Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 259 – The Potion Dragon Stamina

Chapter 258 – Pentapartite

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A cold light flashed through Ediths eyes and he said solemnly: “Faldina, rest assured. Everything will be arranged soon. By then, those bastards Ian and Bousso will meet tragic ends.”

Faldina smiled sweetly and nestled herself into Ediths embrace: “Well, I believe you! Ill make Ian fall head over heels for me.”

In the distance, amidst the banquet, Yang Fengs eyes suddenly constricted slightly and flickered with an intense light, and killing intent flashed through the abyss of his eyes.

Faldina was undoubtedly an extremely charming woman. If Yang Feng wasnt alert, he might become infatuated by her.

When the banquet was over, Bousso took the beautiful woman in his arms to a private room.

Florence left the banquet halfway through.

Garças group of 3 left the Beautiful and Gaiety Inn with 2 beautiful women.

After he drank a few glasses with the petite beauty, Yang Feng suddenly waved his hand and had the petite beauty retire somewhat regretfully.

A blond, extremely beautiful woman walked into the private room and sat on a seat beside Yang Feng. The woman was Florence, the divine chosen of the Dance Goddess.

Florences big, beautiful eyes sparkled with a limpid light and she sighed faintly: “Master Ian, why have you come to the St. Tulan City and got yourself involved with this whirlpool? The dispute over the throne has always been a most dangerous affair. With your resources, you were bound to become a Legend Wizard if you stayed in the Red Earth Wasteland.”

“Legend Wizard?” A trace of ridicule appeared in the abyss of Yang Fengs eyes. With the tremendous amount of resources in his hands, he could be promoted to a Great Warlock before the age of 100. He didnt care about becoming a trifling Legend Wizard.

On the Feisuo Plane, only demigods as well as the aloof gods were Yang Fengs goal. Yang Fengs purpose for letting his clone enter the Feisuo Plane was so that it could become one of the gods.

Thus, even if Yang Fengs true body were to die on the Cangzhi Plane, he could live on in the Feisuo Plane as a god.

On the Feisuo Plane, no one could cultivate in seclusion for hundreds or even thousands of years and then emerge as a god. Only if you were a descendant of a god, could you emerge as a god. Of course, it was only a possibility, not a certainty. Also, if you were someone favored and carefully cultivated by a strong god and granted a godhead, you could become that gods ancillary god.

Apart from this, anyone who wanted to become a god had to establish their church and forces. Later, they could rely on tremendous faith power to ignite their divine fire, condense a godhead, break through the limitations of mortal life forms, and incarnate into a god.

In this process, you had to compete!

You had to compete for power, establish a huge force, and amass a tremendous amount of resources. These resources have been occupied by other interest groups. Therefore, you could only get rid of them and take those resources for yourself.

This required power and strength. As the center of power of one of the 2 human empires of the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng decided to step into the St. Tulan City and involve himself with the huge whirlpool. Either he would be crushed by this huge whirlpool or he would cross and gain tremendous benefits and power – a power so tremendous that it could make Sacred Swordsmen and Legend Wizards bow their heads.

Yang Feng finished a glass of wine, then replied with a smile: “Rule the world at dawn and own beautiful women at dusk, this is an ambition hidden in the heart of every man. Most men are like this, and even women are no exception. Many ordinary people have no chance to become such a person. Now that such a chance presented itself in front of me, I cant give it up.”

“Rule the world at dawn and own beautiful women at dusk.” Florence pondered over this sentence quietly, then her eyes sparkled brilliantly and she said with a smile: “I couldnt tell that youre also a poet, Ian. You can even recite such an interesting and profound verse.”

Yang Fengs gaze suddenly became extremely sharp and he said with a faint smile: “Florence, on whose side are you?”

Florence replied with a smile: “Im on no ones side. I am the best friend of the 19th princess, Princess Stacy. I came back because I didnt want to see a friend get involved with this dangerous and muddy giant whirlpool.”

His gaze was as sharp as a blade, as Yang Feng silently scrutinized Florence, and a strong pressure slowly exuded from his body.

Florence suddenly got up and smiled: “Okay, Im going to leave first! The next time we meet, Ill dance for you if Im in a good mood!”

Yang Feng was stunned slightly before smiling meaningfully and saying faintly: “Alright!”

Florence waved her lily-white hand, and a slip of paper flew lightly towards Yang Feng: “This is the address of the Wiseman Adrian. I am a good friend of his daughter. If you have the chance, go take a look at the wisemans home. There will be likely a surprise. Say that I sent you over, so he wont refuse you entry at least.”

Next, with a touch of fragrance wafting from her, Florence turned around and left.

“This divine chosen of the Dance Goddess is truly an interesting beauty.” Yang Feng smiled faintly, looked at the slip of paper, and memorized the address.

The next day, Bousso slept until noon.

Bousso entered the private room and apologized to Yang Feng: “Sorry, Ian, that little minx was too enchanting. My bad!!”

Yang Feng put down the book in his hands and said with a light smile: “Take a seat!”

Bousso followed Yang Fengs instruction unconsciously and sat opposite to Yang Feng.

On the table separating the both of them lied a variety of rare delicacies.

Yang Feng said solemnly: “Tell me about the situation of the capital! Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? Who are our allies?”

Although Yang Feng already had Artais information network at his disposal. However, it hadnt been long since it was established, and it could only access the lower class and gather some common information.

Artais was just a common lesser aristocrat, so he had no access to the intelligence on the struggles of the upper class. Even with massive financial support, it was still not an easy task to establish a huge intelligence network.

Bousso replied gravely: “At present, in the Morrince Empire, the most promising successors to the throne are the Great Prince André, 3rd Prince Porta, 6th Prince Garça, 9th Prince Sanair, and 13th Prince Sucre. The other princes have no right to succeed the throne.”

In the Morrince Empire, only the children born by the 2 empresses and 4 consorts had the right to succeed the throne. The other princes and princesses had no right to succeed the throne. Their status was equivalent to that of ordinary aristocrats, and they werent even a match for a new greater aristocrat like Yang Feng.

“The Great Prince André, whose mother is the Empress Susana, has the support of the Hansen Family, Ubago Family, and Sokas Family. Susana is a daughter of the patriarch of the Sokas Family.”

“The 3rd Prince Porta, whose mother is the Eastern Consort Sofia, has the support of the Chiça Family and Somen Family. Sofia is from the Somen Family.”

“The 6th Prince Garça has the support of the Orthux Family and Windach Family!”

“The 9th Prince Sanair, whose mother is the Northern Consort Olena, has the support of the Sarraut Family.

“The 13th Prince Sucre, whose mother is the Western Consort Alva, has the support of the Quito Family.”

“If we only go by the respective forces, then the Great Prince André, the 3rd Prince Porta, and His Highness Garça are in the lead. With you on our side, our forces will be able to compete with the Great Prince André!” Said Bousso with an elated smile.

After listening to the other party, Yang Feng understood his importance.

In the Morrince Empire, many greater aristocrats reached an impasse, where it was hard to take a step forward. Naturally, they would choose to pursue stability and wouldnt tread too deep into the whirlpool.

The several greater aristocratic families Bousso mentioned had very high statuses. They had to fight tooth and nail for their glory, splendor, wealth, and rank, as they had no way out.

Of course, in addition to the families that Bousso mentioned, there was still a huge heap of intermediate and lesser aristocrats revolving around the 5 princes. These aristocrats formed one after another interest groups, and strove to become new greater aristocrats.

Yang Feng continued to talk with Bousso, and gradually gained an understanding of the current state of affairs of the Morrince Empire.

Morrince 2,867th was getting on in years and could die at any moment, and the goal of the 5 princes was the throne.

Among the five princes, the mother of the Great Prince André was a noble empress and he had the full support of 3 families. He was a brilliant martial artist and a very outstanding man. He was also the grand marshal of the southern corps of the Morrince Empire, and commanded the southern corps to wage war against the southern Desert Empire all year round, gaining more victories than defeats. He was the star of a generation of the Morrince Empire.

Among the 5 princes, André was the most outstanding one. In a tacit understanding, the other 4 princes secretly joined hands to suppress Andrés forces.

At the time in the court, Yang Feng was able to become the earl of the Red Earth Wasteland so smoothly because the forces of the other 3 princes had a tacit understanding and kept quiet.

Even though Yang Feng joined the faction of the 6th Prince Garça, the 4 princes were still in the weaker position in contrast to the Great Prince André. After all, the 4 princes also fought among themselves, so they could not form a united front.

After learning of the current state of affairs, Yang Feng could only smile wryly in secret. If it was up to him, he would be more willing to join the faction of the great prince. After all, the influence of the great prince was clearly much greater, and whether it was seniority or power, the great prince had the advantage. Unfortunately, Yang Feng had already been branded and had no leeway to make his own choice.

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