Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 280 – Unveiling of the Magic College

Chapter 279 – Yang Fengs Disciples

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Arthur came up to the middle-aged Wizard and thanked him respectfully: “Sir, I am Arthur, and this is my sister, Beth. Thank you very much for helping us.”

Beth bowed slightly to the middle-aged Wizard in salute and said respectfully: “Thank you, Sir!”

The middle-aged Wizard swept the pair of siblings with a glance and said with aloofness and concealed disdain: “Dont thank me. Im just following Sir Ians orders.”

“Lets go!” After leaving behind a few words indifferently, the middle-aged Wizard strode outside the slums under the escorts of the Great Knight rank powerhouse. He didnt want to spend a minute longer in the sewage-infested, reeking slums.

Arthur detected the hidden disdain in the words of the middle-aged Wizard. He understood that the middle-aged Wizard was only following Sir Ians orders and had no good will towards the both of them.

Arthur very astutely followed behind the middle-aged Wizard with his sister and quickly left the slums.

The Black Poker didnt dare to make any troubles for Arthur, and helplessly watched him leave the slums with his sister.

Once Arthur left the slums with his sister, he headed to the west of the St. Tulan City.

After crossing one street after another, a huge and imposing college under construction with an area of over 300 hectares appeared in front of the siblings.

This huge college with an area of more than 300 hectares was the magic college Yang Feng spent a huge sum to build.

There huge magic college had 4 gates. Numerous luxury carriages gathered in front of the east gate, with many young men and women dressed in aristocratic clothes forming circles of different sizes.

Arthur looked at the east gate, then turned and took his sister to the north gate of the magic college.

In front of the north gate of the magic college gathered numerous commoner and peasant youngsters dressed in ordinary attires, forming long queues. These youngsters came to Yang Fengs magic college with the dream of changing their destiny.

So long as they were wealthy and were willing to donate a huge sum of money, and given that their cultivation aptitude wasnt too lacking, aristocratic children could directly enroll into the magic college established by Yang Feng. As for commoner and peasant youngsters, those who had extraordinary cultivation aptitudes would be exempt from tuition fees and would get a monthly allowance.

The north gate of the magic college was an opportunity for commoner and peasant youngsters to come into contact with the world of magic.

Every time the north gate of the magic college opened, there would be 200 to 300 commoner and peasant youngsters pour into it. Before long, the majority of the commoner and peasant youngsters would return with looks of disappointment. Every time, only 1 or 2 youngsters looked excited, eager to tell everyone that they qualified. More often than not, all youngsters in a batch would have gloomy expressions upon return.

The tremendous crowd ahead of them rapidly decreased. Simultaneously, more people kept coming. Slowly, there were many youngsters behind Arthur and his sister.

Hours later, it was finally the turn of Arthur and his sister. The siblings followed 200 youngsters into the north gate of the magic college and entered a vast room engraved with numerous profound and mysterious magic runes.

Inside the room sat a middle-aged Wizard with a rigid expression. He snapped his finger, and the room suddenly grew dark.

Seeing the room turn dark, the youngsters panicked and made noise.

Arthur put himself in front of Beth and drew his dagger, looking alert.

The middle-aged Wizard barked imposingly: “Keep quiet and dont talk! Otherwise, get out immediately.”

The youngsters quieted down upon hearing the middle-aged Wizard. This was a fate-changing opportunity, so they could not let it slip past their fingers.

The middle-aged Wizard chanted an incantation and pointed with his finger. A crystal ball in front of him glowed with magic radiance.

The magic runes inside the room lit up and strange fluctuations of magic shrouded the youngsters in the room.

Light with different degrees of brightness rose from the youngsters. The light coming from the majority of the youngsters was dim. The the light coming from Arthur and Beth resembled 2 suns – 1 small and 1 big, suppressing the light emitted by the other youngsters.

“Geniuses! 2 geniuses! Thats great, I found 2 geniuses!” Full of excitement, the voice of the middle-aged Wizard trembled when he saw the lights shining alike 2 suns – 1 small and 1 big.

“I have to report this to Sir!” The middle-aged Wizard took out a communications crystal and poured a tremendous amount of spirit force inside.

Yang Fengs indifferent yet dignified voice came from the crystal: “What is it, Fitts?”

Fitts said respectfully: “Sir Vice-Dean, I found 2 geniuses, no, 2 exceptional geniuses. They should be commoners or peasants.”

“Exceptional geniuses? Interesting. Ill be right there.” Not long after Yang Fengs voice faded, white light flashed, and the whole room was illuminated brightly.

The gazes of the youngsters were attracted by the light source, only to see Yang Feng covered in sacred radiance step out from the light as if a god treading in the secular world.

When he came out, Yang Feng saw the 2 children, Arthur and Beth, emit light as bright as 2 suns – 1 small and 1 big.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with joy and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “I picked up a treasure.”

From the magic light emitted by Arthur and Beth, you could tell that Arthur had a superior level-6 soul aptitude and Beth had an intermediate level-7 soul aptitude. They were both geniuses when it came to the cultivation on the Warlock path and the Wizard path.

Warlock cultivation and Wizard cultivation were very similar to begin with, just that Warlock secret methods emphasized both the cultivation of physique as well as spirit force, and they were a notch better than the meditation methods of the Feisuo Plane that solely focused on the cultivation of spirit force. So long as these 2 geniuses were carefully polished, they would shine brilliantly.

“I am Ian, the vice-dean of the magic college. What are your names?” Yang Feng walked towards Arthur and Beth. Along the way, the youngsters in front of him were slowly pushed aside by a gentle force, making way for him to reach Arthur and Beth.

Arthur looked up at Yang Feng and said excitedly in a loud voice: “My name is Arthur, and this is my sister, Beth!”

Yang Feng smiled gently and asked: “Arthur, Beth, I want to accept the both of you as my disciples. Are you willing?”

Arthur felt very excited. Astutely, he pulled his sister to prostrate on the ground and said deferentially: “We are more than willing. Sir Vice-Dean, please accept us as your disciples.”

A random Wizard of the magic college could already berate the One-Eyed Dragon Band, who was the number one big shot of the slums, like a dog. Band didnt dare to make a sound at the time. For such a bigwig as the vice-dean of the magic collage to personally accept them as disciples, Arthur was clear what it meant. Simultaneously, he didnt dare to be the least bit arrogant for fear of missing this chance.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Get up!”

A gentle force covered Arthur and Beth and made them stand up.

Gazes of envy and jealousy, which Arthur could clearly perceive, focused on them.

Even the middle-aged Wizard had envy flash past his eyes, aware that the fates of the siblings would be changed greatly.

Yang Feng pointed, a white light enveloped him and the siblings, and they disappeared from the room.

The middle-aged Wizards eyes fell on the youngsters in the room, and he said indifferently: “You are not qualified to get a scholarship, go back.”

Aristocratic youngsters, even if they were lacking in terms of qualifications, were still eligible to enter the magic college Yang Feng established to study magic once they paid a huge sum of money. Commoner and peasant youngsters, on the other hand, had to be geniuses to enter the magic college to learn magic knowledge.

Yang Feng could not and did not want to change this aristocratic supremacy custom. After all, it took a lot of money to keep a magic college running. If it wasnt for the huge amount of money aristocratic children brought him in, the magic college wouldnt be able to function as it didnt had financial support from the Morrince Empire.

The youngsters could only leave the room with forlorn looks.

In another luxuriously decorated room, Yang Feng and the siblings appeared in the room with a flash of light.

Dressed in a cyan martial attire, Becky came up to Yang Feng and greeted respectfully: “Sir!”

These days, Becky had been working at Yang Fengs side. She slowly shed her temper of an entitled brat and became a very competent secretary.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Becky, these 2 are my disciples starting today. Take them and teach them the rules.”

Becky gave Arthur and Beth an envious look, and then replied respectfully: “Yes! Sir!”

Yang Feng disappeared with a flash of light.

Becky looked at Yang Fengs fading back with longing in her eyes, then turned around and said full of dignity: “My name is Becky. You can call me Big Sister Becky. Now follow me. I will teach you the rules here.”

Arthur replied very astutely: “Yes! Big Sister Becky!”

Beth followed suit: “Yes! Big Sister Becky!”

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