Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 282 – Killing Carril

Chapter 281 – Challenging a Legend Wizard

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The face of Morrince 2,867th sank when he heard that. Since his ascension to the throne, fewer and fewer people dared to confront him. In the last 20 years, no one dared to contradict him. Now that Ulyana contradicted him, he felt very upset, and his eyes flashed gloomily.

With a smile that looked gentle yet concealed menace, Carril stared at Ulyana and said: “Your Highness, everything in the Morrince Empire belongs to His Majesty. Similarly, it was due to His Majestys approval and great will that the magic college came to be by borrowing Ians hand. His Majestys will is above everything, understood?”

When she saw Carrils smile, Ulyanas pretty complexion changed, fear welled up inside her, and she took a few steps back and remained silent.

Morrince 2,867th was a lustful person. In addition to the 2 empresses and 4 consorts, he had many other women, giving birth to many offsprings.

Some pretty princesses doted upon by Morrince 2,867th would suddenly disappear without him investigating their disappearance. Thinking until here, Ulyana shuddered.

Morrince 2,867th stared at Yang Feng with a look of ridicule and sneered: “Ian, whats on your mind? Do you want to go against my will?”

Gazes full of pity, schadenfreude, curiosity, and ridicule focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng replied with a faint smile: “Your Majesty, there is no one in the secular world who would dare to go against your will, and I am no exception. However, according to the rules of the world of magic, only the strongest can be the power-holder of such a magic institution. Your Majesty, you are a wise and valiant emperor appointed by the gods. Thus, the position of dean of the magic college is rightfully yours. As for Grandmaster Carril, if he wants to be the vice-dean of the magic college, he would have to defeat me first for everyone to be convinced. Your Majesty, allow me to have a fair match against Grandmaster Carril to compete for the post of vice-dean of the magic college.”

Morrince 2,867th was silent for a moment, then looked at Carril and asked faintly: “Carril, what do you think?”

Carril swept Yang Feng with a look of contempt and sneered: “Since Grandmaster Ian wants to challenge me, then how can I not agree? Ill give Grandmaster Ian some pointers and let him understand the rules of the world of magic.”

Morrince 2,867th laughed and said: “Ha-ha. Alright, Carril, teach Ian a lesson and let him understand the rules of the world of magic.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “Grandmaster Carril, there is a magic arena in the college. Please follow me.”

Carril walked up to Yang Feng and used a magic method to transmit his voice: “Ian, Empress Susana asked me to give you a message. The magic college, on which you spent 19,873,452 gold coins, is just the beginning. If you keep following other fools, everything will be taken away from you.”

Yang Fengs pupils constricted slightly and he gave faint smile. He was full of vigilance.

Court struggles were extremely bitter and complex. Since Carril, who was a Legend Wizard was so vocal, he might not be a person of the empress. He might be a chess piece arranged by another prince to drive a wedge between Yang Feng and the Great Prince André.

As one of the 2 most powerful human empires on the Feisuo Plane, powerhouses were as common as flies in the Morrince Empire. In this vast empire, Legend rank powerhouses werent hunting dogs of bigwigs. However, although Legend Wizards had lofty statuses, but once they were drawn into imperial power struggles, they would similarly be reduced to chess pieces.

Generally speaking, Legend Wizards would not get drawn into the cruel imperial power struggles. So long as they didnt got involved in this terrifying whirlpool, whoever ascended the throne would not dare to make troubles for them. However, each time, there would be Legend Wizards drawn into this cruel whirlpool for one reason or another.

As far as Yang Feng was aware, the Great Prince André had obtained the loyalty of 2 Legend Wizard. If Carril was also added, then André would have 3 Legend Wizards in his ranks. This would be a terrifying force.

Excited, the big shots who came from all parts of the Morrince Empire rushed to the magic arena. A match between a Legend Wizard and an Archwizard was a very rare event.

The seats surrounding the newly built magic arena were soon filled with people.

Morrince 2,867th, surrounded by 4 Sacred Swordsmen, 20 Star Knights, and 100 Firmament Knights, sat atop a suspended dais of the magic arena

Garça and the other princes and princesses could only sit in VIP seats next to the suspended dais.

Standing opposite Yang Feng, Carril said scornfully: “As an Archwizard, you dare to challenge a Legend. I really admire your courage. Unfortunately, the reason why Legends are Legends is because ordinary people cannot cross this boundary, at all. Youre really stupid.”

Standing still, countless data flow rapidly surged atop Yang Fengs pupils, as he silently issued numerous orders. Copious amounts of information came in from the data flow and surged into his sea of knowledge.

Carrils words were completely ignored by Yang Feng.

“Big Sister Becky, why would Teacher have a duel with a Legend rank Wizard? Isnt that too dangerous?” In the corner of the magic arena, Arthur looked anxiously at Yang Feng standing in the middle of the magic arena and asked Becky sitting next to him.

After studying these days, Arthur became aware of how powerful Legend Wizards were. In the world of magic, Legend Wizards stood at the peak of humans. A step further was the realm of the gods.

Becky stared at Yang Feng in the magic arena with a complicated look in her eyes and sighed lightly, saying: “Its to protect our home, our college that your teacher is going to risk his life and fight against the Legend Wizard Carril.”

Barros and the other scheduled-to-be teachers of the magic college looked anxiously at Yang Feng.

With a worried look on his face, a Great Wizard asked in a low voice “Sir Barros, does Grandmaster Ian has any hope of defeating Grandmaster Carril?”

Barros eyes flashed with apprehension, then he shook his head and sighed: “Its a very difficult, an extremely difficult undertaking! Historically, only some peerless geniuses who acquired divine armaments or genius born blessed by the gods could defeat a Legend Wizard with the cultivation base of an Archwizard. Although Sir is very strong, but when compared to a Legend Wizard, there is still a huge gap. As long as the Legend Wizard conjures a level-4 offensive spell, Sir is very likely to be directly defeated.

Legend Wizards could cast level-4 offensive spells, which were extremely powerful. Against single-target level-4 offensive spells, any level-3 defense spell would be crushed directly. As for level-3 offensive spells, it was very difficult for them to destroy level-4 protective covers. At least a dozen level-3 spells would be needed to destroy a level-4 protective cover of Legend Wizards.

Additionally, the casting speed, understanding of magic, magic power, among others, of Legend Wizards was above that of Archwizards.

An Archwizard commanding a Wizard team could still more of less contend against a Legend Wizards. However, in a one on one confrontation, an Archwizard stood no chance against a Legend Wizard!

Only if he met a wandering Legend Wizards, whose inheritance was subpar, would Yang Feng have a chance to defeat the opponent. Carril, on the other hand, was a court grandmaster with an intact inheritance and extremely rich fighting experience. His fighting strength was not something that wandering Legend Wizards could compare to.

When Carrier saw Yang Feng disregard him, anger flashed in his eyes. He shot the referee a look and said apathetically: “Why havent you started yet?”

The referees mind shook when he was glanced at by Carril. He immediately took a few steps back and said loudly: “Begin!”

The referees words had just fallen, when Yang Feng, who had his head drooped, suddenly raised his head. His eyes flashed with extremely cold killing intent. He instantly erupted with Star Knight rank qi, reached out at empty space, grabbed a secret treasure sword completely forged from divine blood steel, and slashed at Carril with the force of thunder.

The area within 10 meters was the domain of Sacred Swordsmen. When in the area within 10 meters, even Legend Wizards would be killed by a strike from Sacred Swordsmen before they could conjure their spells.

As it turned out, the distance between Yang Feng and Carril was just at 10 meters. His sword strike, which contained 60% debonair of a sword strike from a Sacred Warrior, was as fast as lightning. It was unstoppable.

When everyone present saw Yang Fengs sword strike, shock flashed past their eyes.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius also had a look of shock in his eyes, and a trace of bitterness welled up inside him: “Fierce, his sword strike is really fierce. As long as he cultivates diligently, hell step into the realm of Sacred Swordsmen one day without a hitch!!”

In order to become a Sacred Swordsman, god knows how much hard work Cassius had to put in. There hadnt been a single day where he stopped practicing with a sword. For Yang Feng, who cultivated swordsmanship as well as magic, to achieve such accomplishments was simply shocking. Only heroes in myths and legends would have such frightening achievements.

Barros complexion was slightly blanched, and there was a lingering fear in his eyes: “What an amazing sword strike! At the time, I would be a goner if he had performed this strike!”

Reacting almost instantly, Carril uttered a magic sentence. A level-3 Superior Warping Force Field erupted in a flash and enveloped him.

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