Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 284 – Turmoil

Chapter 283 – Assassinating Morrince 2,867th

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Yang Feng had positioned 200 phantom hunters to lie in wait atop the suspended dais at an earlier time. Completely invisible and motionless like rocks, the 200 phantom hunters passed unnoticed.

Now that they received the order from Yang Feng, the 200 phantom hunters suddenly moved. They brandished their cutlasses mixed with divine blood steel and frenziedly slashed at the the guards of Morrince 2,867th atop the suspended dais.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the caught off guard guards were killed by the phantom hunters without any resistance.

Even the 3 Sacred Swordsmen, who had amazing fighting prowess, were caught off guard and hacked to pieces.

A copious amount of blood dyed the suspended dais red.

3 phantom hunters arrived before Morrince 2,867th in an instant, brandished their cutlasses mixed with divine blood steel, and mercilessly slashed at him.

A sacred, bright, and magnificent white protective cover enveloped Morrince 2,867th.

3 cutlasses mercilessly hacked at the protective cover and were ricocheted.

The imperial robe worn by Morrince 2,867th was a trigger Legend rank treasure equipped with the Legend rank spell Barrier of Light. Even when besieged by Legend Wizard and Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses, he would not be killed instantly.

“Protect me! Protect me!! Quickly protect me!! The one to save me will be promoted by 3 grades! Great glory, splendor, wealth, and status will be yours!” No longer looking indifferent and noble, Morrince 2,867th scrambled to get out of his seat and screamed miserably, with yellow liquid flowing down from underneath the imperial robe and tears streaming out of his puffy eyes.

Seeing everything that suddenly occurred atop the suspended dais, the greater aristocrats screamed, got up, and fled.

Escorted by their guards, the majority of bigwigs quickly fled the magic college.

Garça and the few princes and princesses looked at each other, their faces blanched. As if hit by the spell Falter, they neither escaped nor went to rescue. They didnt want to be killed because of Morrince 2,867. However, they also feared that once Morrince 2,867th escaped with his life, they would be held accountable for escaping in the face of battle. Thus, they were in a dilemma.

“Protect His Majesty!!”

“Protect His Majesty!!”


In addition to the 4 Legend Wizards, 20 Star Knights, and 100 Firmament Knights, Morrince 2,867th was still accompanied by 500 Sky Knight rank guards and a large squad of court Wizards. The guards and court Wizards rushed madly towards Morrince 2,867th.

Once Morrince 2,867th died, the 500 guards as well as the large squad of court Wizards would be beheaded in accordance with imperial law. At the same time, their families would be implicated and reduced to slaves. For the sake of their families as well as glory, splendor, wealth, and status, the 500 guards – aware of the danger – had to rush to Morrince 2,867ths rescue.

“Protect His Majesty. With me, Ian, present, no one is allowed to harm a hair on His Majestys head. Only by stepping over my dead body can you assassins harm His Majesty!” Following a heroic bellow, Yang Feng rushed towards Morrince 2,867th like a bolt of thunder.

“Good!! Ian, as long as you save me, you will be the dean of the magic college! Right, I have 215 daughters. Ill let you marry whichever one you like. In the future, Ill make you the grand marshal of the empire!!!” As if he had seen his savior, Morrince 2,867th cried out and made promises when hen he saw Yang Feng. With runny nose and teary eyes, he looked extremely unsightly.

“How ugly. Even though you are the emperor of one of the 2 human empires, but youre nothing more than a lascivious and foolish old man, Your Majesty.” Despite the impassioned look on his face, there was killing intent and ridicule in the abyss of Yang Fengs eyes. When he was about to reach Morrince 2,867th, an invisible mage hand holding the Legend rank dagger twilight dagger trusted towards Morrince 2,867th.

The Legend rank dagger twilight dagger, with its power to pierce through magic barriers, was a nightmare for all spellcasters as well as one of the most popular Legend rank daggers among assassins.

The twilight dagger easily penetrated Morrince 2,867ths barrier of light, pierced into his abdomen, and frenziedly absorbed his life force. In an instant, Morrince 2,867th looked a few decades older, and his eyes shone with despair.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with ridicule, and he sent a voice transmission to Morrince 2,867th, mocking: “Old fart, you brought this upon yourself. Horny fool, since you want to take away my magic college, then you have to die.”

Eyes wide open, Morrince 2,867th stared at Yang Feng with his old, muddy eyes full of enmity, which he could not voice.

A guard commander more anxious than Yang Feng rushed up to Morrince 2,867th, took the latter into his arms, and said full of joy: “Your Majesty, I, Eddie, came to the rescue!”

Other guards frantically rushed towards Morrince 2,867th and blocked in front of Yang Feng, so as not to let him claim credit.

Under Yang Fengs command, the phantom hunters already dispersed and disappeared.

Although the phantom hunters could make themselves completely invisible. However, they could still be traced by spells. Yang Feng only used the phantom hunters to assassinate Morrince 2,867th because his hand was forced. Now, it was a must to remove traces of their existence. Their existence could not come to light.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, whats wrong! Your majesty! You, dont scare me!” Suddenly, Eddies face changed dramatically, his eyes flashed with despair, and he screamed.

Morrince 2,867ths body was completely black and lifeless and his eyes were opened wide, full of grievances. His dead body just laid there in Eddies arms.

The guards looked at Morrince 2,867th corpse with looks of dread and despair in their eyes.

Morrince 2,867th died in front of them. Their fates were sealed.

“Eddie, your failed to protect His Majesty, implicating your families!” Yang Feng stepped forward and barked sternly: “If you want to be spared the fate of being beheaded, you have a single chance! Help His Highness 6th Prince Garça ascend the throne! After His Highness Garça ascends the throne, hell pardon your crimes!”

After he finished speaking, Yang Feng waved his hand. 300 armed Knight rank powerhouses scurried out from the side and stared at Porta and the other 2 princes as well as their guards with frigid killing intent in their eyes.

Garça was very clever, and quickly stepped forward and cried out: “Commander Eddie, I saw it with my own eyes. You tried your best to protect my imperial father. Although according to the law of the Morrince Empire, you should be beheaded. However, as long as you are willing to assist me and help me ascend the throne, Ill use the privilege of the emperor to absolve you of all your sins.”

A glimmer of hope welled up in the eyes of the 500 Sky Knight rank guards.

Eddie slowly rose to his feet and looked around, only to see Porta and the other 2 princes surrounded by the 300 heavily-armed Knights rank powerhouses.

Under Yang Fengs command, 2 Sacred Swordsmen, the Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea and Raging Sacred Swordsman Lucero, surrounded the 3 princes and their guards.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius arrived next to Yang Feng and drew his secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel, ready to act. Once Yang Feng gave the order, Cassius would kill Eddie with a strike from his sword.

Eddie, who had always avoided the recruitment of the princes in the court, understood that now was a critical moment. The wrong choice would seal his fate and that of his family.

“I, Eddie, am willing to serve you, Your Highness!” Eddie knelt on one knee in front of the 6th Prince Garça and said respectfully.

“I am willing to serve you, Your Highness!”

The 500 Sky Knight rank guards had no choice but to kneel before Garça and say respectfully: “I am willing to serve you, Your Highness!”

The large squad of Wizards slightly bowed towards Garça in salute.

Yang Feng walked up to Porta and them and said with a gentle smile: “Your Highnesses, please have your guards hand over their weapons. The St. Tulan City might become very chaotic later. But no worries, we will protect you.”

Sucre stared defiantly at Yang Feng and said coldly: “Ian, what are you up to? Do you want to put us under house arrest?”

A guard of Sucre drew his sword and protected in front of Sucre, glaring at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng ordered indifferently: “Kill him!”

The Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea stepped forward and, with the flicker of a sword ray, sliced the guard in half. Blood splattered all over Sucre, making the aloof prince issue a miserable scream.

Yang Feng stated indifferently: “Since were at it, lets kill them all!”

With a vicious light in his eyes, the Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea stepped forward and released drill-like sword rays shuttling amid the crowd.

Within just a dozen breaths, all of Sucres guards were killed, and copious amounts of blood sprayed at him, making him scream with fear incessantly.

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