Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 276 – Madness of the Potions

Chapter 275 – The Potion Dragon Corruption

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The 18 magic ingredients were processed into 18 extremely strange liquids by Yang Feng through various, distinct magic methods. As if they possessed life, these liquids surged continuously and made very strange sounds.

Canales stared fixedly at the 18 very strange liquids, and scratched his head as he thought hard. He mumbled: “What potion is this? Why havent I heard of it?”

Yang Feng poured the 18 strange liquids into a magic beaker, where they suddenly tossed and boiled.

The 18 liquids interwove and formed a liquid dragon in a flash, which rose into the air and issued extremely mournful dragon roars, as if it had a life of its own.

Yang Feng pointed with his finger and silently recited an incantation. Suddenly, a flame broke out and enveloped the liquid dragon. The liquid dragon ignited and emitted black gas. The liquid dragon was completely purified; it transformed into a pure and transparent liquid, and sank into the magic beaker.


“Grand Pharmacists are indeed amazing!”

“It turns out that potions can be refined like this!”


The eyes of the bigwigs of the Morrince Empire sparkled with admiration as they discussed with excitement. Many people thought that potions were made by grinding magic plants (extraordinary plants) into powder and mixing them according to certain proportions. Now, however, they witnessed Canales and Yang Feng refine potions, and realized that it wasnt as simple as that.

Yang Feng took the magic beaker, handed it to Canales, and said with a faint smile: “This is the potion Dragon Corruption I uncovered from an ancient potion formula. Even if a dragon were to drink it, they would be corrupted and turned to dust. Grandmaster Canales, its still not too late to admit defeat.”

“Dragon Corruption, is this not the potion that was lost in the ancient times?”

“Dragon Corruption, its a potion that can even kill dragons! Because he drank the potion Dragon Corruption, the human demigod hero Sain had his divinity corroded, was turned to an ordinary person, and had eventually died.”


Wizards blurted out in shock. The Wizards were shocked that the lost potion appeared once more in the world.

Dragons were terrifying extraordinary life forms who were even stronger and had greater resistance to poisons than greater fiends. Each dragon had tremendous power and all kinds of frightening resistances. Very few things could poison an adult dragon to death. Some potions could poison human demigods, yet were useless against adult dragons. The potion Dragon Corruption could poison dragons to death. The pharmaceutical properties of this potion were even stronger than those of the potion Corruption Punishment.

Shocked gazes focused on Yang Feng. No one doubted Yang Fengs identity as a Grand Pharmacist anymore.

In addition to the continuous wars among the gods, another important factor why ancient potions were lost was that they were too difficult to refine. Without Grand Pharmacists, it was basically impossible to process a variety of magic ingredients and extract their essence.

Yang Fengs ability to refine ancient potions fully proved his identity as a Grand Pharmacist.

“Dragon Corruption!! Good! Lets see if it can corrupt me!” Canales stared at the beaker in Yang Fengs hand with a look of excitement in his eyes. Immediately after, he took out more than a dozen vials of potions and drank them up in one breath.

When he ingested the dozen vials of potions, Canales aura suddenly intensified step by step, his body swelled by a size and brimmed with muscles, and a pair of dragon horns sprouted on his forehead, as if he had become a dragonborn of the country of dragons. He was brimming with strength.

“Level-3 Warlock physical constitution, amazing! A Grand Pharmacist indeed!!” Yang Feng carefully looked at Canales. In his right eye, countless data surged, as he quickly scanned and analyzed Canales condition. He could tell that after Canales drank the dozen vials of potions, his life force was stimulated, and he climbed to the peak level-3 Warlock realm in one fell swoop.

Of course, Canales only used the power of the potions to temporarily gain the peak level-3 Warlock realm physique. Once the effect wore off, he would revert to his original state. Until then, however, the peak level-3 Warlock rank physique could allow him to resist the corrosion from many potions.

Canales grabbed the beaker with Dragon Corruption. His right hand trembled as he stared at Dragon Corruption with excitement and fear. The excitement came from the fact that he could see a new ancient potion, the fear came from the fact that the ancient potion could claim his life at any time.

With the potion Dragon Corruption in hand, Canales suddenly looked up at Yang Feng and said: “Ian, I dont want to die yet! If I cant resist the power of the Dragon Corruption, please save me. I want to study more potions! A Grand Pharmacist slave should be of great use to you.”

The eyes of everyone in Andrés group flashed gloomily.

Garça, on the other hand, was all smiles.

Porta and the other 2 princes looked very calm, and they had complex looks in their eyes. Garças influence was boosted greatly by the addition of a Grand Pharmacist to his ranks. If Canales, who was a famous Grand Pharmacist, were to join his ranks as well, then Garças strength would increase even more.

Canales was a Grand Pharmacist with a decades-long-fame, and even the Pope of the Weave Church was indebted to him. God knows how many more powerhouses were indebted to him.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Good! If you cant withstand the power of the potion, then extend your thumb and Ill save you.”

Canales smiled in relief. He looked at the potion Dragon Corruption with excitement and fear, and then drank it up.

Once the potion Dragon Corruption entered his stomach, Canales quickly drank up vials of potions he prepared beforehand.

In less than a second, Canales complexion changed dramatically, then he collapsed to the ground, wailed, spat out a large mouthful of blood mixed with numerous elixirs, and struggled in pain. At the same time, he extended his thumb with great difficulty.

The Dragon Corruption was a potion capable of poisoning dragons to death. Although Canales was a most outstanding Grand Pharmacist of the Morrince Empire, but he still wasnt able to resist such a terrifying potion.

Yang Feng immediately stepped forward and poured a vial of white potion into Canales mouth.

After drinking the white potion, Canales complexion recovered a little. He gritted his teeth and said faintly: “I admit defeat.”

At the moment when Canales admitted defeat, the bigwigs of the Morrince Empire showed complex looks. They just witnessed the fall of one legend and the birth of another one.

André stepped forward. While exuding an imposing aura, he stared at Yang Feng and said gravely: “Earl Ian, I am willing to give you the Guiza Marquisdom in exchange for the freedom of Grandmaster Canales. Please give him back his freedom.”

“A Marquisdom!! As expected of His Highness!”

“To use a marquisdom in exchange for Grandmaster Canales freedom, His Highness is really benevolent!”


The bigwigs of the Morrince Empire praised sincerely, while full of envy.

A marquisdom was something that even many Sacred Swordsmen had no way to obtain after struggling for a lifetime. In order to become a hereditary peer baron, the Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius joined Yang Fengs ranks. A marquisdom, on the other hand, could even move some Legend Wizards.

After he drank a few vials of potions and recovered his strength, Canales sighed lightly and said faintly: “You bet, you pay. Since I lost, I will be Sir Ians slave from today on. André, theres no need for you to waste a marquisdom to plead for me.”

Yang Feng said with a smiled: “Yes, Your Highness André. Although Grandmaster Canales is my slave. However, I will not treat him as a slave and instead, will treat him as a research partner, a potion research partner.”

Canales was a Grand Pharmacist. Just his ability to refine a variety of potions was enough for Yang Feng to treat him well. No one in their right mind would treat a Grand Pharmacist like Canales as a slave.

André suddenly smiled and made a very domineeringly recruitment speech: “Garça isnt really a wise master. Ian, I appreciate you very much. As long as you side with me, I will settle the conflict between you and the Hansen Family. Besides, when I ascend the throne, I wont let anyone interfere with the Red Earth Wasteland.”

Garças complexion suddenly changed greatly. He was very clear about the gap between him and André. In front of everyone, André proceeded to recruit Yang Feng, and offered such generous conditions. Once Yang Feng accepted it, Garças power would suffer greatly.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Im very sorry. Although I do admire Your Highness graceful bearing, but unfortunately, I have already joined the ranks of His Highness Garça and can only decline your kindness.”

If Yang Feng was an aboriginal of the Feisuo Plane, he might have chosen to join Andrés faction just now. However, he was from the Cangzhi Plane, and he came he in order to become a god who stood high among the stars. Joining Andrés faction was not in his interest.

“Its a pity. However, my doors are always open for you. Please think it over again!” André didnt get angry, and instead, had admiration flash in his eyes. He turned around and strode away along with his retinue.

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