Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 260 – Court Grandmaster

Chapter 259 – The Potion Dragon Stamina

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Yang Feng socialized in different banquets in the days that followed.

Garça held banquets one after another, and introduced Yang Feng to his supporters.

When the intermediate and lesser aristocrats saw Yang Feng, who was a hereditary peer aristocrat with great power, join their faction, their confidence in Garças victory was strengthened by a little. At the same time, those aristocrats continuously showered Yang Feng with their courtesy. Within 3 days, he was presented with over a dozen beautiful women, which he accepted unceremoniously.

On the 4th day, Yang Feng received the summon from Morrince 2,867th.

“The Victory Palace! This is the Victory Palace!!” Yang Feng stood in front of the imperial palace. Looking at the beautiful and luxurious imperial palace, which had a 50-meter-tall city wall, his eyes flickered with a peculiar light.

The imperial palace of the Morrince Empire was called the Victory Palace, which implied invincibility. After constructing the Victory Palace, the 1st emperor of the Morrince Empire asked the gods to bless it.

Under the blessings of the gods, the Victory Palace was enchanted with numerous permanent divine spells, which would not fade away so long as the gods didnt die. Under the blessings of the gods, even feeble divine power rank gods couldnt destroy the city wall of the Victory Palace. In the airspace above the Victory Palace, even many demigods were incapable of flight.

However, this sturdy palace had experienced countless carnage. Numerous court coups detat took place in the imperial palace, to which over 500 emperors of the Morrince Empire succumbed.

After a brief pause, Yang Feng followed an attendant into the palace.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the gate of the imperial palace, he was enveloped by powerful detection divine spells that were released from the gate.

The nano robots of blasphemy atop Yang Fengs head quickly simulated spirit fluctuations of a fanatic of the Weave Goddess.

In the St. Talon City, non believers would be burnt at the stake once found out.

The divine spell inspection at the gate of the Victory Palace was much stronger than that at the gate of the St. Talon City. Nonetheless, Yang Feng still managed to deceive the inspection with the spirit fluctuations of a fanatic of the Weave Goddess.

The attendant quietly looked at Yang Feng for a while. Seeing that Yang Feng didnt give rise to any changes under the divine spell inspection, the attendant continued to lead Yang Feng into the palace.

Inside the reception hall, Morrince 2,867th sat loftily on the throne, overlooking the scene at the bottom. His aged, cloudy eyes flashed with indifference.

An official said: “Your Majesty, Earl Ian of the Red Earth Wasteland is here.”

Morrince 2,867th replied apathetically: “Send him in!”

Yang Feng slowly entered the reception hall.

As soon as he entered the hall, Yang Feng felt a powerful pressure from the golden throne, as if the person above the golden throne was the ruler of the world who could not be defied.

The reception hall was also blessed by the gods, and Emperors Might was among the blessings. When you entered the reception hall, you would enter the area of effect of Emperors Might, and would unconsciously feel reverence towards the man atop the throne. Under Emperors Might, some weak-willed people would have their mental faculties suppressed.

“Your humble servant Earl Ian of the Red Earth Wasteland greets Your Majesty!” Yang Feng went forward, knelt on one knee, and saluted Morrince 2,867th.

When having an audience with the emperor, aristocrats of the Morrince Empire would kneel on one knee at most. Ordinarily, when aristocrats met the emperor, they would bow slightly in salute. However, this was the first time Yang Feng had an audience with Morrince 2,867th, so he had to kneel on one knee as per etiquette.

Morrince 2,867th looked at Yang Feng curiously and said faintly: “Get up!”

Yang Feng got up and said: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Morrince 2,867th asked abruptly: “Ian, I heard that you plundered hundreds of millions of gold coins from the Molinson Province, is it true?”

Gazes of schadenfreude gathered on Yang Feng. The officials of Garças faction were nervous. If Yang Fengs response didnt agree with the emperor, it would be a catastrophe.

Morrince 2,867th had a very bad temperament. As he grew older, he became more unscrupulous.

Boussos back was drenched in cold sweat, as he stood among the ministers. If Yang Fengs response didnt agree with Morrince 2,867th, the other would have Yang Feng killed.

Yang Feng replied with a faint smile: “It is!”

Morrince 2,867ths eyes lit up.

Yang Feng continued without batting an eye: “However, Governor Bousso is a brilliant general of a generation. Your humble servant came to his senses at last after being defeated 44 times in a row. Furthermore, all the plundered belongings were returned to their rightful owners.”

Morrince 2,867ths complexion became gloomy, as he had planned to squeeze the hundreds of million of gold coins out of Yang Feng and use them for his own entertainment.

An official of the faction of the great prince jumped out and barked: “Ian, you say that you returned the belongings, but do you have any proof of that? If not, then its a blatant attempt at deceiving His Majesty.”

Morrince 2,867ths complexion became even gloomier.

Yang Feng smiled, and with a flick of his wrist 3 vials of potions, which radiated a blood-like light, appeared in his hand: “Your Majesty, I am a Wizard as well as a Pharmacist proficient at potions. When I delved into pharmacy and traveled the world, I found a potion formula from ancient times. It was the potion formula of Dragon Stamina! As a man, I studied the formula and succeeded in refining a few vials of Dragon Stamina. I want to offer the vials of potion to you, Your Majesty!”

Morrince 2,867ths eyes congealed and flashing with excitement, and he shouted somewhat impatiently: “Let me see!”

Once the potion Dragon Stamina was ingested by a man, a dragon-like vigor and strength would fill their body. Besides, not only had it no side effects, but it still had the effect of strengthening the body. Before the battle of gods, human monarchs and greater aristocrats were very fond of this potion.

However, because this potion wasnt valued during the time of the battle of gods, it disappeared in the long river of history.

In the Victory Palace, there were many Pharmacists specially tasked with refining a variety of potions for the emperor to ingest. However, none of those potions could match a legendary potion like Dragon Stamina.

From beside Morrince 2,867th, an attendant walked down the steps and arrived in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng handed the attendant the 3 vials of Dragon Stamina, who took the vials and took them towards Morrince 2,867th.

Morrince 2,867th clapped his hands. The light and shade next to him twisted and a Wizard dressed in a Wizard robe suddenly appeared. The Wizard had a hook nose, a thin figure, and a gloomy aura between his eyebrows.

When he saw the Wizard, Yang Fengs pupils constricted slightly. The Wizards spiritual force was as great as a sea. He was clearly a Legend rank Wizard.

The Wizard took the vials of Dragon Stamina, then opened them, smelt the content, and sent a drop of it into his mouth.

The Wizard whispered: “Your Majesty, the potion is real. Its really the lost potion Dragon Stamina. If these 3 vials of potion were indeed refined by Ian, then he is really a top Pharmacist.”

Morrince 2,867th said with a smile: “Very good. Ian, I like the potions you offered me. I want these vials of potion and the potion formula!”

Yang Feng smiled and handed the potion formula to a guard beside him: “This is the magic formula.”

The guard immediately handed Morrince 2,867th the potion formula.

Morrince 2,867th threw the formula to the Wizard beside him. He looked at Yang Feng, who was now more pleasing to the eye, and said with a smile: “Ian, I received your offering. Say if there is anything that you want!”

“This humble servant feels great honor that my offering pleases Your Majesty. It has always been the wish of this humble servant to be able to serve Your Majesty.” Yang Feng smiled, then changed his tone, pointed to the official who had just jumped out, and said: “When this humble servant was talking with Your Majesty, this person interrupted Your Majesty without Your Majestys permission, and falsely accused this humble servant. This humble servant asks Your Majesty to serve justice.”

Morrince 2,867ths apathetic gaze fell on the official.

The legs of the official went soft and he pleaded desperately: “Your Majesty, I didnt accuse him falsely. Your Majesty, I… I really didnt accuse him falsely.”

Morrince 2,867th said indifferently: “Martigny, you dare to falsely accuse a greater aristocrat of the empire? Take him away and hang him!”

Martigny collapsed on the ground. Snot and tears streamed down his face, and he kowtowed: “Your Majesty, this humble servant didnt accuse him falsely! Your Majesty!!”

Several guards came from the side and dragged Martigny outside.

In the reception hall, many of the gazes that focused on Yang Feng were full of fear and dread.

As he watched Martigny being dragged away, a chill couldnt help but to creep into the abyss of Yang Fengs eyes.

Without a trial and after just a few words, a court official was dragged out and killed.

It was obvious how dangerous Morrince 2,867th, who was a foolish ruler among foolish rulers, was. With such a foolish ruler sitting on the throne, Yang Feng felt like his fate was completely out of his grasp.

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