly.

On the Feisuo Plane, unless it was a war between states, the emperor didnt have the authority to order a greater aristocrat to use their private troops to do battle for him.

However, Morrince 2,867th didnt play according to convention, forcing Duke Isere into a dilemma.

Fabio said coldly: “Duke Isere, could it be that you dont want to serve His Majesty?”

Duke Iseres back was drenched in cold sweat. His thoughts revolved lightning fast and he said loudly: “Your Majesty, it isnt that your servant is unwilling to serve Your Majesty, but the casualties of the private troops under your servants control exceeded 50% after their hasty campaign against the Iman Principality. The compensation payment required is at 30 million gold coins, which your servant is unable to raise at the moment. If you want your servant to send troops, your servant will oblige. However, Your Majesty, please allocate 70 million gold coins as well as provisions for an army to fight for a year. Otherwise, rushing into the Red Earth Wasteland would just repeat the defeat of the hunting fang corps.”

Although Morrince 2,867th was extremely muddleheaded, but he still was the emperor of the Morrince Empire and had enormous authority. To offend Morrince 2,867th would certainly be most foolish. Once Morrince 2,867th bore a grudge, the whole Hansen Family would be in danger of being destroyed.

Fabio said frigidly: “Duke Isere, your Hansen Family can wage war to destroy a principality due to your anger, but it isnt willing to serve His Majesty. Thats devious!”

Isere replied coldly: “The Hansen Family is His Majestys most loyal servant and it is the duty of the Hansen Family to help solve His Majestys problems. Just that, before a military campaign, provisions go first. How can a war be sustained without enough money and provisions? Fabio, Governor Bousso of your family reported 44 victories in a row. According to which, he killed more than 200,000 people. I heard that the total population of the Miracle City doesnt exceed 50,000 people, so where did the over 200,000 enemies come from?”

Having planned in advance, Fabio replied: “Previously, the Devil Ians Miracle City indeed had a population of only 50,000 people. However, after he invaded the Molinson Province, he wantonly captured slaves and filled his army with them. Thats how his army expanded so much. Every time Governor Bousso defeated the Devil Ian, the latter would replenish his army, which was how the number of enemies killed reached over 200,000.”

An official of the Orthux Family stepped out and barked: “Duke Isere, your familys private troops obviously didnt suffer such great casualties, so why arent you willing to serve His Majesty? Does your Hansen Family want to keep your troops and defy orders?!”

An official of the Hansen Family came out and barked back: “Duke Isere already promised to send troops, just that the provisions arent enough. Sir Fabio, the Orthux Family also has 15,000 private troops. Why dont you take the initiative to serve His Majesty? Do you want to keep your troops and defy orders?”

Officials from the Orthux Family and Hansen Family factions came out and criticized each other.

Quarrels pervaded the imperial hall.

“Shut up!” Feeling vexed, Morrince 2,867th said coldly.

The voices pervading the hall faded away and everyone turned quiet.

Morrince 2,867th pondered for a moment before saying: “Since its so troublesome to send troops, then thats it. Since Ian wants to attach his territory, then lets enfeoff him as earl of the Red Earth Wasteland. As for the fief, it shall be the whole Red Earth Wasteland. Every year, let him pay 200,000 gold coins.”

The Feisuo Plane also adopted the feudal system. Aristocrats had various privileges, such as collecting taxes and formulating laws in their territories, which was almost equivalent to having countries within a country. Each year, however, aristocrats had to offer gold coins or goods as tribute to the empire in accordance with the size of the fief and fertility of the land as a show of submission to the empire. If the aristocrats couldnt pay the designated tribute to the empire, the empire had the right to take back the land from the aristocrats.

In Morrince 2,867ths view, the 200,000 gold coins already seemed to be a large sum. After all, the Red Earth Wasteland was a forsaken land without any specialty product.

Duke Isere wanted to say something, but didnt. Finally, he looked coldly at Fabio beside him, heaved a long sigh, and turned silent. He had already offended Morrince 2,867th slightly with his delaying tactics just now. If he continued to provoke Morrince 2,867th, the situation of the Hansen Family may become dangerous.

To accompany a ruler was akin to accompany a tiger. To accompany an incapable ruler like Morrince 2,867th, who had great power and acted as he pleased, was even more dangerous.

“Your Majesty is wise!!” Morrince 2,867th had just finished speaking, when uniform voices came from below.

Fabio showed a light smile.

Yang Feng leading the Miracle City to submit to the Morrince Empire was a marvelous achievement. With this marvelous achievement, Bousso could quickly climb the ladder of power of the Morrince Empire in the future. Soon, he would become an important pillar of the Orthux Family within the Morrince Empire.

Although Bousso was a coward and his ability to command troops was practically nonexistent, but he was politically savvy. He was also one of the people of the Orthux Familys young generation who climbed the ladder of power the highest.

An official of the Orthux Family came to the center of the reception hall and said: “Your Majesty, your subordinate has something to report.”

Morrince 2,867th asked impatiently: “What is it? Speak up!”

The official opened his hand. An image crystal released light and projected the image of an exceptionally beautiful girl, who seemed to have stepped out of a painting, in a silver dress, with shining golden hair, tall figure, jade-like fair skin, delicate and beautiful facial features, and beautiful and expressive eyes above the reception hall.

A light flashed past the murky eyes of Morrince 2,867th and he looked at the official with expectation. His aged body seemed to have gained another trace of vitality.

When Duke Isere saw the exceptionally beautiful girl, his complexion changed dramatically and he stared at Fabio, who was smiling, with enmity and wrath in his eyes.

The official said calmly: “Your Majesty, the girl is called Faldina, a personal disciple of the Legend Wizard Alvita of the Titan Empire. Reportedly, she is a divine descendant with the bloodline of the Charm Goddess of the Titan divine system. According to the information your servant received, she has an intimate relationship with Duke Iseres son Edith. Your servant suspects that Edith might have disclosed a great deal of intelligence on the Morrince Empire and might have even betrayed the Morrince Empire because of this woman!”

His gaze sharp like a blade, Morrince 2,867th stared at Isere. Suddenly, he smiled, and asked as if it wasnt a big deal: “Isere, what do you think?”

Iseres back was immediately drenched in cold sweat, feeling as if the Hansen Family was facing imminent calamity. He knelt on the ground and said respectfully: “Your Majesty! The Hansen Family is loyal to Your Majesty and to the empire. When your old servant returns to the family, he will immediately utilize all the strength of the family to capture this woman and offer her to Your Majesty for personal interrogation!”

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