Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 264 – A Sword Strike to the Belly

Chapter 263 – Breaking in, Capture

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“Ive had people prepare all the relevant documents and had Bousso hand them over to the aristocratic senate. In about half a month, you will be a hereditary peer chevalier of the empire.” After walking out of the temple of the God of Contracts, Yang Feng smiled and said to Cassius.

Cassius not only looked grateful, but even changed his form of address: “Many thanks, Master!”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Becky, in a few days, you will be a real aristocratic lady.”

“Aristocratic lady!” Becky was a little excited when she heard that, but there was also a trace of melancholy about her.

Ever since Becky could remember, Cassius had already been a Sacred Swordsman. She had always been proud of her Sacred Swordsman father, and believed him to be the mightiest person in the world.

But when Becky was 12 years old, she had a taste of the cruelty of this hierarchical society. She was rejected by the St. Violet School, which was the most famous school for girls in the St. Talon City, because she was not a descendant of an aristocrat. At that time, she realized that her Sacred Swordsman father wasnt omnipotent.

In this world, there was nothing that could not be sliced through by the sword of a Sacred Swordsman. However, the sword of a Sacred Swordsman could not slice through the invisible barrier that separated aristocrats and commoners.

As Becky grew older, she became ever more aware of the heavy weight the wordaristocrat carried in the Morrince Empire. The person with whom she was once secretly in love with chose a girl, who was inferior to her in all respects, because she was of an aristocratic lineage. A position that she cared about was easily snatched away by an aristocratic girl. On social occasions, many people would admire her due to her Sacred Swordsman father. However, the most popular girls were those aristocratic ladies, and not her, who was the daughter of a Sacred Swordsman.

Becky looked at Yang Feng, whom she had despised previously, yet had now become her fathers master, and wanted to say something, yet she stopped, not knowing what to say.

Yang Feng, naturally, didnt care about Becky. He turned to Cassius and asked: “Cassius, I also want to recruit a few more Sacred Swordsmen. In the St. Tulan City, who do you think can be recruited by me?”

As a Sacred Swordsman himself, Cassius had the qualification to enter the circle of Sacred Swordsmen, so he knew much more than Yang Feng.

Cassius contemplated for a while before saying: “Wind-Fire Sacred Swordsman Adio, Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea, Raging Sacred Swordsman Lucero, Sea Sacred Swordsman Muhanu, Violet Sacred Swordsman Nedeo, Lily Sacred Swordsman Mujica, these 7 Sacred Swordsmen might be recruited by you, master.”

In the St. Tulan City, a majority of the Sacred Swordsmen had either joined the court and entered a variety of powerful organizations, or were recruited by greater aristocrats. There were only dozens of unaffiliated Sacred Swordsmen.

Among those dozens of Sacred Swordsmen, some were indifferent to fame and fortune, and devoted themselves to martial arts. At the same time, there were others who could not be recruited due to various reasons.

Yang Feng asked suddenly: “Can the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville be recruited?”

The Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville was publicly acknowledged as the strongest Sacred Swordsman in the St. Tulan City. He had been pursuing the pinnacle of swordsmanship all his life, and had never been defeated ever since he stepped into the Legend rank. He had went to the beastman empire to kill Sacred Warriors, Desert Empire to kill Sacred Barbarians, and Titan Empire to kill the nr.1 Sacred Swordsman.

Since 20 years ago, the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville was publicly acknowledged as the nr.1 human Sacred Swordsman. According to legend, so long as he had a sword in his hand, he could even slay demigods.

The physical constitution of human Sacred Swordsmen couldnt compare to that of human Warlocks, and their life expectancy was merely 120 to 150 years.

In his youth, the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman had a fortuitous encounter, where he drank a vial of Water of Life left in the secular world by the intermediate divine power rank Goddess Of Life Cornelia of the Zaliah divine system. As a result, his life expectancy was extended by 100 years.

The Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville was 70 years old and was at his prime. He was publicly acknowledged as the strongest human powerhouse below the demigod rank.

Many people speculated that the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville could even slay demigods with his sword.

No matter the plane, there would always be hard to fathom peerless geniuses. The Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville was one such beyond fathom peerless genius of the sword path.

With an expression of both admiration and envy, Cassius shook his head, saying: “Impossible, Master! Once, a divine descendant family offered him the title of a hereditary peer viscount, yet it still failed to recruit the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman Penaville. He is the kind of freak who can devote everything to martial arts.”

On the Feisuo Plane, some peerless powerhouses, who pursued the pinnacle of cultivation, regarded fame and wealth as dung, after all. Most were Legend Wizards who pursued truth, but there was no lack of Sacred Swordsmen and powerhouses of other occupations.

Yang Feng smiled and said indifferently: “In this case, contact the 7 Sacred Swordsmen for now. If they are willing to become my retainers, then Ill have a talk with them.”

Cassius nodded, saying: “Yes! Master!”

An intense light flickered past Yang Fengs eyes, and he said slowly: “Before that, lets make a trip! Some things should be dealt with as soon as possible.”

Cassius replied: “Yes! Master!”

In a luxurious inn not far away from Yang Fengs villa.

Edith held Faldina in his arms, as he said sweet words.

Suddenly, with a bang, a foot kicked in the door to the room, shattering it and sending numerous splinters flying.

Dressed in security officer silver uniform with a silver sword embroidered below the right shoulder, sword of justice special force security officers broke in and occupied every strategic location in an instant.

A sturdy, eagle-eyed and hook-nosed middle-aged man with short blue hair and well-groomed two thin strokes of mustache stepped into the room, swept Edith with a glance, and said plainly: “Edith, you did well, you finally lured here the witch as His Majesty ordered.”

Faldina was shocked greatly, as she stared at Edith with her beautiful eyes filled with incredulity.

Ediths complexion changed dramatically and he shouted: “No, Faldina, you have to believe me! I didnt betray you!! I really didnt! I can swear on my life!!”

“It turns out that the 1st successor of the Hansen Family has colluded with the witch from the Titan Empire. In this case, Sir Dassault, I ask that you give His Majesty an impartial report. There are so many witnesses here, after all!” Following a soft laugh, Yang Feng slowly stepped into the spacious room, and looked at the embracing couple with a smile on his face.

Dassault was the middle-aged man with the well-groomed two thin strokes of mustache. He was also one of the 5 Sacred Swordsmen as well as one of the 5 tycoons of the sword of justice.

When he heard what Yang Feng said, Dassault locked his eyebrows tightly. He was well aware of the disturbance it would cause if Morrince 2,867th knew that the 1st successor of the Hansen Family colluded with the witch of the Titan Empire. If he handled this badly, the entire Hansen Family would face the risk of annihilation. He was a good friend of the Hansen Family, so he naturally couldnt sit by and watch this unravel.

Dassaults face sank, and he said coldly: “Earl Ian, the sword of justice is dealing with this case, so please be quiet. If you cant keep quiet, then please leave!”

Yang Feng said with a meaningful smile: “Well, Im here just to watch you handle this case impartially. Oh, by the way, His Majesty has officially appointed me as a court grandmaster. You can address me as Court Grandmaster Ian!”

Dassaults heart shook, and he went silent for a while.

For Yang Feng to become a court grandmaster meant that he could request an audience with Morrince 2,867th. At the same time, he was a member of the court of the Morrince Empire, served His Majesty, and had great power. So long as he didnt made any mistake, Dassault had no right to drive him away.

Ediths eyes turned bloodshot. He drew his sword, pointed at Yang Feng, and roared mournfully: “It was you! Ian, you sold us out!! You devil, fucking bastard!!”

Yang Feng took a few steps back, glanced at Edith, and said with a contemptuous smile: “Sir Dassault, it seems like I heard someone threaten me!”

Dassaults eyes widened, and he barked fiercely: “Edith, dont fool around. Capture the witch of the Titan Empire behind you! His Majesty judged her to be a criminal. Think of the Hansen Family!!”

“No, absolutely not!! I will never hand over Faldina!!”

His eyes bloodshot, Edith gave a roar of rage, channeled his pinnacle Star Knight rank qi, and had star-like sword rays light up, as he stabbed at Dassault.

Only by pushing Dassault, who was a Sacred Swordsman, could Edith and Faldina hope to escape this place.

When the frightening Star Knight rank qi burst out, a berserk hurricane rose in the room and crushed numerous furniture and ornaments.

“Fool!” Dassaults eyes widened, then he roared, unsheathed his sword, and had an extremely brilliant sword ray light up amid the endless stars.

The endless stars were shattered and Edith was force back by a few steps by the frightening rebound.

Yang Feng praised: “Amazing! What exquisite swordsmanship! As expected of a Sacred Swordsman!”

Ediths swordsmanship was a notch better than Yang Fengs, yet when he displayed his swordsmanship to the full, it was broken just like that with a strike from Dassaults sword. This meant that if Yang Feng met Dassault on the battlefield, his Demonic Fighting Sword Art would similarly collapse at the first blow.

Edith bit his lips and, like a madman, had countless star-like sword rays light up once more, as he stabbed at Dassault.

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