Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 28 – Blasting Apart Level-2 Warlocks

Chapter 27 – Divination

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After repelling the Blood Bat Knights soldiers out of their shooting range, the level-4 gunner robots immediately adjusted their aim and shot frenziedly at the three level-2 Warlocks sitting on the magic carpet.

Sparks flashed and a rain of bullets swept towards the three level-2 Warlocks.

“Warping Force Field!” Arbane pointed and cast a level-1 defensive spell.

A Warping Force Field suddenly appeared in front of the magic carpet. When the heavy machine gun bullets hit the Warping Force Field, they twisted and bounced back.

But under the endless hail of bullets, the Warping Force Field could only last for five seconds before it collapsed, forcing Arbane to release the Warping Force Field again.

Arbane creased his eyebrows tightly and said solemnly: “Lets go down! If this continues, my spirit force will soon be depleted!”

Level-2 Warlocks could easily conjure level-1 spells. However, the spirit force of level-2 Warlocks wasnt endless. When Bonney was within the Warlock tower, he could exhibit terrifying strength and repel tens of thousands of bladed robots with its support. Arbane could not compare to Bonney within the Warlock tower in terms of strength. If the consumption continued as is, he would soon be left at deaths door.

Kenny looked down gloomily.

After loosing the aerial bombardment of the Blood Bat Knights, the densely packed level-4 bladed robots immediately swarmed the black rattans and sliced them to pieces.

Although the Apprentice Warlocks released a variety of level-0 spells to weaken the fighting prowess of the bladed robots. However, the level-4 bladed robots were too numerous, and the black rattans were still sliced to pieces.

Before long, the bladed robots would force their way into the midst of the Fernandro Principalitys army. By then, even with the help of the level-1 Warlocks, the army of the Fernandro Principality wouldnt stand a chance against the level-4 bladed robots.

The bladed robots would fight to the last unit so long as they didnt receive the order to retreat. The human warriors, on the other hand, would have their army collapse once the casualties surpassed 10,000 people.

Jamt frowned and spoke solemnly: “Lets retreat and ask Warlock College Antalya for help! Steel Lord Yang Ye might not be a big deal himself, but his mechanical legion is truly formidable.”

Level-2 Warlocks were far stronger than level-1 Warlocks, and the most troublesome thing about them was that they would choose to flee whenever things looked bad.

In theory, a 10,000-strong ordinary army had the strength to kill a level-2 Warlock. However, a level-2 Warlock wouldnt stand in place and fight the mortal army head-on. A level-2 Warlock could choose decapitation strike, guerrilla warfare, and poison. In any case, there were ways to chip away at an ordinary army.

Seeing that their situation was discouraging, Jamt wanted to retreat. He was unwilling to put his life at risk for tens of thousands of magic stones.

Kenny uttered with a gloomy complexion: “Jamt, I know you have a level-1 Divination scroll. Sell it to me.”

Divination was among the most difficult branches of the Warlock path to tread on. Among which, Astrologer and Fate Warlocks were the most typical representatives. The formidable Astrologer and Fate Warlocks had a very hard time practicing cultivation. They required exceedingly outstanding talent, great luck, countless resources, and hard work to succeed in their cultivation. Apart from these two formidable Warlock paths, the divination branch still had many other Warlock paths. However, the accomplishments of Warlocks treading those Warlock paths werent too great, so very few people trod them. As such, Divination scrolls were extremely rare and precious.

Jamt grinned, saying: “I want your level-2 secret treasure green revolving ring!”

Arbanes eyelids jumped up, and he stared at the green bracelet on Kennys right wrist.

Secret treasures were exceedingly powerful tools refined by Alchemists from various precious materials. Secret treasures were exceedingly precious, and defensive secret treasures were even more so precious.

The level-2 secret treasure green revolving ring was Kennys best defensive secret treasure as well as one of the five best defensive secret treasures of the Fernandro Family. Under normal circumstances, exchanging a level-1 Divination scroll for a level-1 defensive secret treasure was already very fortunate. As such, Jamt using the level-1 Divination scroll to exchange for the green revolving ring was no different from profiteering.

Kenny responded coldly, a gloomy look on his face: “A level-1 Divination scroll cant divine the position of a level-2 Warlock. If Yang Ye is a level-2 Warlock, or knows spells geared against Divination, then the Divination scroll will be useless.”

Divination was very strange, and ordinary people couldnt resist it. Once Divination was cast, unless they were in a place enveloped by an extraordinary force, ordinary people would have nowhere to hide.

Although ordinary people couldnt resist Divination, but Warlocks had various methods and secret treasures to resist Divination. Of course, you had to be an official Warlock with a formidable inheritance to have the means to resist Divination. When used on a level-2 Warlock, level-1 Divination wouldnt have any effect.

Jamt said with a grin: “Kenny, keep your cool! If you dont want to do the exchange, then forget about it! Lets just retreat! If we dont retreat, your black rattans will only be disposed of.”

After his gaze underwent a number of changes, Kenny finally gnashed his teeth, took out the green revolting ring from his right wrist, and tossed it towards Jamt: “Okay! Lets do the exchanged!”

Jamt showed a pleased smile when he caught the bracelet. He took out a golden scroll and threw it to Kenny.

After taking the golden scroll, Kenny poured a tremendous amount of spirit force into it. The golden scroll glimmered with golden radiance that formed an arrowhead and pointed at the Warlock tower of the Black City.

Inside the Warlock tower.

Yang Feng looked at the golden arrowhead on the screen and his heart sank slightly: “What spell is that?”

Robot Bonney replied:

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