Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 292 – André Rebels

Chapter 291 – Duke Ian

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Buchak looked up at Garça standing atop the city wall and said unhurriedly: “Your Highness Garça, we came to guard the imperial palace at the orders of Her Highness Empress. We have no intention to rebel! Please let us in and see Her Highness Empress.”

Garça snapped: “Shut up, you rebels. You dare to besiege friendly forces of the empire? Obviously, you are in cahoots with the rebels who murdered His Majesty Emperor. Why havent you yet dropped your weapons, knelt on the ground, and surrendered?”

A cold light flashed past Cicérons eyes, and he stealthily gave a signal.

A marksman of the 2nd imperial guard corps, who had a Firmament Knight rank cultivation base, drew a bow and an arrow, then stimulated their qi and fired the arrow at Garça.

Shrouded in red qi light, the e arrow shot toward Garça alike a shooting star, locking onto his heart.

A sword covered in lightning met the arrow and shattered it directly.

“Fucking rebels, go to hell!!” Garças face changed dramatically and his eyes flashed with a cold killing intent. He took out a divine seal about 10 centimeters in diameter engraved with numerous mysterious and profound runes.

The divine seal was a treasure given by the gods to the Morrince Family to control the Victory Palace. It could only be used by people with the Morrince Family bloodline and could not be taken out of the Victory Palace.

Once that divine seal appeared, resplendent light spread from it and enveloped the Victory Palace.

The whole Victory Palace bloomed with brilliant light and, as if an exceptionally fierce beast that awakened slowly, released terrifying pressure, covering the area 10 kilometers around the Victory Palace. Under that pressure, people felt a little breathless.

“This is beyond Starry Sky Warlock rank pressure. The power contained in the Victory Palace is indeed at the Moonlight Warlock rank, touching the domain of gods.” Yang Fengs face changed slightly and his eyes flashed with graveness. Under this terrifying pressure, the vigor of heaven and earth in the region had been locked completely and fallen under the control of the Victory Palace.

With the vigor of heaven and earth locked, Yang Feng could only employ his 3 bloodline innate spells, unable to release other spells

What was known as magic was casters, via spell models and with spirit force acting as a bridge, connecting elemental particles within the vigor of heaven and earth and, with the support of the power of heaven and earth, forming various extraordinary powers.

To casters, if the vigor of heaven and earth was locked or its concentration was thin, it was absolutely a nightmare. When the vigor of heaven and earth was locked, many powerful spells could not be cast; when the concentration of the vigor of heaven and earth was thin, the power of spells would be greatly reduced.

The so-called magic ban domain was an area where the vigor of heaven and earth was expelled or locked by formidable forces so that casters could not rely on the power of the vigor of heaven and earth, unable to conjure spells. Within a magic ban domain, a Legend Wizards might be weaker than an advanced Warrior.

Amid that terrifying pressure, countless light dots poured out of the Victory palace and formed a 10-meter-long, formidable existence with the same appearance as Morrince I, shining with golden light.

When Buchak saw the existence with the same appearance as statues of Morrince I, his heart was overcome with shock, and he knelt on the ground and implored at once: “Your Highness, please calm your anger, we surrender! We surrender!”

Garças eyes flashed with a fierce light, and he revealed a cruel smile: “Its too late now. Ive given you a chance. Since you dont want to submit to me, then go to hell!”

From above the Victory Palace, Morrince I, who looked as lofty as a god, looked down at the 2 imperial guard corps and brandished a sword of light in his hand.

In an instant, an almost endless rain of sword rays shot out of the sword in Morrince Is hand and barreled toward the 2 imperial guard corps as if raindrops.

Amid wretched screams, imperial guard corps warriors were pierced through by the rain of light and turned into dried corpses, their lives and souls absorbed by the sword rays.

With a furious roar, Cicéron burst out with Star Knight rank qi, brandished his sword, and slashed the sword rays into fragments.

The Star Knight rank powerhouses of the 2 imperial guard corps urged their qi to withstand the barrage of the sword rays.

The imperial guard corps warriors below the Star Knight rank were turned into ashes by the sword rays, their lives and souls devoured by the rain of light.

In less than 30 seconds, more than 30,000 imperial guard corps warriors were turned into ashes and smoke by the sword rays released by Morrince I.

After killing the small fries, Morrince Is cold gaze landed on Cicéron.

Cicéron suddenly felt a chill in his heart. A terrifying force exploded inside him and blew him up into countless fragments in a flash.

Yang Fengs heart shook slightly as he watched the god-like Morrince I, and secretly thought: “What a scary existence!”

When the royal guards atop the Gate of Glory saw this, they were both frightened and relieved. The fear came from Garça annihilating the 40,000 elite warriors. The relief came from them standing on the side of the victor, escaping the calamity of a purge.

Every time Morrince I looked closely at a Star Knight rank powerhouse of the 2 imperial guard corps, the Star Knight rank powerhouse would blow up into countless fragments.

In less than 5 minutes, there was not a single person of the 2 imperial guard corps alive. The Wizards of the 2 imperial guard corps, who were frailer than ordinary warriors, were instakilled by the rain of sword rays.

“Ha-ha-ha, this is the end of the rebels!” Garça laughed wildly and urged the divine seal in his hands. The phantom of Morrince I midair collapsed, turned into specks of light, and disappeared into the Victory Palace.

Garça, seemingly carelessly glanced at Yang Feng, only to see the latter slightly bowing toward him in salute, full of respect.

The royal guards stared at Garça with respect and fear. They were aware that the man in front of them was about to ascend the throne and become the emperor of the Morrince Empire; no one could stop him.

Yang Feng looked at the tens of thousands of dried corpses in front of the Gate of Glory and slowly sighed inside: “Only in a world of gods can a dynasty have a heritage of more than 10,000 years. With such a terrifying power, how can ordinary people overthrow this dynasty?”

From top to bottom, the Morrince Empire exuded a hint of decay, corruption, and decadence, yet it still had a heritage of more than 10,000 years. If it wasnt supported by the gods, such an empire would have been overthrown a long time ago.

The destruction of the 2 imperial guard corps quickly reached the ears of the major forces in the St. Tulan City, making them realize that Garça came out on top.

The 4th imperial guard corps immediately declared its allegiance to Garça and purged the men of Great Prince André in the corps.

The 4 city guard corps outside the city also swore allegiance to Garça.

The security hall swore allegiance to Garça as well and began arresting the rebels who murdered Morrince 2,867th.

The so-called rebels who murdered Morrince 2,867th were naturally supporters of Great Prince André, many of whom were court ministers.

3 days later, Garça was eager to hold a grand ascension ceremony to announce his accession to the throne. Since Great Prince Andrés people were all arrested and imprisoned and the 3 other princes were placed under house arrest, there was no one to oppose the ascension ceremony. Garça smoothly ascended to the throne and became Morrince 2,868th.

The imperial palace, inside the reception hall.

Dressed in an imperial robe, Garça sat on the throne with dignity and overlooked the court ministers. A sense of accomplishment overcame his heart.

In the court, there were many ministers with high statuses, and even a prince like Garça was somewhat lacking in comparison. Now, however, with a single order from him, the ministers would be stripped of all their power and dragged into prison to spend there the rest of their lives in misery.

As far as he could see, the ministers in the court had their heads lowered slightly, not daring to meet his gaze.

Garças gaze eventually fell on Yang Feng, who stood respectfully aside, and said faintly: “Ian!”

Yang Feng stepped out and said respectfully: “Your humble servant is listening!”

Garça looked at Yang Feng for a long time, then smiled and said: “I promised you that, if you supported my ascension to the throne, I would enfeoff you as a duke and give you the Funes Province as your fief. From today on, you are a hereditary peer duke of the empire, and the Funes Province and Red Earth Wasteland are your fiefs!”

Gazes of envy and jealousy focused on him.

A hereditary peer duke was already the zenith that ordinary aristocrats could reach in the Morrince Empire.

In the Morrince Empire, even life peer dukes were high-ranking existences. Hereditary peer dukes with a huge feudal territory were absolutely the crème de la crème when it came to greater aristocrats.

100 years ago, the legendary hero Salamander, who practiced magic and martial dual cultivation, toiled all his life to become a greater aristocrat. In comparison to Yang Feng, however, his greater aristocratic title felt cheapened by far.

That was a province as a feudal territory. On the Feisuo Plane, such a huge territory was already comparable to that of many small principalities. The only disadvantage of the Funes Province was its small population.

Yang Feng stepped forward and slightly bowed to Garça in salute: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

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