Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 281 – Challenging a Legend Wizard

Chapter 280 – Unveiling of the Magic College

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Before the magic college opened officially, Yang Feng found more than 30 commoner and peasant youngsters and 8 lesser aristocrat and ordinary aristocrat youngsters with inferior level-6 soul aptitude or higher.

There were about 500 youngsters with level-5 soul aptitude, including youngsters with superior level-5 soul aptitude. The youngsters who promised to join the Miracle City were exempted from all tuition fees and would receive a monthly allowance. Other youngsters had to pay an exorbitant tuition fee to be eligible to enroll into the college.

For the first phase, more than 1,300 youngsters, with over 1,000 youngsters paying for admission, were enrolled. The other 300 youngsters were exempted from all tuition fees and would receive an allowance every month. Of course, they would become the exclusive Wizards of the Miracle City after their studies were concluded.

Yang Feng established the magic collage to nurture a large number of Wizards for the Miracle City in the first place. As for the aristocratic youngsters who paid the tuition fee to join the college, it was to give face to greater aristocrats on one hand and to achieve a virtuous cycle in the magic college on the other hand.

The cultivation of magic required the consumption of a lot of precious materials. Therefore, without enough money, you could not study magic, at all. As such, many Wizards resorted to siding with the greater aristocracy or imperial court in order to get enough funds to study magic and carry out magic research.

On the Feisuo Plane, there were fairly few roaming Wizards. Besides, their cultivation bases and the knowledge they grasped were generally much weaker than those of Wizards who joined the ranks of major forces.

Time flew by and 3 month later passed just like that.

After spending a month in the St. Tulan City, the Great Prince André returned to the southern corps. After all, he was the commander-in-chief and could not easily leave the army camp.

The imposing and vast magic college was finally built under everyones gazes. Along with the completion of the magic college, the funds he raised in the potion auction were almost completely depleted, with only less than 1 million gold coins remaining.

On the day of the unveiling of the magic college, numerous big shots flocked from all over and gathered in the St. Tulan City in hopes of forging a relationship with Yang Feng.

The magic college was the first college in the Morrince Empire dedicated to nurturing Wizards, and it was open to everyone. No matter how poor their aptitude was, if they had money and an aristocratic identity, they could enter the magic college to study after paying a sizable contribution. Therefore, this college attracted many aristocrats and tycoons.

It should be mentioned that previously, even if they were children of greater aristocrats, Wizards would still not recruit them as disciples if their talent in magic cultivation was lacking.

Besides, the children of tycoons, even more so, had no means to enter in contact with magic. Now that the magic academy was established, even peasants got a chance to enroll, which naturally aroused the adulation of numerous tycoons.

Numerous aristocrats and tycoons flocked over from all over the Morrince Empire, eager to forge a relationship with Yang Feng. Their children could become students in the next enrollment of the magic college and learn magic knowledge.

Yang Feng, wearing a black Wizard gown, was followed by Barros and 4 Great Wizards.

For the position of teachers of the magic college, Yang Feng chose his subordinated court masters, the Wizards of the 13th magic brigade.

“Sir, its amazing, you really established a magic college.” Following behind Yang Feng, Barros looked at the bigwigs, who rushed over from all over the Morrince Empire, with a look of veneration in his eyes.

The 4 Great Wizards also had a look of veneration in their eyes as they looked at Yang Fengs back.

Yang Feng established the first magic college ever and was the vice-dean of the magic college. As his subordinates, they would be recorded in history books together with Yang Feng, and become the targets of reverence from countless people.

The establishment of the magic college not only required a large number of teachers, but also required a large amount of money as well as connections. For him to be able to establish the magic college in the St. Tulan City, where land was crazy expensive, was simply heaven-defying.

Once the magic college was in operation, the Wizards to come out of the magic college, who were Yang Fengs students, would form a powerful force in the Morrince Empire.

“His Highness Garça arrived!” Following a sonorous voice, Garça and Ulyana, surrounded by dozens of guards, walked towards Yang Feng. As if a shadow, Goyena silently made up the rear.

With a spirited smile on his face, Garça opened a box and handed it to Yang Feng: “Ian, congratulations on establishing the magic college. This is my congratulatory gift to you.”

Yang Feng took a look at the box, then his eyes flashed with graveness, and he said solemnly: “Your Highness, this gift is too precious.”

Inside the box were 2 1 million gold coins cheques. For Yang Feng, the 2 million gold coins were a timely help and a very lavish gift.

With a smile on his face, Garça stated: “Accept it. We are on the same side, so there is no need to be polite.”

Yang Feng thought it over, then took the 2 million gold coins with a smile on his face: “Thank you, Your Highness!”

Garças smile grew brighter when he saw Yang Feng accept the 2 million gold coins. Once Yang Feng formally became the vice-dean of the magic college, his status in the Morrince Empire would only continue to improve. Garça naturally wanted to win over a bigwig with such a sublime status very much.

“2 million gold coins. Garça, thats really extravagant of you.” Following a faint laughter, Porta and the other 2 princes came over.

Garça looked at the 3 princes and frowned slightly.

With Yang Fengs increase in power, Garças power rose accordingly, and a large number of forces joined his ranks. Among the factions that fought against the Great Prince André, his was already the dominant one. Porta and the other 2 princes came together and joined hands under the pressure from Garça.

With a complex look in his eyes, Porta smiled slightly and handed 3 boxes to Yang Feng: “Grandmaster Ian, congratulations on establishing the magic college. This is our congratulatory gift to you

“Thank you very much.” With a smile, Yang Feng received the 3 boxes and handed them to Becky standing beside him. He understood that the gifts inside the 3 boxes wouldnt be too precious.

“His Majesty Morrince 2,867th arrived!” Suddenly, a loud voice came from outside.

Escorted by 4 Sacred Swordsmen, 20 Star Knights, and 100 Firmament Knights, Morrince 2,867th walked over. He was accompanied by a Legend Wizard in a red Wizard robe, with a square face, white hair and beard, and very smooth and well maintained skin.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” With looks of astonishment in their eyes, the big shots stooped and respectfully saluted Morrince 2,867th.

On the Feisuo Plane, greater aristocrats only had to kneel on one knee the first time they were enfeoffed when greeting an emperor. Rest of the time, they only had to bow in salute. Only during a prayer would greater aristocrats prostrate themselves on the ground to show their respect for the gods.

On the Feisuo Plane, the gods were supreme beings.

When Yang Feng and company saw Morrince 2,867th, they promptly stepped forward and walked up to Morrince 2,867th, bowed slightly in salute, and said: “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Morrince 2,867th nodded somewhat pleased and said in praise: “Not bad, Ian. Youve done a good job. You managed to establish the magic college in such a short time, very good.”

Without a change in expression, Yang Feng said with false flattery: “Thank you for your blessing, Your Majesty. Without Your Majestys strong support, it would be impossible to establish the magic college.”

“Ha-ha, well said. Without my support, the magic college could not be built, at all.” His face glowing with health, Morrince 2,867ths attributed all the credit to himself. After contemplating for a moment, he continued: “However, Ian, you are just an Archwizard. If you assume the position of vice-dean, you will find it too difficult to manage the whole magic college. This is Grandmaster Carril, a Legend Wizard. He came to assume the position of vice-dean of the magic college, which would do justice to the position.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly and his heart sank. It took him a lot of effort to establish the magic college. Besides, he already appointed himself as the vice-dean. Now Morrince 2,867th wanted to take away everything from him with just words. An extremely cold killing intent surged in the depths of his heart and numerous ideas fleshed through his mind.

Porta and the other 2 princes were slightly stunned at first, then showed a look of schadenfreude as they watched Yang Feng.

His complexion pale, Garça clenched his fists, yet didnt utter a word. He didnt dare to confront Morrince 2,867th.

Her little face slightly pale, Ulyana gritted her teeth and argued: “Imperial Father, Earl Ian worked hard and spent tens of millions of gold coins to build the magic college. He didnt took a single gold coin from the imperial treasury. Therefore, by right, it should be his private property.”

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