Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 295 – V.I.P.

Chapter 294 – Florences Request

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Yang Feng looked at the immemorial dragon bones in his hand with a smile in his eyes: “Fortunately, the grade of these Moonlight Warlock rank black dragon bones is too high, which was why they didnt use it, giving me a big bargain!”

In the dragon area, there were all kinds of dragon bones everywhere. Dragon bones were the most difficult material to process of dragons, which was why they were left behind. Dragon blood, dragon tendons, dragon crystals, and other materials have been used up for the most part.

In fact, there was a fairly sizeable number of rare materials in the royal treasury. After all, the number of Alchemists in the Morrince Empire was extremely small, and there were only 2 or 3 Archwizard rank Alchemists in the royal family.

Yang Feng looked carefully at the dragon area for a while. He saw many good things. Unfortunately, those things were of no help when it came to improving his cultivation base. He could only choose to give up on them.

Yang Feng went directly to the precious ore area. When he saw the precious ores, his heart jumped up and his fists balled up, full of excitement.

“This is a star spiral iron ore, it can be used to make antimatter artillery.”

“This is an inert atlam stone, it can be used to make warp gates to carry out space jump!”

“This is a star serpeggiante stone, it can be used to make auto-repair armor.”


The different precious ores gave him palpitations. He wished that he could take all the precious ores away.

After he got 3796, he had access to a large number of super technology designs. However, in order to make the different super technology products, he first had to settle the issue of materials.

In the precious ore area, there were precious ores collected by the Morrince Empire for more than 100,000 years. If he could pocket all the precious ores in the ore area, Yang Feng would be able to create frightening battle robots capable of killing demigod rank powerhouses.

“This is a black bonita stone, it is the primary material for producing a closed space.”

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly lit up. He walked up to a 6-meter-tall, black stone, carefully examined it for a long time, showed a smile, and reached out. The black bonita stone flew into his hand.

The moment the black bonita stone fell into his hand, a ray of light shone, he disappeared, and then appeared outside the gate.

“You can leave now!” Riehen reached out with his hand, and a spatial portal appeared out of nowhere.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and walked into the spatial portal. Following which, he appeared in the imperial study.

Garça showed a smile, saying: “How was it? Are you pleased with the treasures, Ian?

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Im very pleased! I hope I can go there a few more times.”

Garça secretly looked toward a hidden corner, where he saw a blue light appear on a piece of jade, and the smile on his face became brighter.

Garça showed a smile and said: “Good! Ian, Im officially appointing you as a general. Lead my army on a punitive expedition against the rebel André.”

Yang Feng replied calmly: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

after he left the palace, Yang Feng rode in a luxurious carriage to his villa, a look of ineffable joy in his eyes.

Once he used the secret method described in Black Dragon Morph to refine the Moonlight Warlock rank immemorial black dragon bones, his bones would surpass the bones of Great Warlocks in terms of sturdiness, reaching the degree of sturdiness of bones of Starry Sky Warlocks or even Moonlight Warlocks. Dragon bones could greatly enhance his physical strength. By then, his body would be comparable to the sturdiest weapon and his hands would be able to resist Legend rank magic weapons.

Suddenly, the carriage came to a slow halt.

From outside the carriage came a magnetic voice: “Duke Ian, it is I, Florence. I have something I want to discuss with you.”

Yang Feng lifted the curtain of the carriage and saw Florence standing still not far away, her beauty out of this world.

Yang Fengs heart stirred as he looked at Florence. He revealed a smile, saying: “Of course, please come aboard.”

Florence smiled sweetly, and, with a touch of fragrance wafting from her, got into the carriage and sat opposite Yang Feng.

Looking at the bright and charming Florence, Yang Feng felt as if the carriage was much brighter, and he secretly praised: “A divine chosen of the Goddess of Dance indeed.”

Under Yang Fengs unrestrained gaze, the pretty face of the cheerful and relaxed Florence registered a flush. After waiting for a moment, she found out that Yang Feng had no intentions of asking her questions. She hesitated for a moment before saying: “Duke Ian…”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Ian will do. After all, we are friends, right?”

Florence gritted her silver-white teeth, saying: “Ian, I hope that you can help me save 2 people!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly, then asked slowly: “Who are they?”

Florence looked at Yang Feng with pitiable eyes, and implored softly: “Emily and Erica, 2 daughters of the Amalur Family. They are my friends. Because of their father, they were banished into the Rose Pavilion. Please save them.”

As a divine chosen of the Goddess of Dance, Florence had a very high status. Even the emperor of the Morrince Empire wouldnt dare to be rude to her. But even so, she had no power, and could only watch her friends be pushed into the pit of fire.

The Rose Pavilion was a place that specialized in receiving female family members of convicted officials and grooming them into prostitutes. It was one of the largest prostitution pavilions of the St. Tulan City. As long as you had money, you could enjoy the services of former gentlewomen of the empire. Numerous merchants flocked to the Rose Pavilion. It should be noted that many gentlewomen looked down on merchants, yet now they had no choice but to endure being humiliated by them. Many merchants were quite addicted to this feeling.

The Amalur Family was a medium-sized family. As they chose to support a court minister affiliated with the great prince, they were swept away during the purge. The men were shackled and thrown into jail and women were sent to the Rose Pavilion.

Staring at Florence, Yang Feng touched his chin and asked meaningfully: “If I save them, how will you thank me?”

Florence replied with a sweet smile: “How about I dance for you for a few times?”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Alright!”

The luxurious carriage carried Yang Feng and Florence to the Rose Pavilion.

Although it was daytime, but there were already a variety of luxurious carriages parked in front of the Rose Pavilion.

Yang Feng and Florence alighted the carriage and strode into the Rose Pavilion.

As soon as they entered the Rose Pavilion, dozens of men were deeply attracted by Florence beside Yang Feng, unable to tear away their gazes.

A 31- or 32-year-old, tall and curvaceous, beautiful woman dressed in a revealing evening dress, with a head full of blonde hair and a touch of fragrance wafting from her, smiled brightly and greeted the both of them: “Hello, I am Yina, the manager of this place. May I ask what brought you here?”

“What a beautiful woman, so pretty. Ha-ha. Little beauty, how much do you cost per night? Ill take you!!” A tall, slightly obese young man with a frivolous expression and puffy eyes walked over and carelessly grabbed toward Florence.

Florence slightly wrinkled her slender eyebrows, then took several steps backwards and retreated behind Yang Feng.

Yang Feng stepped forward and slapped the young man in the face, knocking several teeth out.

“Youve got guts, to hit people in the Rose Pavilion!! Help!! Someone is hitting people in the Rose Pavilion!!” The young man clutched his face and, while looking at Yang Feng with fear in his eyes, shouted somewhat unintelligibly.

Tyrannical auras rose from the Rose Pavilion. The majority of the auras belonged to Knight rank powerhouses, yet there was one belonging to a Star Knight powerhouse.

There were countless beautiful women in the Rose Pavilion, many of whom were wives and daughters of convicted officials. In order to prevent people from stealing them, many experts were stationed in the Rose Pavilion.

Before long, a somewhat obese middle-aged man with squinting eyes was escorted over by 1 Star Knight and 20 Great Knights and upwards.

When the middle-aged man appeared, he squinted his eyes even more and stared at Florence. He asked gloomily: “Who dares to use force in the Rose Pavilion?”

Yang Feng sneered and said lightly: “It was I! Caillaux.”

“So its you. Youve got guts, to…” Caillaux sneered. He was about to give an order, when suddenly his eyelids jumped up, his mouth opened wide, and his face twisted as if through magic. He showed a fawning smile: “So it is you, great Duke Ian. You are naturally entitled to use force in the Rose Pavilion.”

The young man covering his face was stunned, unable to believe his eyes. Caillaux was the director of the Rose Pavilion. In the eyes of the young man, he was a bigwig who could talk with greater aristocrats on equal grounds. Many unruly characters were put in order by Caillaux as soon as they entered the Rose Pavilion. Now, however, he fawned on Yang Feng, making the young unable to believe his eyes.

Caillaux glanced at the young man, then sneered and waved his hand: “Is this bastard bothering you? Men, beat him up for me! Give him a good thrashing. To provoke the great Duke Ian, what a reckless person.”

2 guards took out 1 big stick each and mercilessly flogged the young man, making him issue pitiful screams.

“Sir Duke, please follow me!” Caillaux secretly glanced at Florence, and then said to Yang Feng with a flattering expression.

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