Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 293 – Immemorial Dragon Bones

Chapter 292 – André Rebels

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Garça said with a smile: “I officially appoint you as the dean of the magic college of the St. Tulan City! Dean Ian, carefully nurture more magic talents for the empire!”

After they heard his words, jealousy flickered in the eyes of the surrounding ministers.

The position of dean of the magic college, that was a cradle for nurturing magic talents for the empire, was of extreme importance. Grasping the magic college was equivalent to grasping a large number of Wizards. This was definitely one of the most important positions of the empire. It was because Morrince 2,867th shamelessly brought people to seize this important position that, as a result, he died to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng replied: “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

In addition to Yang Feng, Garça continued to grant titles to other people.

Goyena was appointed as a life peer marquis and the commander of the royal guards, gaining command of over 20,000 royal guards. Catalão was appointed as a life peer duke and the commander of the 1st imperial guard corps. Bousso was appointed as the governor of the Jadreh Province, which was closest to the imperial capital as well as very flourishing. Barros and Macaen were both appointed as court grand masters.

Everyone who partook in the coup détat and had contributions to show for was appointed as a minister of the Morrince Empire.

The Gahelid Province in the south of the Morrince Empire, which shared a border with the southern Desert Empire, was the first line of defense against the southern Desert Empire.

Being far stronger than other forces, the Morrince Empire and Titan Empire were recognized as the 2 most formidable human empires on the Feisuo Plane.

However, in addition to the Morrince Empire and Titan Empire, there were still numerous states of different dimensions on the Feisuo Plane, and the Desert Empire was one of them.

Although the Desert Empire was far weaker than the Morrince Empire, but after struggling to survive in the harsh desert environment, practically everyone in the empire was a born fighter. They would often attack the Morrince Empire and burn, kill, and pillage, capturing people and plundering all kinds of goods.

The Morrince Empire formed the southern army to deal with the invasions from the Desert Empire. The southern army, which was 200,000-strong, was stationed in the Gahelid Province. When the various auxiliary troops were added into the mix, the number of people exceeded 1 million.

The Kuyan Stronghold, within the southern armys headquarters.

André held a document and carefully looked at it for a while, then showed an unintelligible smile, saying: “I am to return to the St. Tulan City to report. My brother Garça seems to have made some progress. At least he hadnt ascended the throne. Otherwise, he would have dispatched people to arrest me.”

The complexion of a thin, plain-looking middle-aged man changed slightly, and he said solemnly “Your Highness, you mustnt go back. Once you return to the St. Tulan City, Garça will definitely execute you.”

The thin, plain-looking middle-aged man was Anzolev, Andrés chief adviser.

André asked faintly: “Anzolev, how are the talks with the desert barbarians?”

Anzolev replied: “The desert barbarians agreed to sign a peace treaty with us, promising not to invade the Gahelid Province for a year.”

André tapped on a desk with his index finger gently and asked faintly: “Do you think they will abide by the agreement?”

Anzolev shook his head slightly and answered: “The desert barbarians are vicious by nature and have no scruples; they wont comply with the agreement. There are smart people among them who wish we would attack the St. Tulan City, so that they could take this opportunity to raid the Gahelid Province. Im 80% certain that once our forces depart, the barbarians will tear up the agreement and attack us.”

André said with a smile: “Yes, the desert barbarians are vicious by nature and cant be trusted. However, I havent placed my hopes on them being trustworthy. Have you contacted the tribes?

Anzolev replied solemnly: “I have, Your Highness!”

A cold light flashed past Andrés eyes, and he stated solemnly: “Since the preparations are done, then lets get started!”

On the 6th day after Garça ascended to the throne, André, the commander-in-chief of the southern army, issued a statement, accusing Garça of murdering Morrince 2,867th, of being a rebel of the empire, and sent 100,000 troops toward the St. Tulan City.

The Gahelid Province, which had been run by André for many years, completely sided with him.

Garça quickly mobilized 4 corps from the nearby Garro Province and Merton Province to fend off André.

The 4 corps of the 2 provinces fought a decisive battle against the southern army commanded by André at the Baicha River.

In the decisive battle, a corps of the Merton Province changed sides, made a pincer attack with the southern army commanded by André, and defeated the 3 other corps in one go. Countless people surrendered.

After Andrés army absorbed the troops that surrendered, it swelled up to 160,000 troops.

After he took care of the forces of the Garro Province and Merton Province, André seized the opportunity and sent envoys to the 2 provinces.

Easily swayed, the majority of the officials of the 2 provinces chose to surrender to André.

The Morrince Empire exuded a hint of decay from top to bottom. Plus, this was a civil war. Thus, the officials were naturally reluctant to fight for Garça with their lives on the line.

Once the Garro Province and Merton Province surrendered, the gate leading to the St. Tulan City became wide open.

Andrés 160,000-strong army only had to cross 3 provinces – Tandoo Province, Notice province, Povei Province – to reach the St. Tulan City.

Following the defeat of the 4 corps of the Garro Province and Merton Province and the subsequent surrender of both provinces, the other provinces were on the fence, biding their time.

Only Garças old base, the Povignat Province, fully supported him and sent 2 corps to the St. Tulan City.

The frontier armies, which were the strongest armies in the Morrince Empire, on the pretext of having foreign enemies appear, didnt transfer their most elite troops to the St. Tulan City. Instead, they sent some old military riffraff and some reserve troops to the St. Tulan City.

Garças position was in jeopardy and somewhat unstable. Under such circumstances, he dared not to kill Porta and the other 2 princes.

If Garça killed Porta and the other 2 princes, the remnant forces of the 3 princes would turn to Great Prince André, and Garça would find himself under fire from 4 sides.

The Victory Palace, inside the imperial study.

His face a bit haggard, Garça anxiously paced back and forth in the imperial study.

Next to Garça stood a plain-looking middle-aged man with a head full of blue hair. The middle-aged man was Sly Fox Bracy, Garças chief adviser

Bracy carefully examined a document. After a long time, he put the document down.

Garça immediately asked full of anxiety: “What should I do, Bracy?”

Bracy consoled: “Your Majesty, you need not worry. At present, more than 95% of the Morrince Empires provinces are in our hands. Our power is at least 20 times that of André and the rebels. The White Tower swore allegiance to you. The St. Tulan City gathered 300,000 troops. André isnt our opponent.”

A cold shimmer flashed in Garças eyes, and he gritted his teeth, saying: “Bracy, no need to comfort me. Andrés southern army is an elite frontier army with decades of experience fighting the Desert Empire. Even though he only sent 100,000 troops, its still a frightening force. Besides, he is publicly acknowledged to be in the top 10 of the empire in terms of talent in military affairs. Only those old things can fight him. However, none of those old things is willing to come out to help me, so despicable!!”

André was indeed a brilliant general of the Morrince Empire. However, in the military of the Morrince Empire powerhouses and experts were as common as clouds. Although there were several brilliant generals on par with André, but most of them were commanders of frontier armies and had no intention of intervening in struggles over the throne. The support they provided to Garça was not much.

Garça had never been able to rope those brilliant generals in. Previously, he spent most of his energy on the infiltration of the 3rd imperial guard corps, enabling it to be under his control at a critical juncture.

As for the frontier forces of the Morrince Empire, they were always impartial and never participated in struggles over the throne. Only when it fell under Andrés control, was the southern army drawn into the struggle over the throne, becoming his helper.

Bracy suddenly said: “Your Majesty, we also have someone who can contend with André!”

Garça hesitated for a moment before slowly asking: “You mean Ian?”

Bracy replied slowly: “Yes, Duke Ian is a miracle-maker. With the meager military strength of the Miracle City, he defeated the hunting fangs corps and silver sword corps. His talent in military affairs is beyond doubt. If its him, theres a great possibility that he can defeat André.”

Garça frowned and fell into silence.

The imperial study fell into a strange silence.

Bracy said solemnly: “Your Majesty, I know that if Duke Ian, who already is the dean of the magic college, were also to hold a military post, there may be some hidden dangers. However, it is imperative to defeat André. If we cant defeat André, the consequences will be unthinkable.”

Garça hesitated for a moment before asking: “Wont Goyena cut it?”

In his view, Goyena was the most suitable choice to lead the army.

Bracy frowned slightly and answered slowly: “Although Goyena has performed very well in the military college, but he has no real combat experience in large-scale warfare. If he was dealing with an ordinary enemy, he might perform very well. But hes not Andrés match. This conflict is of great importance to you, Your Majesty. Once you lose, our favorable situation will be reversed in an instant.”

Garça paced back and forth in the imperial study for a long time, weighing it over and over, and finally sighed: “Okay, lets have Ian go.”

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