Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 268 – Magic Sentences

Chapter 267 – The White Tower

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A white tower was located to the west of the Victory Palace. It was a 9-story-tall magic tower made from white secret corundum, and it had a height of 100 meters. This was the only magic tower in the St. Tulan City.

The white tower was the headquarters of court masters. Inside the white tower gathered the top Wizards of the Morrince Empire who sided with the court, and there was even no lack of Legend Wizards.

A luxurious carriage slowly followed a bluestone road from afar and stopped in front of the white tower.

Yang Feng, dressed in a pure white court grand master robe, alighted the luxurious carriage unhurriedly, and looked at the tall white tower.

The hereditary peer greater aristocrats of the Morrince Empire usually lived in their fiefs, where they were akin to emperors. Very few chose to hold real office in the court of the Morrince Empire.

Having a hereditary peer earl like Yang Feng become a court grand master was both a grace as well as a means to place him under reasonable house arrest in the St. Tulan City.

Although, in the eyes of many people, Morrince 2,867th was a cruel and lustful as well as incapable monarch, but he didnt lack in some aspects that were required of emperors.

Yang Feng slowly stepped into the white tower.

Once he entered the white tower, Yang Feng saw Apprentice Wizards and Wizards going back and forth in the white tower in a hurry.

Every Apprentice Wizard was a respected existence in the outside world. But here, they did just some chores. As for the official Wizards, who were very difficult to come across in the outside world, they could be seen everywhere.

Frightening Legend Wizard spirit fluctuations occasionally spread out from the top of the white tower. Clearly, there were Legend Wizards carrying out magic experiments in the white tower.

A big white dog came to Yang Feng and asked in a human voice: “Excuse me, are you Court Grand Master Ian?”

Yang Feng looked curiously at the big white dog, and his eyes shone brilliantly. He discovered that the big dog wasnt some demonic beast extraordinary life form: “I am!”

The big white dog then said: “My name is Oleh and I am a grade-1 court master. Please come with me!”

Yang Feng followed the big white dog deeper into the white tower.

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Why have you been turned into a dog?”

Oleh grinned bitterly: “I made a mistake when I assisted Court Grand Master Asenjo in a large-scale experiment, and destroyed the experiment. As a result, the court grand master used a morphing spell to turn me into a dog. I have to live as a dog for a month.”

Although, due to the Weave, it was hard for Wizards of the Feisuo Plane to rise to the top, but the means of Wizards were numerous and varied, with more emerging with the time. A morphing spell that turned a person into a dog was just a level-3 spell.

Oleh arrived in front of a hall, reached out with his paw, and pointed, saying: “This is your hall and that of your subordinates. They are inside.”

Yang Feng looked up, and saw a door plate, with 13th magic brigade written on it, hang in the upper right corner of the hall. From today on, he was a court grand master as well as the captain of the 13th magic brigade. The court masters of the 13th magic brigade were his direct subordinates.

Yang Feng pushed open the door and went inside.

Inside the hall, there were 59 court masters carefully studying magic books while sitting. When Yang Feng entered, they only lifted their heads to take a look at him before continuing to read the magic books in their hands, looking indifferent.

A sense of indifference and exclusion pervaded the hall.

Inside the hall, there were 8 Great Wizards and 1 Archwizard. No one believed that Yang Feng, who lacked the qualifications and strength, could be their captain.

Yang Feng said lightly: “I am Ian. From today on, I am your leader.”

There was silence. Wizards were a very proud bunch. Even though these Wizards had joined the court of the Morrince Empire and became its hunting dogs, but deep down, they were still very proud.

If Yang Feng was a Legend Wizard, the court masters would be happy to obey Yang Fengs orders. If Yang Feng was a court master who was promoted to a court grand master and had the strength of an Archwizard, these court masters would obey Yang Fengs orders.

But as a mere outsider Great Wizard (others had yet to find out that he already promoted to anArchwizard), Yang Feng would find it difficult to command these prideful court masters even though he was a hereditary peer greater aristocrat,

Yang Feng smiled faintly. This response of the court masters came as no surprise to him.

Yang Feng said slowly: “I have obtained His Majestys permission to build a magic college in the St. Tulan City, a magic college capable of producing Legend Wizards. Im short on teachers. I came here to recruit some teachers. Who among you would like to be a teacher of the first magic college of the empire, a teacher of a magic college capable of producing Legend Wizards?”

At last, once his words fell, ripples were set off among the still court masters.

The court masters raised their heads and looked at Yang Feng, and their eyes flickered with ridicule.

Legend Wizards were the strongest existences of the Feisuo Plane below the demigod rank. Under the premise that they were 100 meters apart, even the Broken Star Sacred Swordsman, who was reputed to be capable of slaying demigods, when pitted against a Legend Wizard, his chances at victory wouldnt exceed 20%. In the same circumstances, a Sacred Swordsman like the Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius would only reach a dead end when pitted against a Legend Wizard.

Legend Wizards were as rare as they were strong. In the court of the Morrince Empire, among court grand masters, there were only less than 10 Legend Wizards.

As for Legend Wizard promotion magic notes, they were extremely precious and seldom seen by ordinary people. Even these court masters had to make great contributions or have extraordinary talent, to have access to Legend Wizard magic notes.

A middle-aged Archwizard with somewhat grizzled hair dressed in a black Wizard robe with a grade-3 court master badge on the chest looked up at Yang Feng, and his eyes showed a look of ridicule: “Court Grand Master Ian, I am a grade-3 court master, Court Master Barros. Unless you can defeat me, your word isnt worth shit here.”

Barros had spent 10 years in the position of a grade-3 court mage. For the last 5 years, he had been working hard for the sake of the position of the court grand master. But when Yang Feng came, he snatched away the position of a court grand master, leaving Barros full of anger and jealousy. Even though Yang Feng was a hereditary peer greater aristocrat, but Barros still could not endure the anger in his heart.

Yang Feng asked faintly: “So what you are saying is that so long as I beat you, then Ill be recognized as the real head here?”

Barros sneered: “Thats right! The sole mission of us court masters is to guard His Majesty and the St. Tulan City. What we need is combat strength. So long as you defeat me, youll be recognized as the head of the 13th magic division.”

Yang Feng looked around at the court masters and said slowly: “If I defeat Barros, then you will obey my orders?”

A Great Wizard stood up and looked directly at Yang Feng without any reservations, saying: “Earl Ian, if you can defeat Master Barros, then I, Bessat, will obey you.”

Another Great Wizard also stood up and said solemnly: “Thats right! Earl Ian, if you can defeat Master Barros, then I, Cato, will obey you!”

Court masters, one after another, stood up and shouted, as their eyes flashed with contempt.

For a Great Wizard to challenge an Archwizard, that was suicidal. The court masters of the Morrince Empire specialized in combat, and their fighting strength exceeded that of ordinary Wizards by far. Barros had even killed 2 Archwizards, and was a powerhouse with a fierce reputation among Archwizards.

Yang Feng showed a smile and said: “So I just have to beat you? Thats really simple!”

“Simple!!” There was a flash of anger in Barros eyes. Since he became a Wizard, no one had ever scorned him. And those who did scorn him were all dead. Now, as a highly respectable Archwizard, he met someone who scorned him.

On the Feisuo Plane, the status of Wizards was much higher than that of warriors, and the status of an Archwizard was even higher than that of a Sacred Swordsman, as magic power could accomplish many things that the qi of Sacred Swordsmen could not. If an Archwizard was prepared, they could even kill a Sacred Swordsman.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Barros, lets have a spar!”

Barros sneered and said: “Okay! Earl Ian, if you win, I will be your most loyal subordinate from now on. If you loose, please resign from the position of court grand master!”

Once Yang Feng resigned from the position of the court grand master, Barros would have hope of becoming the court grand master, gain tremendous power and status, and be able to read more advanced magic notes.

The higher the status of a person in the court master system was, the more resources they could get. This was meant to stimulate court masters to work harder.

Yang Feng said with a confident smile: “Alright! If I lose, I will resign as the court grand master.”

Barros got up and said softly: “Then lets go to the magic arena now!”

Yang Feng replied: “Lets go!”

Yang Feng had just agreed, when magic lights shone in the hall, as the court masters quickly spread the news throughout the white tower. They wanted for the whole white tower to witness the bet. Like this, if Yang Feng lost yet was unwilling to fulfill his promise, then even with his noble title of a greater aristocrat, he would have no ground to stand on in the white tower.

Yang Feng looked at the unrestrained magic lights lighting up, and showed a smile: “It seems that Im really unpopular!”

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