Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 275 – The Potion Dragon Corruption

Chapter 274 – The Potion Corruption Punishment

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Canales poured the 23 liquids into a magic-enhanced beaker.

The 23 liquids churned and rolled. They suddenly formed a face, then churned and turned into a long snake freak with 46 human eyes, and then churned again and formed a freak covered in numerous sharp feelers.

The spectators were stupefied as they watched the potion in the magic beaker surge and roll and form different freaks.

Every freak formed by the potion emitted a savage and ruthless aura.

Canales pointed with his finger, and a flame engulfed the interior of the magic beaker.

The potion immediately ignited, and issued human-like mournful creams.

The flame disappeared a long a time later. What was left in the magic beaker was a clear and transparent liquid, which emitted an exotic fragrance.

“Such a nice fragrance!! What is this potion?!”

“The fragrance of this potion is amazing!!”

“What potion is this? I feel comfortable just from smelling it!!”

“As expected of Grandmaster Canales, amazing!”


When the bigwigs smelt the exotic fragrance, their spirits were lifted, and they revealed smiles. At the same time, they were marveled by the wonderful methods of Canales.

The eyes of Wizards, who had a slight understanding of pharmacy, were full of adoration when they looked at Canales. The methods to handle the 23 magic ingredients were unheard of for them. Besides, everyone of the 23 ingredients was extremely formidable, and mixing their pharmaceutical properties together was hard beyond belief.

Yang Feng stared at the transparent potion with a look of graveness in his eyes.

Canales stared at the potion in his hand, then nodded his head in satisfaction and said faintly: “Bring him up!”

A tightly bound prisoner was dragged over by 2 guards.

André smiled and said: “This is a prisoner who committed a capital offense. Please have the potion tested on him, Grandmaster Canales.”

The prisoners eyes flashed with alarm and apprehension; he didnt understood why he was brought here.

Canales pointed with his finger, and, while under the influence of a mysterious force, the prisoner opened his mouth.

A drop of the transparent liquid flew out of the magic beaker and landed in the mouth of the prisoner.

The prisoner trembled, his face twisted wildly, and pustules appeared all over his body. He wanted to scream but couldnt. The numerous pustules burst, and strange insects wiggled inside his body. The mans entire body twisted inch by inch until he could no longer be recognized as a person.

When they saw this terrifying scene, the bigwigs felt nauseated. Some people threw up and even more people averted their gazes, not daring look at the terrifying scene.

Canales turned around and sneered: “This is the potion Corruption Punishment. I uncovered it from an ancient potion formula. When ingested, even greater fiends will succumb to it. Ian, do you admit defeat, or do you want to drink the Corruption Punishment!!”

“Corruption Punishment! Isnt that a potion capable of poisoning demigods to death?!”

“It can even poison freaks like greater fiends to death, this potion is really amazing!!”


The complexions of the experience-rich powerhouses changed dramatically, and they cried out.

Greater fiends were extremely formidable demonic beings of the Ancient Demonic Plane or the Abyss, who could contend with human Legend rank powerhouses and had a great resistance to poisons. In the Abyss, many places were full of substances that were extremely poisonous to humans. Greater fiends, beings who lived in such an environment, naturally had a great resistance to poisons. Some poisons that could even kill human demigods, could be drank like water by greater fiends.

The potion Corruption Punishment was a poison that possessed a terrific lethality towards greater fiends. During a democalypse before the battle of gods, many greater fiends succumbed to the potion Corruption Punishment. Reportedly, in order to wipe out human Pharmacists, fiends launched an attack and eventually annihilated them. The potion Corruption Punishment had since been lost to the world.

To be able to uncover such a potion like Corruption Punishment from an ancient potion formula, Canales was simply a heaven-defying character.

Garças face turned extremely pale, and his eyes glimmered with despair.

The potion Corruption Punishment was a poison capable of killing greater fiends, and it was such a fierce poison that even demigods could not resist it. Yang Feng could not resist such a fierce potion.

Porta and the other 2 princes had very complex looks in their eyes, which still contained a hint of joy.

After Yang Feng joined his faction, Garças power expanded rapidly. This gave rise to resentment in the hearts of the 3 princes.

Canales smirked arrogantly and said: “Surrender, Ian. Im only half done with the antidote to this potion. Therefore, even if I attempt to rescue you right after you drink the potion Corruption Punishment, you will still be turned into an awful freak. Its not too late, you can still surrender.”

As if they were looking at a dead person, gazes full of pity focused on Yang Feng.

Garça struggled for a moment, then parted his lips slightly yet fell silent. Compared to seeing Yang Feng become a slave of Canales, he preferred to see Yang Feng succumb to the potion Corruption Punishment.

With a look of unwillingness, Ulyana hesitated before finally advising: “Ian, forget it. Admit defeat.”

Portas group of 3 princes remained silent.

Under everyones watchful gazes, Yang Feng pondered for a while, then took out a vial of potion and drank it.

Canales sneered and spat out a single word: “Fool!”

There was no potion that could be taken as a precaution against the potion Corruption Punishment. Unless it was a god, or a demigod powerhouse with great resistance to poisons, it was impossible to resist the ferocious power of the potion Corruption Punishment.

Yang Feng stepped forward, grabbed the beaker with the potion Corruption Punishment, and drank it in one breath.

The moment the potion Corruption Punishment entered his mouth, countless liquid metal nano robots rapidly formed a passageway and firmly wrapped around the Corruption Punishment, guiding it towards his stomach.

Sizzle!! Sizzle!! The potion Corruption Punishment started to frantically corrode the passageway formed from the liquid metal nano robots.

The potion Corruption Punishment could only be stored via a special magic beaker. Otherwise, even steel could be easily corroded.

Yang Fengs face changed dramatically. In a split second, he erupted with Star Knight rank qi. The Warlock life energy inside him surged wildly and nourished the liquid metal nano robots.

Even so, the countless liquid metal nano robots were still being rapidly corroded by the potion Corruption Punishment.

Yang Feng pulled out a sword, stabbed himself in the chest, penetrated his throat, and directly cut out his esophagus with the potion Corruption Punishment.

Following a surge of qi as well as a copious amount of blood, he directly removed the esophagus with the liquid metal nano robots as well as the potion Corruption Punishment and tossed it to the floor.

Sizzle!! Sizzle!! The liquid metal nano robots were completely corroded by the potion Corruption Punishment. At the same time, there was white smoke, and a huge, bottomless pit was corroded into the floor.

A copious amount blood flowed down Yang Fengs cut open chest and dropped to the floor.

Everyone was stunned, as they looked at Yang Feng. They couldnt believe that the potion Corruption Punishment, which was claimed to be capable of even killing demigods, was actually neutralized by Yang Feng in such a savage and decisive way.

Canales couldnt believe his eyes. He pointed at Yang Feng, and asked in a trembling voice: “How can this be? How, how, how can this be?!!”

When he saw this, Andrés pupils constricted slightly, and his evaluation of Yang Feng improved somewhat: “Such a fierce and clever fellow!”

If the chest of ordinary people was penetrated and their esophagus was cut off, they would definitely die. However, Yang Feng was still alive. People speculated that the potion Yang Feng drank beforehand should have the effect of enhancing his life force.

Yang Feng spat out a magic sentence. Suddenly, healing water appeared and enveloped him.

Under the nourishment of the healing water, the wound on his chest began to heal slowly.

Yang Feng endured the pain, and revealed an exhausted smile, saying: “Grandmaster Canales, its my turn now, right?”

Canales frowned slightly, and nodded slowly: “Its your turn!”

Yang Feng took a closer look at the ingredients, then went closer, and carefully selected a total of 18 magic ingredients.

Yang Feng took a fist-sized ingredient that looked like blood, placed it in a magic beaker, pointed at, conjured the spell Acid Rain, and poured acid into the magic beaker.

The fist-sized, bloody ingredient grew eyes and mouth, and, under the corrosion of the acid, uttered miserable screams.

Yang Feng pointed, and a flame fell into the magic beaker.

The bloody magic ingredient screamed miserably, as it was being burned by the flame, and eventually, amid its screams, it turned into a black liquid, which churned continuously inside the magic beaker.

“The blood devil fruit can also be processed like this, how amazing! What pharmaceutical properties will it gain?” Canales eyes widened, as he stared at Yang Feng and muttered.

Pharmacy was broad and profound, and although Canales was a Grand Pharmacist, yet he still could not fully grasp it.

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