Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 290 – Susana

Chapter 289 – Turmoil VI

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Andro smiled coldly and clapped his hands: “I not only captured your wife, but also your parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews!”

A pair of old, grey-haired man and woman as well as a dozen young men and women were dragged out by warriors for Villa to see.

Commander Villa cried out in agony: “Father, mother, brother!”

“Commander Villa, your loyalty lies with the empire, with His Majesty Morrince 2,867th! His Majesty was murdered. However, instead of taking revenge for His Majesty, you came to prevent His Highness Garça from entering the palace. This is rebellion, a capital offense!! If you dont open the gate, I will order your family to executed on the spot! The Béraut Family will cease to exist henceforth! Ill give you some time to think things over. Use this time wisely.” His words had just fallen, when Andro clapped his hands, and a middle-aged woman and 3 children were dragged out of the crowd and left beside Villas family.

The complexion of a burly man standing next to Villa changed dramatically, and he shouted with dismay in his voice: “Weina, you fuckers, you captured Weina!”

“Vice-Commander Berth, if Commander Villa is unwilling to surrender, please uphold justice and kill him. Afterwards, you can succeed him as the commander. Otherwise, your wife and children, together with the 56 members of the Bessat Family, will all die here today. Think it over carefully.”

Andro sneered and clapped his hands. Dozens of men and women, young and old, as if garbage, were thrown in front of the high-ranking officers of the royal guards. Once their names were announced, the high-ranking officers revealed fearful and pained expressions.

Andro smiled at Villa standing atop the city wall and said cruelly: “Have you made up your mind, Commander Villa? I want an answer! Will you open the gate or not? If you keep your silence, then Ill send your family on their way to the Netherworld to wait for you.”

His face pale, Villa was vaguely aware of the fierce gazes full of killing intent focused on his back. If he chose not to open the gate, the former comrades-in-arms and subordinates stnding behind him would not mind to hack him to death, then open the gate and let the people outside enter the palace.

“I, Villa, am willing to serve you and jointly fight the rebels who murdered His Majesty, Your Highness Garça! Open the gate!!” Villa looked at the imploring eyes of his beloved wife. Feeling disheartened at the thought that the Morrince Family would employ such means in their power struggles, he said loudly.

The Gate of Glory finally swung open slowly.

Garça looked at the slowly opening Gate of Glory full of excitement. Next, he glanced at Andro, then revealed a smile of admiration and praised: “Ian, you have an outstanding subordinate.”

Yang Feng smiled and said in reply: “Thank you for the praise, Your Highness.”

Standing next to Garça, Goyena glanced at Yang Feng with a strange look in his eyes.

Eddie looked at Yang Feng with dread in his eyes, his heart overcome with fear.

Garça pointed at the Gate of Glory and shouted energetically: “Enter!”

When he arrived before Garça, Villa knelt on one knee, lowered his head, and said respectfully: “This sinner was deceived by the rebels! Please forgive this sinner, Your Highness!”

Garça showed a gentle and graceful smile and said: “Commander Villa, you were just fulfilling your duty, and were deceived by the rebels. I forgive you!”

Villa had 4,000 royal guards under his control, which was definitely not a small force in the Victory Palace.

Yang Feng frowned and whispered: “Your Highness, the time.”

It was not the time for Garça to put on a show to win people over. Every minute and every second were precious.

Garça raised his eyebrows, then took a few steps forward, pulled out his sword, pointed into the Victory Palace, and barked: “Everyone, follow me into the palace to root out the rebels who murdered my imperial father!”

After they left 300 royal guard to defend the Gate of Glory, the huge army frantically marched deep into the imperial palace.

Along the way, sounds of fighting rung continuously. When they saw that things were less than reassuring, some royal guards surrendered immediately. Others, on the other hand, fought to the death.

The scattered royal guards could not withstand a single blow from the close to 4,000 troops and their resistance was easily crushed to pieces.

Court masters were only loyal to the emperor. After the news of Morrince 2,867ths death spread, they hid in the White Tower, staying put. No matter who won the struggle over the throne, they would not mistreat the court masters so long as they had their head screwed on right.. However, once they got drawn into struggles over the throne, then even the aloof Wizards would be killed, or even even have their families exterminated.

The 10,000 Flowers Palace was the harem of the Victory Palace. It covered an extremely large area and was comprised of 3,000 palaces. The 2 empresses and 4 consorts lived in the 10,000 Flowers Palace and had command over the countless concubines in the 10,000 Flowers Palace.

In his time, Morrince I, the founder Morrince Empire, waged war on many fronts. At the same time, he collected all the beautiful women from numerous states and kept them in the 10,000 Flowers Palace for his enjoyment. Since the time of Morrince I, apart from the times when some emperors werent fond of women, the 10,000 Flowers Palace was bustling with countless beauties.

“Your Highness Garça, this is the 10,000 Flowers Palace! Except for His Majesty, no one else is permitted entry without His Majestys express consent! Please leave! Otherwise, you will be regarded as a rebel!!” In front of the 10,000 Flowers Palace gathered more than 5,000 royal guards. A sword in hand, a sturdy, somewhat ugly-looking middle-aged man with short, blue hair barked at Garça.

A fierce look in his eyes, Garça responded coldly: “Cinna, I suspect that there are rebels in the 10,000 Flowers Palace who were involved in the murder of my imperial father. Step aside. Otherwise, Ill assume that youre in cahoots with the rebels.”

Cinna snapped back: “Your Highness Garça, the Ciln Family is loyal to the Morrince Family, or His Majesty would not appoint me as the guard commander of the 10,000 Flowers Palace. Without His Majestys explicit orders, anyone who wants to enter the 10,000 Flowers Palace must step over my dead body first!”

A fierce glint flashed past Garças eyes, and he pointed at Cinna with his sword and shouted: “Then go to hell! Kill them!!”

“Kill all the rebels!” With a roar, Goyena erupted with Star Knight rank qi and took people to charge at Cinna and his party!

Eddie and Villa also commanded their subordinated royal guards to fight their former comrades-in-arms.

Blood dyed the earth in front of the 10,000 Flowers Palace red as warriors died any given moment.

Seeing the 2 sides entangle, Yang Feng waved and pointed to the crowd.

The Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius and Raging Sacred Swordsman Lucero, the figures of the 2 Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses flashed, and they rushed into the crowd. With flickers of sword rays, copious amounts of blood and flesh sprayed about.

Just like gods of death, the 2 Sacred Swordsmen urged their qi and, as if unobstructed, arrived in front of Cinna in just a dozen breaths.

Surrounded by lighting, Cassius unleashed the Lightning Sword Art and stabbed with his sword surrounded by lightning at Cinna

Cinnas face suddenly changed dramatically. He urged his Star knight rank qi and positioned his sword horizontally to block in front of him.

Ding! Following a crisp sound, Cinnas sword broke off, and, with the flicker of a brilliant sword ray, he was sliced in half at the middle. Copious amounts of blood sprayed out.

Yang Feng snapped: “Commander Cinna is already dead! If you dont surrender, you will be regarded as rebels and your families will be destroyed?”

When the royal guards saw Cinna get killed, their low morale collapsed completely, and they dropped their weapons and knelt on the ground.

Garça glanced at the sword in the hand of the Lightning Sacred Swordsman, then smiled and praised: “Nice sword!”

The sword in the hand of the Sacred Swordsman Cassius was entirely forged from divine blood steel. It was extremely sharp, slicing Cinnas sword apart with a strike.

If it wasnt for the sword, then even though he was a Sacred Swordsman, Cassius still would find it impossible to instakill Cinna, who had the cultivation base of a Star knight rank, amid the chaotic battle.

High-spirited, Garça led his men into the 10,000 Flowers Palace.

Yang Feng followed beside Garça and entered the 10,000 Flowers Palace.

“How luxurious!” As soon as Yang Feng entered the 10,000 Flowers Palace, his eyes lit up slightly and glistened with a peculiar light, and he thought secretly.

In the center of the 10,000 Flowers Palace grew a golden tree. The golden tree was dozens of meters tall and had luxuriant foliage. Every leaf emitted golden light. Attracted from all over, aura of life gathered on the golden leaves, which looked extremely beautiful.

Golden trees were a treasure of the elves. Every golden tree was extremely difficult to be born. It took 10,000 years for a golden tree to bear a golden seed and produce another golden tree.

The leaves of golden trees possessed mystical powers, making them one of the most precious ingredients in many potions. Moreover, the leaves of golden trees had the power to dispel curses, heal wounds, and other mystical properties. They were extremely rare.

All the leaves of the precious golden tree inside the 10,000 Flowers Palace could be sold for over 10 million gold coins.

In the 10,000 Flowers Palace, in addition to the golden tree, there still grew dragon blood orchids – a very precious plant from the country of dragons; 10,000 beasts fruits – a precious plant from the beastman empire; ancient energy absorbing trees – just like the one in the Warlock College Antalya of the Turandot Subcontinent; and other extremely precious extraordinary plants full of mystical powers.

The magic energy in the 10,000 Flowers Palace was very rich, not the least bit inferior to that of cultivation holy lands like the Warlock College Antalya. Cultivating Warlock secret methods here was bound to yield twice the result with half the effort.

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