Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 288 – Turmoil V

Chapter 287 – Turmoil IV

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The next moment, the 30-meter-long fire dragon plunged into Dells party.

Wherever the flame dragon passed, the imperial guards went up in flames, issuing blood curdling screams.

Majority of the imperial guards fled like rats fleeing a sinking ship. When Dell died, they lost all cohesion.

“Why?!” Garça, with fury in his eyes, shouted at Yang Feng: “They have already surrendered!”

Yang Fengs eyes widened and flickered with an extremely fierce glint, and he barked: “Your Highness!! We dont have much time!! The east gates 1st imperial guard corps is coming this way and countless other forces are eager to move. We must reach the imperial palace and take control of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will all die without a burial site!! Clearly, Dell was stalling for time just now!!”

After being barked at by Yang Feng, Garça felt both ashamed and angry. He thought it over, and realized that what Yang Feng said was true, and could only clench his teeth and order loudly: “Keep going!”

The group of people quickly crossed the flame-shrouded area and made a beeline for the imperial palace.

The earth shook faintly and the sound of horseshoes kept ringing. Rushing over from behind Yang Fengs party, 2,000 cavalrymen of the 1st imperial guard corps were gaining on them.

Garça frowned slightly and looked at Yang Feng. He saw Yang Feng look ahead indifferently, showing no intention of having his subordinates cover their rear.

At this moment, they were only a few streets apart from the imperial palace. To intercept the east gates 1st imperial corps here was of great significance.

Garza hesitated for a split second before ordering: “Thanos, stay behind and cover our rear. The 2,000 cavalrymen must not catch up to us.”

“Yes! Your Highness!” The Sacred Swordsman powerhouse guarding Garça responded respectfully, and quickly took 600 of Garças private troops to defend the block.

Garça took the rest, and continued to rush towards the imperial palace: “Lets go!”

Shortly after Yang Feng and his party left the street, 2,000 cavalrymen rushed over from the rear.

A cold look in his eyes, Thanos shouted sternly: “Fire!”

The archers lying in wait on both side of the street quickly released a densely packed salvo of bolts as the 2,000 cavalrymen, shooting down over 100 cavalrymen from their horses.

The 600 subordinates were Garças lifeline as well as the most formidable military force under his control known to the public. Among the 600 private troops, 300 were outstanding and powerful archers who cultivated qi.

As if they had a life of their own, the bolts took the lives of the 1st imperial guard corps cavalrymen and shot them to the ground.

The cavalry, which suffered great casualties, frantically charged ahead in an attempt to cross the deadly street. They were ordered to catch up with Garça and his forces at all cost and capture him alive, or delay him and wait for reinforcements to come.

Even at the cost of hundreds of lives, the cavalry had to cross the street and catch up to Garça. This was a struggle for imperial power. Losers would have their families ruined and their loved ones reduced to slaves, leading lives worse than death. Once you took part in this game, there was no room for retreat; no matter the sacrifices, you had to win.

Just as the 2,000 cavalrymen were about to cross the street, Thanos took out a 2-meter-long magic sword and waved it vigorously.

Blue sword rays surrounded Thanos.

The charging cavalry had just touched the blue sword rays, when they were sliced apart, with copious amounts of blood and numerous fragments flying about.

The continuous blooming of the brilliant sword rays made Thanos look like a terrifying meat grinder. When the 1st imperial guard corps cavalrymen clashed with the huge meat grinder, they were turned into numerous fragments.

No matter how they charged, they were unable to break through Thanos perimeter.

Matches 1,000 riders, that could be said about the Sacred Swordsman Thanos.

With the flickers of blue sword rays, numerous fragments and copious amounts of blood filled the street.

Thanos, as if a god of death, advanced towards the 1st imperial guard corps cavalry. Every step he took was as heavy as a mountain and was accompanied by copious amounts of blood.

When the 1st imperial guard corps cavalrymen saw the god-of-death-like Thanos, their morale plummeted and their eyes flickered with fear.

“Kill them all!” Following an angry roar, fully-armed 300 Knight rank powerhouses rushed out of both sides of the street and, brandishing their swords, slashed at the 1st imperial guard corps cavalrymen, who could not charge and whose morale plummeted.

Under the all out assault from the rested 300 warriors, the 1st imperial guard corps cavalry finally collapsed, fleeing backwards.

Watching the cavalry retreat, Thanos at last breathed out a long sigh. Covered in sweat, he felt his muscles slightly sore. He killed more than 700 cavalrymen and horses. Even though he was a Sacred Swordsman, he still consumed a lot of strength.

Less than 5 minutes after the 1st imperial corps cavalry was beaten back, numerous warriors dressed in imperial guard uniform surged from afar like a tide.

Surrounded by numerous experts of the 1st imperial guard corps, Buchak looked at Thanos, who stood amid a hell of blood and body parts, gave a sigh of mixed feelings, and said: “What a hero! Grandmaster Turini, give him a good time!”

The middle-aged Archwizard Turini nodded, then uttered a magic sentence and conjured Spirit Resonance, linking his spirit force and that of Wizards from his Wizard squad together. Next, he uttered a string of magic sentences, pointed at Thanos, and cast the level-4 spell Fire Dragon.

Countless fire elemental particles surged. Suddenly, a 30-meter-long fire dragon appeared and darted toward Thanos.

When he saw the Wizard squad, Thanos face changed greatly, then his figure flashed and he rushed into a house next to him in an attempt to escape.

If hit by the level-4 spell Fire Dragon, Sacred Swordsmen without any defensive magic items to protect themselves would face certain death. Even Thanos, who was so valiant just now, was no exception.

The frightening fire dragon turned, covered the house Thanos jumped into, and turned the area into a sea of flames.

A figure covered in flames rushed out of the sea of flames. After dozens of steps, the figure was finally devoured by the flames and turned into ashes.

Buchak looked at the Garças private stroops, who – despite losing their courage – didnt retreat but hid in corners of the street, and ordered coldly: “Clow, kill them!”

“Yes! Sir!” A burly officer, who was as robust as a bear, roared and took 1,000 1st imperial guard corps warriors to kill Garças private troops.

Buchak just glanced at Clow and took the rest of the 1st imperial guard corps straight toward the imperial palace.

Imperial palace! The Victory Palace was the core of the Morrince Empires power and the focus of competition.

Once Garça took control of the Victory Palace; by then, even if Buchak and the 1st imperial guard corps were stronger, everything would be for naught.

A subordinate of Garça hiding in a corner of the street suddenly came out, erupted with Earth Knight rank qi, and shot a bolt attached with red-colored qi at Buchak.

Buchak glanced at the bolt and then paid it no more mind. A Star Knight rank high-ranking officer next to him shouted, brandished his sword, and flicked the bolt away.

50 warriors armed with military crossbows fired a salvo at Garças private troops. As if shooting stars, bolts covered the private troops, making them look like hedgehogs.

Sounds of fighting echoed everywhere in the street, yet Buchak paid it no mind. The 1st imperial guard corps quickly marched toward the Victory Palace.

Barros face changed slightly, and he quickly reported to Yang Feng: “Sir, the 1st imperial guard corps has broken through Thanos defense line and is moving this way.”

Once he said that, everyones complexions changed slightly, and Garças face turned pale.

The 1st imperial guard corps was one of the strongest corps in the St. Tulan City. The corps had 2 Wizard squad as well as 20,000 warriors.

In the St. Tulan City, city guards were corrupt, replete with aristocratic children and children of the rich and wealthy. However, due to the frequent coups détat in the Morrince Empire, the imperial guards sided with the emperor. Apart from the upper echelon, the warriors of the imperial guards in the imperial palace and the 4 imperial guard corps in the city were all elite warriors from frontier forces who took turns to come back, their fighting strength amazing.

The 4 imperial guard corps were the trump card of the Morrince Empire, each capable of defeating such a powerful corps like the hunting fang corps easily.

Once the 1st imperial guard corps caught up to them, everyone present would be completely crushed. Even the 3 Sacred Swordsmen could hardly withstand such a strong existence.

The reason why Thanos was able tomatch 1,000 riders previously, block 2,000 cavalrymen, and slay over 700 cavalrymen was that due the narrow space, the 2,000 cavalrymen couldnt give full play to their advantages and could only charge at him from the front.

In a wide space, with 2,000 cavalrymen charging at him and besieging from multiple directions, Thanos would at most be able to slay over 400 cavalrymen before being killed by the rest due to depletion of qi. The strength and energy expended in dealing with enemies coming only from one direction and enemies coming from multiple directions were beyond compare.

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