Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 284 – Turmoil

Tulan City. Even demigod rank powerhouses would be easily suppressed when acting presumptuously in the St. Tulan City.

Chippecos eyes lit up when he saw Catalão, and he took out a chessboard from under his desk and said with a smile: “Catalão, you came just at the right moment. Lets play a game of chess.”

“Alright!” Catalão walked up to Chippeco with a complex look in the abyss of his eyes. Suddenly, he broke out with Star Knights rank qi, drew his sword, and, like a bolt of lightning, stabbed Chippeco in the heart.

Chippecos eyes opened wide. Unable to believe his eyes, he uttered with difficulty: “Wh… why?!”

A complex look in his eyes, Catalão gave a long sigh, pulled out his sword, and said: “I am a man of His Highness 6th Prince! His Majesty is dead! Im sorry, Chippeco!”

Blood spurted out of Chippecos chest, his eyes turned dim, his body shook slightly, and he fell to the ground.

Drums echoed in the barracks.

The 3rd imperial guard corps began to assemble at once.

High-ranking officers of the corps quickly arrived at the command center

There was a faint smell of blood in the command center. At the same time, Catalãos guards were stationed around the command center. When the high-ranking officers entered the command center, they had a bad feeling.

The high-ranking officers focused their attention on Catalão, who sat in the seat of commander in the command center.

Catalão said solemnly: “Everyone is here. I have bad news. His Majesty was just attacked by assassins in the St. Tulan City, he is dead.”

“What, His Majesty died?”

“His Majesty is dead!”


The high-ranking officers exclaimed with shock in their.

The death of the emperor of the Morrince Empire was definitely a shocking event, it would impact the state of the entire Morrince Empire.

Catalão continued coldly: “Commander Chippeco is suspected of plotting to assassinate His Majesty. I killed him on the spot. His Highness 6th Prince sent a messenger, he wants our 3rd imperial guard corps to go catch the assassins and eradicate traitors in the court! Who would like to go with me?”

One of his men immediately cried out: “Since His Majesty is dead, then His Highness 6th Prince Garça is the only heir to the throne! I am willing to follow His Highness 6th Prince to eradicate any traitors in the court!”

“I am willing to pledge allegiance to His Highness 6th Princes and eradicate any traitors in the court for His Highness!”


In the command center, voices expressing allegiance were heard. Almost a third of the officers pledged allegiance to the 6th prince.

The rest of the officers looked at each other, and a sense of danger welled up inside them. They were warriors who didnt want to join the whirlpool that was the imperial power struggle. However, the sudden change forced them to choose a side.

His gaze cold, Catalão said frigidly: “Why are you silent? Could it be that you are

in cahoots with the rebels who assassinated His Majesty?”

Catalãos guards around the command center drew their blades and surrounded the officers who didnt express their stance. If they said anything out of line, they would be immediately hacked to death.

An officer pointed at Catalão and barked: “Catalão, you‘re rebelling!”

With a wave of his hand, a dozen guards rushed forward and killed the officer in an instant.

“Catalão, you‘re rebelling!” One officer after another stood out, pointed at Catalão, and berated him.

As soon as the officers stood out, they would be quickly killed by Catalãos guards.

The smell of blood pervaded the command center.

After 7 officers in a row were killed, the remaining officers of the 3rd imperial guard corps understood Catalãos determination. Catalão went all in. If they didnt give in, they would be killed.

After a moment of silence, an officer finally cried out: “I would like to follow Sir and eradicate the assassins who murdered His Majesty.”

One officer after another was finally compelled to yield.

Catalão got up and barked: “Now then, lets set out right away towards the imperial palace! Whoever dares to block us along the way is our enemy! “

The 20,000-strong 3rd imperial guard corps led by Catalão immediately set out for the imperial palace.

East gate, drums echoed in the camp of the 1st imperial guard corps.

High-ranking officers of the 1st imperial guard corps quickly arrived at the command center of the 1st imperial guard corps.

The command center was filled with a somber and heavy atmosphere, which left the officers somewhat overwhelmed.

In the center of the command center sat a burly old man. Although the old man was 56 or 57 years of age and had grizzled temples, yet he still exuded a valiant aura. The burly old man was Buchak, the commander of the 1st imperial guard corps.

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