Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 250 – The Puppet Prime Minister Casimiro

lievers to recuperate. They chose wise monarchs one after another so that they would rule the land and thrive.”

“When the population reached a certain extent, a tyrant would appear and bring the people suffering, so that people would worship the gods and pray for their blessings. Then, the gods would send their emissaries to kill the tyrant and rectify the empire. This is a cycle.”

“Now it is time for the gods to reap large amounts of faith power, and Morrince 2,867th plays the role of the tyrant. He is now thegood emperor that the gods like to see the most. Before his role is completed, going against him is the same as going against the gods. Do you understand now?” Said Casimiro meaningfully.

When Ambor heard those cruel words, his hot temper cooled down: “I understand!”

With a mocking smile on his face, Casimiro said faintly: “For us, what matters isnt the Morrince Empire, but the interests of our Cunha Family. It wouldnt matter even if the Morrince Empire was destroyed so long as it didnt harm the interests of the Cunha Family. However, with the gods watching from amid the stars, it is very difficult to destroy the Morrince Empire.”

Casimiro continued unhurriedly: “The family is the foundation of us greater aristocrats, this is a common understanding among the greater aristocrats. Our family is what really matters, not the Morrince Empire! Ambor, my son, do you understand now? I hope you grow up a bit and stop being so impulsive. Im old. Youre the heir of the Cunha Family, so you have to shoulder the lives of the more than 100,000 people of the family.”

Amber remained silent for a long time, then nodding slightly and, as if he had matured by a lot, said slowly: “I understand, father.”

Casimiro showed a gratified smile, then pondered for a while before saying: “Ian is a very smart person who hasnt become drunk on victory. After fishing out enough benefits, he immediately chose to take the initiative and attach his territory. This person isnt simple! Although the Morrince Empire is decaying, but it still has many powerhouses. It isnt something that his trifling Miracle City can compete with. Ambor, if this person comes to the St. Tulan City, you can get in touch with him.

Ambor replied: “Yes! Father.”

The mansion of the Hansen Family was also on the white jade street.

Isere entered a secret room slowly, then carefully turned a vase at the edge of the secret room.

Click! Following the sound of gears turning, a dark passageway appeared in the secret room. Simultaneously, a blank scroll appeared above the secret room.

A very mysterious magic fluctuation shrouded Isere and scanned him for a moment. Then, a black light drew him into the blank scroll.

The dark passageway strangely disappeared and only the blank scroll was left suspender in the secret room.

Isere felt his vision become a blur before he very strangely appeared in a mysterious, terrifying, and gloomy temple engraved with countless mysteries runes.

“Isere, what brings you here?” Exuding a mysterious feeling, a Priest covered in a black robe appeared from the void and said in a hoarse voice. His face could not be made out.

Isere replied coldly: “Ian, the master of the Miracle City, do you know of him?”

The Priest smiled and said in a low voice: “Yes, I know of him. He is one of our next development targets.”

Isere frowned and said: “I want him dead!”

Isere not only pushed for the hunting fang corps to attack the Miracle City, but also obstructed Yang Fengs promotion to a duke in the court. It was obvious that once Yang Fengs avatar Ian joined the Morrince Empire, the Hansen Family would gain another powerful enemy.

The Priest smiled gloomily, saying: “What price are you willing to pay? After all, he is a target we are preparing to develop.”

Isere said solemnly: “10 million gold coins, a complete martial art that can be practiced until the Legend Knight rank, and important intelligence.”

The Priest smiled gloomily and said: “Well think about it! Okay, times up. The barrier set up by the gods of the Zaliah divine system is very annoying, so we dont have much time. We will contact you if we succeed.”

A black light enveloped Isere. His eyes blurred and he appeared in the dark secret room again.

Iseres complexion changed and he said coldly: “Fucking darkness travelers doomed to live in the darkness. If it wasnt for me, how could these low-lives have entered the St. Tulan City!”

The St. Tulan City had a very powerful barrier opened. Once darkness life forms or darkness forces appeared in the city, they would be purified.

However, the divine power of the gods wasnt omnipotent, after all. In the past countless years, the darkness races managed to infiltrate this divine city by relying on the bigwigs of the St. Tulan City.

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