Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 277 – Arthur and Beth

Chapter 276 – Madness of the Potions

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Yang Feng looked at Andrés back, and his eyes flashed with graveness. He contemplated for a while. Then, he clapped his hands. 2 beautiful maids stepped out and helped Grandmaster Canales down the platform. He also went down the platform.

Dressed in a black dress with a deep decollete that partially exposed her ample, milky-white chest and slender, graceful legs, a sexy and beautiful woman walked towards the center of the platform with a merry smile on her face.

“Hello, everyone, I am Kath, the auctioneer for the potion auction! The potions auctioned in this auction were refined by Grand Pharmacist Ian, and have all kinds of mysterious and fantastic powers! The potions here can fulfill all your desires! The auction starts now!” Kaths seductive voice echoed in the area. Just a few words from her evoked desires in everyone.

A beautiful maidservant slowly went next to Kath with a vial of a purple potion in hand.

“This is the potion Memories of Youth! When ingested, it enables you to recover your youth for 18 days. This potion was by chance refined by Grandmaster Ian. There are only 3 vials, and this auction only holds a 1 vial.”

When they heard Kath, the breathing of old gentlewomen who no longer looked beautiful sped up, and they stared at the potion Memories of Youth with ravenous eyes.

If there was a good deal of vials of Memories of Youth, these gentlewomen would slowly compete over them and divide them among themselves. But there was only 1 vial, so they had no choice but to go all out. Everyone else was their enemy.

“The auction of the potion Memories of Youth starts now. The minimum bid is 1,000 gold coins, for a 100 gold coins bid increment. Begin!”

“1,100 gold coins!”

“1,300 gold coins!”


Kaths words had just fallen, when the eyes of the old gentlewomen turned bloodshot, and they madly increased the bidding price. The bidding price for the potion Memories of Youth easily broke through the 3,000 gold coins mark, then rushed towards the 4,000 gold coins before overtaking it. After breaking through the 5,000 gold coins mark, the increase in the bidding price began to slow down.

An old lady with wrinkled skin and white hair, who despite the heavy makeup could not conceal the wrinkles all over her face, cried out: “10,000 gold coins!”

Another old lady, who also wore heavy makeup, shouted loudly: “13,000 gold coins!!”

“14,000 gold coins!!”


After the affluent gentlewomen started bidding, the bidding price for the potion Memories of Youth rose wildly.

Her eyes bloodshot, the old lady who offered 10,000 gold coins eventually quoted a sky-high bid: “30,000 gold coins!”

When they heard the sky-high bid of 30,000 gold coins, the other gentlewomen finally calmed down and became silent. If it was a potion that could completely restore a persons youth, then it would not end with 30,000 gold coins. However, to spend 30,000 gold coins to recover their youth for 18 days, even those gentlewomen would have to think it over.

“30,000 gold coins! Going once!” Kath looked around and paused a little, then smiled sweetly and continued: “Going twice, sold.”

Kath smiled sweetly and said: “Madam Pina, if you pay now and use the potion on the spot, then I have the authority to lower the price by 1,000 gold coins. Would you like to pay and use the potion now?

“Of course!” Said Madam Pina a little impatiently. She stepped forward, took out 3 10,000 gold coins cheques, handed them to Kath, took the vial of potion, and drank it up.

A cyan magic light enveloped Madam Pina. The numerous wrinkles on her face slowly faded away, revealing an exceedingly fascinating and charming appearance. Her dry and skinny body was full of vitality, becoming moist and full of luster. Her wizened and saggy twin peaks became plump and supple, standing proudly upright.

In just a dozen seconds, an old lady who, despite the heavy makeup, looked somewhat ugly became a top beauty with an exceedingly fascinating and charming body full of luster.

When she was young, Madam Pina was a gorgeous woman whose beauty illuminated the imperial capital. As she was rich, she cherished Memories of Youth all the more. Simultaneously, she was eager to regain her youth.

The old lady with wrinkled skin and white hair turned into a peerless beauty. This made the eyes of the old ladies of the same generation as Madam Pina overcome with jealousy, as if they wanted to swallow her whole.

Madam Pina immediately took out a shiny bronze mirror she carried with her and looked at the gorgeous woman in the mirror. Then, she looked at her youthful and energetic hands. Brimming with excitement and emotions, 2 streams of sparkling tears flowed down her cheeks.

Madam Pina smiled merrily, took the check Kath handed her, and graciously made her way back.

An elegant middle-aged man in his fifties came to Madam Pina with a smile and praised: “Madam Pina, you really are as beautiful as rumored.”

One after another, middle-aged men attracted by Madam Pinas beauty, surrounded her and complimented and flattered her just like when she was young.

The old ladies of the same generation as Madam Pina gnashed their teeth and stared at Pina with regret and jealousy in their eyes. Many of them could take out more gold coins than that, but they didnt think that it was worth to spend so many gold coins for 18 days of youth. However, after they saw Madam Pina, they were filled with regret.

When the bigwigs of the Morrince Empire saw this, they felt slightly shocked. If they missed those precious potions, they might never get another chance to get a hold of them.

A touch of appreciation flashed in Yang Fengs eyes, and he said with a smile: “Great! This auctioneer is good!”

This little stunt of Kaths gave rise to a sense of competition among the bigwigs of the Morrince Empire. It was conceivable that they would vie over the following potions with even more zest.

Garça said with a smile: “Ian, if you like, I can give her to you.”

A mere auctioneer wasnt worth much in Garças eyes, and even a beautiful auctioneer wasnt worth mentioning.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Alright!”

In a few words, the fate of Kath, this beautiful auctioneer, was decided. This was the strength of power.

While holding a small vial of a blood-red potion, Kath said with a sweet smile: “The next potion to be auctioned is Commendation to Knights! This is a potion that Grandmaster Ian refined with great care. With it, an ordinary person who went through a certain amount of Knight training can produce powerful qi in one fell swoop. Similarly, this vial of Commendation to Knights can also help Knights to break through the Sky Knight, Firmament Knight, and even Star Knight bottlenecks. This is absolutely a commendation to Knights left by the mighty gods in the secular world. The minimum bid for Commendation to Knights is at 10,000 gold coins, for a 1,000 gold coins bid increment”

“30,000 gold coins!!”

Kaths words had just fallen, when Young Master Carl of the Salamander Family shouted somewhat impatiently. He had to get the potion Commendation to Knights at all costs.

“31,000 gold coins!”


After a moments silence, the bigwigs began to flex their muscles, and the bidding price for Commendation to Knights was quickly raised. Powerhouses who devoted themselves to the pursuit of the peak of the martial path were definitely eager to acquire the potion Commendation to Knights. A vial of Commendation to Knights could buy you the services of a Firmament Knight with an exalted status, which was certainly a good deal when it came to these bigwigs.

The bidding price for the potion Commendation to Knights soon broke through the 100,000 gold coins mark, and then continued to race until 300,000 gold coins mark before slowing down.

After all, the potion Commendation to Knights could guarantee the promotion to the Knight rank, yet could not guarantee the promotion to the Star Knight rank. If the potion could guarantee the promotion to the Star Knight rank, then its price would be in the range of millions of gold coins.

“400,000 gold coins!” When the bidding price for the potion Commendation to Knights reached 350,000 gold coins, Carl yelled a sky-high price with eyes bloodshot, shocking everyone.

“400,000 gold coins! Going once!” Kath looked around and paused a little, then smiled sweetly and continued: “Going twice, sold.”

Carl strode forward, took out 4 100,000 gold coins cheques, handed them to Kath, took the vial of Commendation to Knights, and drank it in one go.

A powerful life force instantly permeated Carls body. It circulated in the meridians according to his familys cultivation method, breaking through powerful barriers and stimulating his bodys vitality. Powerful qi gushed out of his body.

Graveness flashed past the eyes of an extraordinary Firmament Knight, and he said solemnly: “Great Knight! This is the cultivation base of a Great Knight!!”

“Great Knight! Carl, the sole heir of the Salamander Family, was unable to cultivate qi since birth. Yet now, he became a Great Knight in one stroke! What a powerful potion!”

“Amazing, what an amazing potion!! Worthy of a product refined by a Grand Pharmacist!!”


Gazes of envy and jealousy focused on Carl.

It was well known among the upper class that the sole heir to the Salamander Family was unable to cultivate martial arts and magic. After being examined by numerous experts of the martial path, it was concluded that Carl could not become a Knight rank powerhouse. Today, however, a potion solved everything.

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