Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 296 – Marshal Ian

Chapter 295 – V.I.P.

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Led by Caillaux, Yang Feng and his party went deep into the Rose Pavilion.

Along the way, many beautiful women stared at Yang Feng in curiosity. Caillaux was the local tyrant in the Rose Pavilion, a bigwig who controlled the lives of these beautiful women. It was their first time seeing Caillaux be so respectful to another person.

Inside a well-decorated, luxurious room.

Yang Feng leaned back on a demonic flame tiger fur sofa. Feeling the warmth exuded by the demonic flame tiger fur, he gazed at Caillaux with a smile that wasnt a smile.

Caillaux finally couldnt bear Yang Fengs watchful gaze. With a flattering smile on his face, he asked: “Duke Ian, may I know why you came to the Rose Pavilion today?”

Florence looked at Caillauxs fawning expression with a peculiar shimmer in her beautiful eyes. At first, she wanted to talk to Caillaux, but she couldnt even meet him face-to-face. Seeing the other now fawn on Yang Feng gave rise to a complex feeling inside her.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Emily and Erica, the 2 daughters of the Amalur Family, you havent touched them yet, right?”

With a flattering smile plastered on his face, Caillaux replied neither softly nor firmly: “Yes, yes! They havent been touched yet! However, they are twin dancers famous in the St. Tulan City, so I planed to offer them to His Majesty.”

Florences heart suddenly sank slightly.

Yang Feng frowned slightly, and then asked in a cold voice: “Are you threatening me?”

Caillaux shook his head at once and said: “Im not! I wouldnt dare threaten you! Ill call them right away!”

Before long, 2 identical-looking girls were brought over. They looked to be 15 or 16 years old and had fair and tender skin, a tall figure, fiery curves, long, golden hair, slender and sensual legs, and extremely beautiful facial features.

When the beautiful twins saw Florence, their eyes shimmered with joy, yet they said nothing, standing still behind Caillaux.

Yang Feng looked at the identical twin dancers with a look of admiration in his eyes. Even if they were separated, they would still be first-class beauties. However, when the 2 identical beauties stood together, their charm increased by a bit.

Yang Feng stated overbearingly: “I want the both of them! Caillaux, go handle the formalities.”

Caillaux was a little stunned. Showing an embarrassed and wry smile, he said: “Sir Duke Ian, they are family members of a convicted official. Unless His Majesty pardons them, I dont have the authority to give them to you. However, if you want to play with them, I can let them accompany you.”

The beautiful women in the Rose Pavilion were all family members of a convicted officials. Although Caillaux could let them accompany anyone, yet he didnt have the authority to let them leave the Rose Pavilion.

The eyes of Emily and Erica registered a dull look.

Caillaux added at once: “Of course, I can arrange a room for them to stay alone in the Rose Pavilion, Sir Duke. I can ensure that no man will touch them.”

Many bigwigs who visited the Rose Pavilion didnt like sharing women with others. As such, there were many rooms reserved for bigwigs in the Rose Pavilion to use as their love nests.

As the master of the Rose Pavilion, Caillaux could play with many women in the Rose Pavilion. However, some of the women were affiliated with bigwigs of the empire. He didnt dare to offend them easily.

When they heard that, a glint of hope swept past the beautiful eyes of Emily and Erica. They preferred to be Yang Fengs mistresses rather than become prostitutes.

Florence sighed a little, and her eyes flashed with a dull light when she heard that. This might be the best outcome.

Yang Feng smiled faintly. With a flick of his wrist, a black demonic eagle appeared in his hand. White magic light flickered in his hand and a piece of paper appeared at a talon of the black demonic eagle.

Yang Feng opened his hand, and the black demonic eagle flapped its wings and flew out of the room.

Looking at the black demonic eagle fly away, Caillaux had a vague guess. He then looked at Yang Feng with even more respect.

The black demonic eagle flew to the Victory Palace and landed at the gate.

A royal guard took the slip of paper from the black demonic eagle and scanned it. His face changed slightly, and he quickly went into the Victory Palace.

In the imperial study.

“Ian, this fellow, has taken a fancy to 2 girls of the Amalur Family, and even asks me for them.” Garça put down the note from Yang Feng, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

This was the first time that someone had taken the initiative to ask his for a woman since he ascended the throne.

Garça smiled lightly, then took out another piece of paper and wrote a few words and put his personal seal on it: “The 2 girls of the Amalur Family dance quite well, and they are even twins. Its really a bargain for him.”

Inside the Rose Pavilion.

The black demonic eagle flew in through a window and landed in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took the slip of paper from the black demonic eagle, scanned it, and revealed a smile. He flicked his finger and sent the piece of paper fly to in front of Caillaux.

“Give Duke Ian any woman he wants!” When Caillaux saw the slip of paper, his eyes showed extreme astonishment, and he looked at Yang Feng with more respect.

The Rose Pavilion was not only a place for bigwigs to enjoy themselves, but also a place to cater to the needs of the emperor. In many cases, the Rose Pavilion was the favorite place for emperors of the Morrince Empire. In the Rose Pavilion, there were still many girls who had been trained to serve the emperor in the palace.

For Garça to issue such an order, it illustrated how much he favored Yang Feng. Yang Feng could take away any girl he fancied from the Rose Palace.

Caillaux said imposingly: “Emily, Erica, why havent you greeted your new master yet!”

“Greetings, Master!” The 2 beautiful girls brimming with a youthful aura prostrated themselves on the floor in front of Yang Feng as if humble slaves and said respectfully.

When she saw this, Florences heart ached slightly, and she heaved a long sigh of relief.

Emily and Erica were beautiful girls who were once extremely reputable in social circles of the St. Tulan City. God knows how many aristocratic young men wanted to get close to them. They even refused the pursuit of many greater aristocratic heirs, extremely prideful. Yet now, this pair of beautiful twins prostrated themselves on the ground in front of Yang Feng as if some lowly slaves. The cruelty of political struggles showed itself in front of Florence once more.

Yang Feng said faintly: “Get up!”

“Master, I have a presumptuous request to ask of you. Please help me. I implore you, please help me.” Emily suddenly looked up at Yang Feng and pleaded with her beautiful eyes.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he fell into silence, staring coldly at Emily.

Ericas beautiful eyes showed a trace of panic.

Emily pleaded with tears in her eyes: “Please, master, save my mother and aunt. As long as you save our mother and aunt, Erica and I will serve you wholeheartedly. Well be willing to do anything you want us to.”

Erica hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and kowtowed toward Yang Feng: “Master, I implore you, please save our relatives. Even if you want them to be your slaves, its also alright.”

It was better to be Yang Fengs slaves than prostitutes in the Rose Pavilion. After all, when the women in the Rose Pavilion were young and beautiful, they wouldnt have it too tough. But once their looks waned, they would be reduced to the lowest rung of the Rose Pavilion. They would be even worse off than ordinary prostitutes. The most egregious part was that it was impossible for them to marry and leave this trade.

The bigwigs who came to the Rose Pavilion to play only regard the women there as toys. No one would waste their energy to rescue the women in the Rose Pavilion.

Yang Feng stated lightly: “Caillaux, I want their relatives.”

Caillaux replied respectfully: “Yes! Sir.”

What did Emilys relatives count for? If Yang Feng wanted, Caillaux would even package all the women in the Rose Pavilion and give them to him. This was an order from His Majesty. Naturally, a nobody like Caillaux didnt dare defy it.

There were more than 30 women in the Amalur Family, with every single one being beautiful. Those who werent good-looking were dead already.

In a luxury carriage.

Yang Feng sat in a soft chair with Emily and Erica in his arms and his feet placed on a 35- or 36-year-old, voluptuous woman exuding a mature aura, her facial features rather resembling those of the siblings.

The woman was called Federica and she was the mother of the siblings. She docilely massaged Yang Fengs legs.

The siblings carefully peeled fruits and put them into Yang Fengs mouth to please him.

“Greed and lust, these weaknesses should make him a little more reassured.” Although he embraced Emily, but his eyes didnt rest on her beautiful, delicate body. Instead, he sank into his thoughts, continuously reckoning Garças reaction.

On the day Yang Feng assisted Garça in the coup détat, his performance was too dazzling. He vaguely felt that Garça was afraid of him. As such, he began to selectively fabricate some weaknesses and expose them to Garça. A greater aristocrats who had no weaknesses yet had formidable strength was an existence that Garça feared the most. With greed and lust as Ians weak points, Garça could have confidence in him as a general. That was why Yang Feng agreed to help Florence.

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