Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 291 – Duke Ian

Chapter 290 – Susana

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The entire 10,000 Flowers Palace exuded a very pleasant fragrance. Precious flowers bloomed everywhere, looking gorgeous.

“Garça, what are you doing here?” Surrounded by dozens of beautiful palace maids, a peerlessly beautiful woman with long, golden hair, a well developed and sensual figure walked their way. The peerless beauty had an erotic and innocent, youthful and mature, and other completely opposite kinds of charm about her, as if in a state of constant change.

When he saw the peerlessly beautiful woman, Yang Feng secretly praised her. This stunningly beautiful woman was definitely one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Garça looked at the stunning beauty exuding a peculiar charm coming his way with a look of greed in his eyes and replied with a smile: “Empress Susana, I suspect that there are people in the 10,000 Flowers Palace involved in the murder of my imperial father. Also, because I was concerned about your safety, I led my troops here to protect you, Your Highness Empress.”

This peerless beauty, who only looked to be 25 or 26 years old and had a peculiar charm and temperament about her, was Susana, one of the 2 empresses of the Morrince Empire.

Susana was supposedly in her fifties, yet she was in an absolutely tip-top shape. Using the power of potions of the court, she was still full of vitality and kept her image of a beautiful woman full of vigor.

Because he lived a life of debauchery and never practiced cultivation, even with the support of potions of the court, Morrince 2,867ths vigor still elapsed extremely quickly. After all, potions werent omnipotent.

Garça barked immediately: “Protect Her Highness Empress! Nothing untoward may happen to Her Highness Empress!”

“Yes! Your Highness!” Goyena responded promptly. He took 100 warriors to surround Susana, and then began to herd the maids around her.

Susana looked coldly as the 100 warriors herd her maids aside, then surround her and place her under house arrest.

After he captured Susana, Garça gave a sigh of relief and proceeded to lead his troops further into the 10,000 Flowers Palace.

Numerous soldiers quickly dispersed and rushed into the palaces of the 10,000 Flowers Palace to capture beautiful like flowers concubines and maids

Seeing those beautiful concubines and maids, some warriors couldnt help but pounce onto them.

Sounds of women crying and wailing echoed throughout the entire 10,000 Flowers Palace.

Seeing this, Susana secretly released a slight sigh. After she became aware that the 10,000 Flowers Palace was broken trough, she immediately came out to meet Garça. Otherwise, due to her beauty, she might have been humiliated by those warriors.

As if he hadnt heard anything, Garça proceeded to lead his troops deep into 10,000 Flowers Palace.

“Garça!” Following a cry of surprise, a tall, beautiful woman with long, blue hair, big breasts, wide hips, and slender waist walked their way. With each step she took, her body swayed like a leaf in the wind.

When he saw the beautiful woman, Garças eyes flashed with joy, then he released a sigh of relief and hurried his steps to welcome her: “Mother!”

The ripe as a peach woman with long, blue hair was the Southern Consort Kateryna, Garças mother. With the power of potions, she looked only a few years older than Garça, as if his older sister.

3 top beauties followed behind Kataryna. The tall, beautiful woman with long, wavy, golden hair, twin peaks that were practically bursting out of her clothes, and a lovely aura was Sofia, the mother of the 3rd Prince Porta; the beautiful woman with a perfect and harmonious figure, exquisite looks, and a valiant air about her was Olena, the mother of the 9th Prince Sanair; the pitiable, petite, beautiful, innocent-looking, big-breasted woman, who looked to be 13 or 14 years old, was Alva, the mother of the 13th Prince Sucre.

The 3 beauties following behind Kataryna watched Garça with a complex look in their eyes. They were well aware that the struggle for the throne was already half won by Garça since he led his troops over here.

Kataryna spoke to Garça for a while, then looked at Yang Feng and showed a beautiful and gentle smile: “You are Ian? Very good, you served Garça well! The Orthux Family wont mistreat you!”

Susana, Sofia, Olena, and Alva focused their gazes on Yang Feng.

Compared to the other princes, Garças forces in the St. Tulan City werent much more powerful. Yet, the person standing here was Garça and not another prince. This was entirely due to Yang Fengs help.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and replied in a neither servile nor overbearing tone: “As a servant of His Highness, it was my duty!”

The Street of Glory – sounds of fighting and explosions rang non-stop.

Sword in hand and covered in blood, Catalão rushed into a crowd of people, incessantly killing the incoming imperial guards. He was sweating all over and panting heavily.

A high-ranking officer of the 3rd imperial guard corps came up to Catalão and whined: “Sir, we cant keep this up!! Lets withdraw!! Leave some seeds for the 3rd imperial guard corps behind!”

Although the 3rd imperial guard corps was inferior to the 1st imperial guard corps in terms of strength by a lot, but due to the support from the 2 Wizard squads left behind by Yang Feng, it barely managed to suppress the 1st imperial guard corps.

Then, under the leadership of Cicéron, the 2nd imperial guard corps launched an attack against the 3rd imperial guard corps from the flank.

The 1st imperial guard corps also unleashed an all out offensive. Under the all-out attack of 2 imperial guard corps, the 3rd imperial guard corps finally began to crumble, forcing Catalão to step up and to kill the enemy in an attempt to stabilize the front.

Catalão barked in reply: “No, continue to stay your ground!! Even if what awaits us is death, we cannot falter! We have no way out! If His Highness fails, we will all become rebels! Will the 3rd imperial guard corps have a future by then? Go direct the troops at once. Ill fill in for you if you die!”

“Yes!! Sir!!” The high-ranking officer greeted his teeth and bellowed, then his figure flashed, and he darted toward the front line.

After the high-ranking officer, who had Sky Knight rank qi cultivation base, rushed into the front line and killed 5 or 6 enemies, a sword slashed at him as if a shooting star and sliced him in twine.

Their eyes shot with blood from all the killing, numerous 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps warriors surged like a tide.

“Shit! Retreat!” When he saw the tide-like surge of warriors, Barros complexion changed faintly, and he said solemnly.

Magic light enveloped Barros and his Wizard squad and they disappeared.

“Retreat!” Seeing that things were going bad, Macaen also had his people cast spells at once, disappearing quickly.

Wizards were formidable and respected beings. Even if the coup détat failed, these Wizards could flee the St. Tulan City, then go into exile to another place and become guests of that places forces. No Wizard was willing to fight to the death for Garça.

The Wizards of the 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps didnt intervene in the escape of their counterparts. If they gave their all, they may be able to force the other party stay behind. However, the counter-attack of the other party would put their lives at risk.

“Withdraw!!” Catalão looked around and saw that there were merely more than 100 warriors left around him. Following a long sigh, he gave the order to retreat.

Escorting Catalão, the more than 100 warriors immediately fled into the distance.

The 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps warriors rushed past the Street of Glory at once and marched for the Victory Palace.

Surrounded by numerous imperial guards, Buchaks face registered no joy. He gazed into the distance with worry in his eyes.

Cicéron and Buchak traveled together, surveying the tall city wall of the Victory Palace with complex looks in their eyes.

Buchak said lightly: “Cicéron, I didnt expect you to be a man of Her Highness Empress.”

Cicéron returned back the sentiment: “Buchak, I didnt expect you to be a man of Her Highness Empress, either!”

With a complex look in his eyes, Buchak sighed slowly: “Its just that I think that His Highness Great Prince André is best suited to be the master of the empire.”

Great Prince André was both wise and valiant and possessed great military talent. Thus, many big shots of the military supported him.

Suddenly, Cicéron gave a long sigh, and his eyes flashed gloomily: “I also wish for His Highness Great Prince André to be the master of the empire. Unfortunately, were late!”

The 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps finally arrived before the Victory Palace, before the Gate of Glory. However, the gate was locked and there were no signs of fighting. Meanwhile, more than 50 giant catapults and more than 100 magic heavy crossbows, which were even capable of seriously injuring dragons, were placed in position.

Neatly arranged 4,000 royal guards stood atop the Grate of Glory, eyeing the 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps warriors.

The 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps warriors were lightly loaded, bringing no siege equipment, at all. Besides, spells of Wizards were ineffective against the Victory Palace. Except for a handful of Star Knight and Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses, they had no means to open the Gate of Glory.

Just then, escorted by numerous people, Garça stepped onto the Gate of Glory and looked down at the numerous 1st and 2nd imperial guard corps warriors. A look of elation in his eyes, he said imposingly: “Buchak, Cicéron, why have you brought troops to the Victory Palace without an imperial summon? Do you want to rebel?”

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