Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 253 – Kidnapping a Woman

Chapter 252 – Faldina in Distress

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Inside a fragrant carriage, Yang Feng carefully studied a book on level-3 extraordinary plants. This was a book he got from the Demonic Fighting Sect with knowledge about different kinds of level-3 extraordinary plants recorded. Many of the level-3 extraordinary plants came from different planes, and each level-3 extraordinary plant had mystical powers.

Although the offensive strength of level-3 extraordinary plants could not exceed that of Great Warlocks, but there are many among the level-3 extraordinary plants with special abilities which even Great Warlocks could not replicate.

Suddenly, Yang Fengs heart was stirred slightly. He closed the book in his hands and, with a flick of his wrist, put it inside a storage ring.

Andros voice came from outside the carriage: “Sir, there are people fighting ahead!”

After rendering a great contribution, Andro was promoted by Yang Feng to the vice-captain of his guards. Yang Feng wanted to take a closer look at the young man. If he was of use, Yang Feng would try his best to groom him.

On this trip to the St. Tulan City, Andro took the post of the vice-captain of Yang Fengs guards and commanded 100 Knights.

“I know!” When the carriage stopped, Yang Feng alighted and looked ahead.

He saw the peerless beauty Faldina, who looked like she came out of a painting, in a silver dress, with shiny blonde hair, a tall figure, jade-like fair skin, delicate and beautiful facial features, and beautiful and expressive eyes, as she desperately fled his way.

A dozen men wearing black clothes, with pitchforks, snare sticks, fishing nets, and other catching gear chased after her. The men had Knight rank cultivation bases.

“So its an acquaintance!” Yang Feng scanned Faldina with a glance, and saw that she seemed to have been poisoned and her magic power was almost completely sealed.

If Faldina was at her prime, she could have killed the dozen Knight rank men with a single hand.

Bousso also alighted his carriage. When he saw Faldina, his eyes lit up and he said with excitement: “What a beautiful girl! How about we capture and enjoy her?”

Yang Feng was suddenly speechless. Obviously, Bousso was not a good person. When he saw a beautiful woman, his first reaction was to capture her.

Suddenly, Boussos complexion changed and he said solemnly: “No, that is Faldina, a personal disciple of the Legend Wizard Alvita of the Titan Empire! Master Ian, she is the exclusive property of His Majesty, so you cannot capture her.”

Despite his lust, Bousso knew that there were women he could touch and women he could never touch.

Yang Feng nodded slightly and turned towards his carriage: “Lets go!”

Although Faldina was a beautiful woman, but she ambushed Yang Feng with Edith. Yang Fengs impression of this stunning beauty of the Titan Empire wasnt good, and he didnt care whether she lived or died.

Bousso heaved a sigh of relief. He feared that Yang Feng would capture Faldina for his enjoyment. By then, he would be in a dilemma.

Less than a handful of people of the Morrince Empire could withstand the thunderous fury of Morrince 2,867th.

“Master Ian, save me! Save me!! Ill tell you the location of a divine artifact so long as you save me!!” Faldinas imploring voice came from behind Yang Feng.

“Divine armament!” When Yang Feng heard that, he suddenly had palpitations.

The so-called divine armaments were mystical treasures with the power of law created by gods. Each divine armament had a strange and formidable power.

According to the ranking of secret treasures on the Cangzhi Plane, divine armaments were at least level-6 secret treasures. At present, Yang Feng didnt have a single level-6 secret treasure. There was a handful of level-6 secret treasures on the Turandot Subcontinent. However, those level-6 secret treasures either upgraded the soul aptitude or promoted the strength of Warlocks. There was not a single level-6 secret treasure that could be used in battle.

If Yang Feng could get a hold of a divine armament, he would have made it big on his trip to the Feisuo Plane.

Even in the continents Great Cloud Dynasty, divine armament rank secret treasures were definitely rare. They could only be forged by divine craftsman rank Alchemists. Each divine craftsman rank Alchemist was a terrifying being of the Moonlight Warlock rank or above, and had a noble status and extraordinary strength.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, even Moonlight Warlock powerhouses may not have a divine armament.

“Save her!” Yang Feng turned to Andro standing beside him and ordered faintly.

“Yes! Sir!” Andro turned around, drew his sword, pointed at the dozen black-clothed men, and barked: “Charge!”

50 Knights suddenly burst out with strong qi, followed after Andro, and charged towards the dozen black-clothed men.

Startled, the dozen black-clothed men burst out with qi and resisted hurriedly.

Under the charge of the 50 Knights, the dozen black-clothed men were killed after only resisting for a moment.

Andro escorted Faldina to Yang Feng.

With a wave of Yang Fengs hand, a vial of Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir flew out, pricked Faldina in her lily-white arm, and injected the elixir into her.

Faldinas pretty complexion flushed a little. In a flash, a mysterious force erupted inside her and killed the liquid metal nano robots.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly at once. The Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir could easily control Great Warlock rank powerhouses. Faldina, who was merely an Archwizard and whos physical constitution was much worse than that of level-3 Warlocks, could kill the liquid metal nano robots. This was simply unreasonable.

Looking beautiful without equal, Faldina smiled brightly: “I was blessed by the gods when I was born. Mind-enslavement spells, control spells, control poisons, and control magic drugs are ineffective against me.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “Are you making fun of me? I am a Wizard proficient in pharmacology. I think that the mystical pharmacology should be able make a beautiful lady spit out the information I need. If pharmacology cant make you talk, then Andro here beside me, who is an expert in interrogations and torture, should be able to make you tell me the information I want to know.”

Very cooperative, Andro took a step forward, scrutinized Faldinas private parts, and made eerie, lascivious laughing sounds

Faldinas pretty complexion changed and she took 2 steps back. She looked pitiable as tears poured down her cheeks, and said: “Youre bullying me. To bully a week woman like myself, are you still a man?”

It was a heartbreaking sight when Faldina cried.

Andros eyes shook a little, and revealed a trace of obsession.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Its no use! Faldina, where is the divine armament? If you tell me that it is in the All Gods Sacred Mountain, Ill send you to meet your maker.”

The All Gods Sacred Mountain was the headquarters of churches of the Zaliah divine system. The All Gods Sacred Mountain was the place with the most powerhouses in the Morrince Empire. In the eyes of countless believers of the Morrince Empire, it was the most holiest place.

The All Gods Sacred Mountain of the Morrince Empire and the Titan Divine Mountain of the Titan Empire both possessed divine armament rank treasures. People who went to steal divine armaments of these 2 places would all be turned into corpses. There, even Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses could die if a little careless. Naturally, Yang Feng wouldnt go to such a place, and throw his life away.

Faldinas tears came to an end and her face turned straight. A trace of sadness appeared amid her composure, and she sighed lightly, saying: “Of course not! I can tell you the location of the divine armament. However, there is one condition! I want you to escort me to the St. Tulan City to meet Edith. I want to ask him why he poisoned me!!”

Yang Feng was shocked: “Edith poisoned you?”

For Edith, Faldina abandoned her duty as the emissary of the Titan Empire, and even willingly followed Edith to assassinate Yang Feng.

For Edith to poison Faldina, that was heartless of him.

Faldina said faintly: “Im tired.”

Yang Feng pointed to a carriage and said: “Take this carriage!”

Faldina nodded silently, and, with graceful steps, boarded the carriage.

Yang Feng gave the carriage with Faldina a profound look, then turned around and boarded his carriage.

“Set out!” The huge convoy continued to move towards the St. Tulan City.

Just as the convoy started moving, Faldinas carriage shook abruptly. In the midst of that shake, a mechanical flying ant the size of a grain of rice flew to the edge of Faldinas skirt, attached itself to it, and melted and transformed into a part of the skirt.

5 days later, the magnificent and immense St. Tulan City finally appeared in front of Yang Fengs group.

“The St. Tulan City, it looks like this city can contend a little against cities of the Cangzhi Plane.

Yang Feng looked at the huge St. Tulan City and his eyes flashed with praise.

In front of the St. Tulan City, there were huge convoys queuing, waiting for permission to enter the city. The huge queue extended for a dozen kilometers.

Yang Fengs convoy, however, made a beeline for the exclusive passageway of the greater aristocrats.

Along the way, when the people in the convoys saw the crest of the Orthux Family on the carriages, their complexions changed dramatically, and they made way. This was one of the privileges of greater aristocrats.

Suddenly, an extremely arrogant and domineering voice came from in front of them: “Motherfucker, you peasants dare to block the way of this young master? You dont want to live?”

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