Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 289 – Turmoil VI

Chapter 288 – Turmoil V

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Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows tightly. In his opinion, barging into the Victory Palace before anyone could react would have the best outcome.

Once he took control of the Victory Palace, Yang Feng wouldnt even fear the combined force of the 4 corps.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and mused: “It seems that I was too hasty! However, its not easy to come by such a good opportunity.”

When Morrince 2,867th came to the unveiling of the magic college, it caught Yang Feng by surprise. Before that, he had no intention of killing Morrince 2,867th.

It was because Morrince 2,867th attempted to wrest control of the magic college – the fruit of Yang Fengs blood, sweat, and tears – that he suffered the backlash from Yang Feng, who took advantage of the situation to get rid of Morrince 2,867th for good.

If Morrince 2,867th had stayed in the palace, Yang Feng could have done nothing about him. Morrince 2,867th gave Yang Feng the chance to kill him.

Although he got rid of Morrince 2,867th, but due to the impromptu aspect of the situation, many things were similarly out of his control.

Yang Feng thought for a moment, and his eyes flashed with determination: “It seems that I can only protect Garça from being killed; go to his territory and start anew!”

The 1st imperial guard corps leaned towards the Great Prince André, and now that the emperor was no longer there to give orders, it acted on its own. It was clear that the corps got the information that Morrince 2,867th died and that it had made a choice. The 1st imperial guard corps didnt choose Garça. If Yang Feng and his party didnt escape, only death would await them.

As a prince, Garça may be able to avoid death and get subjected to house arrest. For Yang Feng and others, on the other hand, only death would await them.

Yang Feng shot Garça a look of unwillingness: “Such a good opportunity has been squandered by this fool! Do not fear a godlike opponent; only fear a pig-like teammate. What a waste!”

If things went according to Yang Fengs plan, they would travel all the way until the Victory Palace, killing anyone in their way. As long as they killed their way into the Victory Palace, they would be victorious.

However, Garça was bent on killing all assassins who came to kill him, delaying them by a lot. Besides, they were still delayed by Dell, wasting a lot of time. Eventually, the 1st imperial guard corps caught up to them from the rear.

If Garça had listened to Yang Feng, they would have reached the Victory Palace by now and might have even forced their way inside.

Once a coup détat was started, it had to be carried out swiftly as not to give others time to react. If the Victory Palace could not be captured, then the forces Garça mobilized would be rendered powerless, and they could only flee the St. Tulan City

At this moment, sounds of horseshoes came from the south, and the 3rd imperial guard corps warriors appeared in everyones line of sight.

When he saw the 3rd imperial guard corps warriors, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with unwillingness and regret, and he sighed: “Its over. Now we can only withdraw!”

Garça, however, smiled and burst out into laughter. Amid laughter, he divulged with ecstasy: “The 3rd imperial guard corps! Ha-ha, they finally came! Ian, Vice-Commander Catalão of the 3rd imperial guard corps is my man. He now has full control of the 3rd imperial guard corps. Theyre our men!”

Yang Feng had a look of surprise in his eyes. Garça was able to win over to the 3rd imperial guard corps; this greatly exceeded his expectations.

The relationship between Garça and Catalão was so well concealed that only a handful of people knew about it. Even Ulyana didnt know about the relationship, much less Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said solemnly: “Your Highness, please have the 3rd imperial guard corps stay here to stop the 1st imperial guard corps from crossing this street!”

Garça nodded, then took out a communications crystal and, while suppressing his excitement, said: “Catalão, its me, Garça!”

From the communications crystal came the voice of Catalão, who went straight to the point: “What are your orders, Your Highness!”

Garças eyes glimmered with a cold light, and he gritted his teeth, saying: “Im going to the imperial palace! Take the 3rd imperial guard corps and guard the Street of Glory for me! No one is allowed to cross the Street of Glory!”

Within the imperial capital, Garça went to a great length to barely take control over the 3rd imperial guard corps. This was all he could do. Although many aristocrats of the imperial capital sided with him, but they could not provide him any assistance at a moments notice.

From the other side of the communications crystal came Catalãos decisive voice: “Yes! I will stay my ground here and wont let anyone through, Your Highness.”

Yang Feng said solemnly: “We can have Barros and Macaen and their Wizard squads stay here.

The Victory Palace was blessed by gods and possessed numerous powerful divine incantations. Inside the Victory Palace, the energy of heaven and earth was controlled by various magic incantations. Consequently, Wizards had to get the permission from the emperor in order to be able to cast large area of effect spells inside the Victory Palace.

Now that Morrince 2,867th was dead and there was no emperor in the Morrince Empire, Wizards could not unleash powerful spells in the Victory Palace.

Garça said firmly: “Catalão, Ill leave you 2 Wizard squads. You must hold this street for me!”

Catalão replied straightforwardly: “Yes! Your Highness!”

Soon, the enormous 3rd imperial guard corps headed for the Street of Glory.

Barros and Macaen and the other Wizards of the 2 Wizard squads quickly moved towards the 3rd imperial guard corps.

“Double march ahead!” Garças eyes flickered with a cold glint. He pointed his sword in the direction of the Victory Palace and barked.

By now, Yang Feng and his party were left with no room for retreat. After being forced into desperate straits, Garça broke out with a valiant aura, different from the usual cultured and refined aura.

The whole team began to trot forward, heading for the Victory Palace.

After crossing 2 streets, sounds of explosions and fighting came from the rear. Clearly, the 3rd imperial corps engaged the 1st imperial corps in a frantic confrontation.

Hearing the sound of fighting in the back, everyone felt a huge pressure weigh on their hearts.

If the 3rd imperial guard corps defensive line was broken through before they could seize the Victory Palace, their ends would be very miserable.

After speedily crossing 2 streets, the magnificent gate of the Victory Palace appeared in front of everyone.

Andro took 200 warriors to escort a dense crowd of people toward them and said respectfully: “Sir! I did as you told me!”

Yang Feng glanced at the dense crowd, then nodded and praised: “Well done!”

“Now its up to him.” Yang Fengs gaze swept the Victory Palace before finally landing on Garça.

A frightening pressure, which was the might of the gods, came from the Victory Palace. There were numerous, powerful divine incantations inside the Victory Palace. Even demigods would be suppressed if they made a misstep.

The whole Victory Palace was like a sleeping fierce beast lying dormant on the ground, ready to go on a rampage and tear anyone with the audacity to provoke it to pieces at any time.

Garça stepped out, walked into the crowd of people, and shouted towards the Victory Palace: “I am Garça of the Morrince Family. Today, my father, Morrince 2,867th, was murdered. I suspect that the master of the assassins is in the palace. Ancestral blessing!”

As if it came to life, a golden light shot out of the huge Victory Palace and covered Garça.

The golden light disappeared as soon as it touched Garça.

The Victory Palace turned still. As if it had become an ordinary city, the pressure surrounding Yang Feng and the other powerhouses disappeared.

Power struggles, infighting, and coups détat were very common for the Morrince Family. So long as people with the bloodline of the Morrince Family stood in front of the Victory Palace, the divine incantations that could even suppress demigods would not be unleashed.

A burly officer with short blond hair stepped forward, looked down, and barked sternly: “Your Highness Garça, I guard this gate at the order of Her Highness Empress! Please retreat!”

Atop the Gate of Glory of the Victory Palace appeared 4,000 fully armed royal guards.

Garças complexion turned very unsightly.

In the absence of siege equipment, it was very difficult to capture the Gate of Glory guarded by 4,000 fully armed royal guards.

The Gate of Glory was 50 meters tall. Among the people present, only Sacred Swordsman powerhouses could jump over the gate.

Even if the 3 Sacred Swordsmen jumped onto the city wall and faced the 4,000 fully armed royal guards together, they might not be their opponents.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius, Earth Sacred Swordsman Magea, and Raging Sacred Swordsman Lucero looked at the city wall with a look of graveness in their eyes, ready for a deadly battle.

“Commander Villa, look who this is!” Just then, Andro took a step forward, grabbed a young, beautiful woman with long, blond hair, and put her in front of everyone.

The young, beautiful woman with long, blonde hair cried loudly and implored bitterly: “Dear, save me, save me, I dont want to die!!!”

Atop the city wall, the eyes of the commander of the royal guards flashed red, and he roared furiously like a beast: “Ellen!! Bastards, you captured my wife!!!”

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