Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 29 – Scarlet Hands Blitz

Chapter 28 – Blasting Apart Level-2 Warlocks

Translator: Xaiomoge

Kennys eyes flashed with excitement and he said gravely: “The Divination succeeded! This means that hes at most just a level-1 Warlock who luckily obtained the defective products of the 6th Warlock Dynastys mechanical legion. Please help me suppress his Warlock tower! Ill go get rid of him!”

Jamt and Arbane both nodded in agreement: “Fine!”

Kenny asked the two level-2 Warlocks to suppress the Warlock tower of the Black City. He could seize this opportunity to kill the Steel Lord Yang Ye inside the Warlock tower.

Urging the magic carpet, the three level-2 Warlocks quickly flew towards the Warlock tower.

A large number of level-4 gunner robots frenziedly fired at the sky. For the most part, the frightening metal barrage hit empty space. Only some of the bullets hit the three level-2 Warlocks. The bullets that hit the Warping Force Field were distorted, and then shot into the distance.

Abandoning the Fernandro Principalitys army engaging in a bitter struggle, the three level-2 Warlocks appeared above the Black City in less than 10 minutes and flew towards the Warlock tower.

Kenny looked at the 3-story-tall Warlock tower with malice in his eyes and sneered: “Steel Lord Yang Ye, youre dead!”

The three level-2 Warlocks joined hands to kill a level-1 Warlock locked on by Divination. Even though the level-1 Warlock was hiding inside the Warlock tower, he still couldnt escape death.

Suddenly, the roofs of houses opened, and pitch-black cannons were revealed. Practically in the blink of the eye, the surroundings of the Warlock tower formed an anti-aircraft cannon field composed of 2,000 37.5 millimeter anti-aircraft cannons.

“Shit!! Warping Force Field! Air Shield!” When Kenny saw the anti-aircraft cannons suddenly emerge down below, an ominous premonition welled up inside him, and he instantly conjured a level-1 defensive spell. Simultaneously, he activated a defensive secret treasure and unleashed a level-3 defensive spell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! The ear-piercing rumbling of cannons reverberated throughout the Black City in the wink of an eye, and countless red lights shot out of the city shrouded in darkness and engulfed Kennys group.

Each cannon shell was equivalent to a level-1 spell. Even if most of the cannon shells missed, there were sill thousands upon thousands of shells with that slammed into the level-1 Warping Force Field and crushed it in a instant. Terrifying cannon shells continued to barrel towards Kennys group.

Kennys group of three cast one defensive spells after another in a split second. However, the defensive spells collapsed as soon as they appeared.

Arbane was torn to shreds by the fearsome cannon shells.

Before he was torn to shreds by the cannon shells, Jamt finally unleashed his bloodline morph ability, transformed into a flying komodo snake with wings, and, with half of his body blasted to pieces, flew into the sky and disappeared in a split second.

The level-3 spell Air Shield conjured by Kenny withstood the numerous shells for three seconds.

Within those three seconds, Kenny quickly flipped through the pages of the black book, and a pair of griffin wings flew out from a black page, and then landed on his back.

Once he put on the griffin wings, Kenny turned around and flew away without looking back. Under the bombardment of the numerous cannon shells, he couldnt get close to the Warlock tower.

“Array shot!” Kenny had just put on the wings, when Yang Feng issued a command.

300 level-6 gunner robots quickly adjusted their aims and formed an all-encompassing small array. In a split second, they spat out countless flame tongues that covered the sky.

The computing power, shooting speed, and accuracy of level-6 gunner robots surpassed those of level-4 gunner robots by far. The array barrage completely engulfed Kenny.

No matter how he dodged, the cannon shells didnt let up, shattering his defensive spells.

10 seconds later, Kenny was devoured by the terrifying barrage and turned into countless fragments that dropped from the sky.

When he saw Kenny being torn to shreds by the anti-aircraft cannons, Yang Feng mused: “Even though level-2 Warlocks are formidable, but to assault my base head on is a pipe dream. I reckon that only Great Warlock rank powerhouses coupled with a large number of level-3 Warlocks might be able to break through the Black City. However, once the level-1 fortified stronghold is built, then even if Great Warlock rank powerhouses do come, the wont be anything to fear. But against powerhouses above the Great Warlock rank, the level-1 fortified stronghold may not cut it. Furthermore, my true body is too weak. Its easy to get rid of me with poison or curse spells.”

With the formidable mechanical legion, Yang Fengs sole weakness was his true body. His physical constitution was merely that of an ordinary earthling. In the Turandot Subcontinent, such a constitution was the bottom of the barrel. Even a random peasant might be far better off than him. If hit by a random curse or plague spell, that would be it for him.

“Unfortunately one escaped! Level-2 Warlocks are truly freaks.” Yang Feng mused regretfully.

To be able to escape from under a concentrated bombardment of 2,000 anti-aircraft cannons operated by a super AI, this fully illustrates the strength of level-2 Warlocks. An ordinary human would have been blasted to tatters.

“We lost! The mechanical legion of the Steel Lord Yang Ye is much stronger than we had expected. People of the Eye of Demonic Snake, retreat immediately!” Suddenly, a very weak voice echoed in the minds of the level-1 Warlocks and Apprentice Warlocks of the Eye of Demonic Snake. Their faces fell at once. After a brief exchange, they immediately withdrew from the battlefield and fled into the distance.

When the Warlocks of the Eye of Demonic Snake withdrew, the battlefield, which was in a precarious situation to begin with, collapsed like an avalanche.

A large number of level-4 bladed robots killed their way into the army of the Fernando Principality from the direction of the Eye of Demonic Snakes defensive perimeter.

Without the support from Warlocks, the ordinary army was no match for the level-4 bladed robots, and could only be massacred.

The frenzied massacre lasted for a while, before the ordinary army of the Fernandro Principality began to crumble from the direction of the Eye of Demonic Snakes deffensive perimeter, and retreated backwards like a tide.

“The Eye of Demonic Snake, a bunch of bastards!!” A level-1 Warlock of the Fernandro Family gnashed his teeth and cursed when he saw the army collapse, and then sighed helplessly: “Were retreating as well!”

Taking advantage of the chaos, the Warlocks of the Fernandro Family and the Fang of White Bear quickly retreated.

The Blood Bat Knights in midair also left the battlefield.

After loosing its core forces, the ordinary army collapsed completely, and the routed soldiers fled helter-skelter. Under the siege of the level-4 bladed robots, a large number of the routed soldiers chose to surrender.

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