Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 286 – Turmoil III

Chapter 285 – Turmoil II

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Buchak looked at the officers and said solemnly: “His Majesty was murdered. On the orders from Her Highness Empress Susana, I must lead our troops into the imperial palace to guard it. Are you willing to go with me?”

“I wish to serve you, Sir!” The officers were shocked, yet Buchaks trusted aids were quick to respond.

“I wish to serve you, Sir!” The rest of the officers hesitated for a while, then gritted their teeth and cried out.

In the 1st imperial guard corps, the prestige of Commander Buchak was much higher than that of the Vice-Commander Catalão in the 3rd imperial guard corps. Not many people dared to question and go against his orders.

Under Buchaks order, the 1st imperial guard corps, without carrying any baggage, swiftly moved towards the imperial palace.

Within the command center of the 2nd imperial guard corps, Commander Cicéron had a gloomy expression. There was a communications crystal in his hand. He paced to and fro inside the command center, looking restless. A bright and alluring face continuously drifted in his minds eye. Finally, he heaved a long sigh and made up his mind.

Drums echoed in the barracks of the 2nd imperial guard corps, and numerous warriors poured out to assemble. The high-ranking officers hurried towards the command center.

Suddenly, sounds of fighting broke out in the command center. Before long, officers came out of the command center.

The 2nd imperial guard corps also surged towards the imperial palace.

At this moment, a battle broke out within the barracks of the 4th imperial guard corps. For the sake of their respective masters, former comrades gathered their subordinates and went to fight. Blood and sounds of fighting pervaded the barracks.

The 4 city guard corps outside the city bided their time. Only some minor disturbances broke out in the barracks, which were immediately suppressed.

On the other hand, Yang Feng led the 300 fully armed guards, 2 squads of Wizards, and Eddies 500 Sky Knight rank troops to escort Garça and Ulyana to the imperial palace.

“Your Highness, where are you going?” Following a cold voice, Dassault took a 300 special patrolmen from the sword of justice to block the large force in front of him, and stared at Garça in the middle of the crowd.

Dassault erupted with frightening Sacred Swordsman rank qi and locked onto Garça with frightening killing intent. feeling like he was sitting on pins and needles, Garça had difficulty breathing, and his eyes flashed with fear.

“Your Highness Garça, His Majesty was assassinated in the magic college. As the vice-dean of the magic college, Grandmaster Ian is the most suspicious person. You should return to your mansion. Otherwise, you will be charged with treason and rebellion. By then, even if you are a prince, you will die here today!!” His eyes wide open, Dassault suddenly issued a frightening bellow that, via a mysterious and profound method, penetrated into Garças mind.

At this moment, the fear Garça felt gave birth to the idea in his mind that he should return home immediately and await trial.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Kill him! All those who stand in the way are to be killed!”

Barros uttered a magic sentence. A magic light enveloped him and the Wizards behind him and an extremely mysterious spirit resonance linked their spirit force together.

Spirit Resonance was one of the most powerful spells of Wizard squads on the Feisuo Plane. After casting Spirit Resonance, the spirit force of Wizards would link together to form extremely wondrous fluctuations of resonance, and, through the power of the Weave, they could conjure level-4 spells as if Legend Wizards.

Barros quickly uttered another magic sentence and instantly unleashed the level-4 spell Fire Dragon. Suddenly, countless fire elemental particles gathered into a frightening, 30-meter-long fire dragon and rushed frenziedly toward Dassault.

Dassaults face suddenly changed dramatically. He retreated briskly, erupted with frightening peak Sacred Swordsman rank qi, and mercilessly slashed at the terrifying fire dragon.

The dragon was practically split in two due to the terrifying Sacred Swordsman rank qi.

The next moment, the fierce fire dragon that was cut in two pounced at Dassault and swallowed him whole.

The Sacred Swordsman Dassault went up in flames, screamed and struggled in pain, and finally burned to ash.

When the Sacred Swordsman Cassius saw this, his pupils constricted slightly, and he sighed inside.

The area within 10 meters was the domain of Sacred Swordsmen. Inside that area, a Sacred Swordsman could instakill a Legend Wizard. Similarly, a Sacred Swordsman could be instakilled if they had no level-4 enchanted protective treasure to resist a level-4 spell released by a Legend Wizard.

Apart from gods, Wizards were the most powerful and noble existences of the Feisuo Plane. The status of an Archwizard was much higher than that of a Sacred Swordsman.

Similarly, unless they were peerless geniuses who cultivated the most profound, challenging, and powerful secret method. Otherwise, body-tempering Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane could only compete with Warlocks of other types of the same rank with the help of secret treasures.

The Archwizard of the other magic squad also cast the spell Spirit Resonance, then silently recited an incantation, pointed to the more than 300-strong sword of justice special force, and unleashed the level-4 spell Wintry Maidens Breath.

The phantom of a beautiful and enchanting wintry maiden, who appeared to be covered in silver, suddenly appeared. She opened her cherry lips lightly and exhaled slightly.

The white, freezing breath blown from the wintry maidens cherry lips swept toward the over 300 sword of justice special patrolmen.

Crack! Crack! Following brittle sounds, the 300 sword of justice special patrolmen, who had Knight rank cultivation bases and upwards, were turned into ice sculptures by the freezing breath.

Garça looked at Yang Feng with a look of fear in the abyss of his eyes.

Dassault was one of the 5 big shots of the sword of justice secret force of the Morrince Empire as well as a respected bigwig of the St. Tulan City. His status was so high that even some greater aristocrats could not compare to him. Such a bigwig was killed by Yang Feng without hesitation. Garça couldnt help but feel a little cold in his heart from this fierceness and decisiveness.

“Fortunately, hes on my side!” Garça heaved a slight sigh of relief. Suddenly, a thought surged in his mind and lingered alike a shadow or a nightmare: “What if he betrayed me? Who could stop him then?”

Yang Feng ordered coldly with an indifferent gaze in his eyes: “Continue ahead! Our target is the imperial palace! Anyone to stand in our way is to be killed!”

At Yang Fengs command, the team made a beeline for the imperial palace.

As they were crossing a block, more than 200 assassins suddenly emerged out from the street, aimed the military crossbows in their hands at Garça, and pulled the trigger.

The bolts, as if arrows shot from a bowstring, frantically shot towards Garça.

As long as Garça was dead, any plot would turn into a soap bubble.

A cold glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes. He raised a big shield forged from divine blood steel and, as if swatting mosquitoes, swatted the bolts flying towards Garça away.

Boom!! Suddenly, there was the sound of an explosion and a wall collapsed. Following which, frightening Sacred Swordsman rank qi erupted and an extremely fast sword ray stabbed toward Garças head in a flash.

It was an extremely lethal sword strike of a Sacred Swordsman. As Yang Feng had just swung the big shield to swat the numerous bolts away, he had no time to respond and could only watch the sword stab towards Garça. Unwittingly, despair flashed past the depths of his eyes.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius, Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea, Raging Sacred Swordsman Lucero, the 3 Sacred Swordsmen had brandished their swords to block the military crossbow bolts. As such, they had no time to protect Garça.

If Garça was killed, then no matter how strong Yang Feng was, it would be already amazing if he could escape the St. Tulan City in one piece. Everything that he built these days would be destroyed.

Just then, an ordinary-looking guard next to Garça stepped forward. He immediately erupted with the aura of a great scholar. In a split second, he broke out with frightening Sacred Swordsman rank qi and sent a sword ray of his own to parry the fearsome swords strike of the enemy.

Ding!! Following a clear sound, the guard next to Garça briskly took 7 or 8 steps back. The assassin who performed the fearsome sword strike only retreated by 2 steps.

The assassin wrapped in black cloth – with only his eyes exposed – appeared in front of everyone.

Yang Feng barked: “Barros, kill him!!”

Before his words fell, Yang Feng uttered a magic sentence and conjured the level-3 spell Psyche Hammer in a flash. Magic light fell onto the assassin covered in black cloth.

The assassin emitted magic light of his own and resisted the offensive of the level-3 spell Psyche Hammer. Clearly, he had a magic equipment.

With his strike thwarted, the assassins figure flashed and he shot into a room lightning-fast.

With 4 Sacred Swordsmen and 2 Wizard squads standing guard, even if the assassin was far stronger than an ordinary Sacred Swordsman, he still stood no chance.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Fire Dragon!”

Barros instantly uttered a series of magic sentences and pointed to the room. A 30-meter-long fire dragon burst out and shot towards the room.

Boom!! Flames instantly took over the room, burning fiercely.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed at the flames. Suddenly, a hurricane emerged and blew the flames to engulfed the houses where the assassins were.

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