Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 3 – Solar Umbrellas

Chapter 2 – Mask of Shapeshifter

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A fine golden tentacle abruptly extended out of 3796 and pierced into the head of the man with eastern features.

3796 spoke 10 seconds later:

Yang Feng responded decisively: “Yes!”

In this unknown world, information and intelligence were exceedingly important. It was extremely dangerous to be oblivious of the world.

3796s eyes flashed with red light. Shortly after, a large amount of information was directly transferred into Yang Fengs mind. He could freely access the information.

The corpse, formerly known as Zhao Jiang, was the successor of a baron of the Turandot Subcontinents Fernandro Principality. His fief, the Autumn Leaf Town, lied a short distance away. Zhao Jiangs childhood wish was to become a legendary Warlock capable of slaying dragons and for his name to spread through the entire Turandot Subcontinent. Only when he grew up did he realize that it was highly improbable for a lesser aristocrat like him to meet such a powerful and mysterious existence like a Warlock, let alone become a powerful and honorable Warlock himself.

After growing up, Zhao Jiangs wish was to cultivate the Thunder Ox Art, which was a martial art passed down in his family, to promote to a Knight and earn 1,000 gold coins that he would hand over to the Fernandro Principality in order to preserve the Zhao Familys aristocratic title.

However, it wasnt easy to promote to a Knight. Zhao Jiang bitterly cultivated the Thunder Ox Art since little, yet in the end, he only managed to promote to an intermediate Warrior. Gog knows how long it would have taken him to become a Knight.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered and he said: “This identity is pretty good! In their own fief, western medieval aristocrats were usually tyrants that could do whatever they pleased. 3796, I recall you having a variety of shapeshifting equipment in your database. Which one is the most cost-effective in the current circumstances?”

He took a look at 3796s energy reserves, only to find out that 3796s current energy reserves were only at 34 kun. Once its energy was depleted, 3796 would have to absorb sunlight to replenish its energy. It would take a lot of time for it to recover all of its power.

Yang Feng mused for a moment before saying: “Our height are about the same. In that case, lets go with the mask of shapeshifter!”

3796 extended its right hand, and a suction force sprang up from the middle of its palm. Countless small pebbles as well as all kinds of fine minerals were sucked into the middle of its palm from the ground and condensed into a lump, which then distorted and formed a silk-like mask.

Yang Feng put the mask on. The mask twisted and changed into Zhao Jiangs likeness in a breath.

“Burn him!” After taking Zhao Jiangs clothes and putting them on, Yang Feng looked at Zhao Jiangs body and said faintly.

3796s right hand transformed into a flame thrower, which sprayed a long flame tongue that covered Zhao Jiangs body, and turbulent flames devoured his body.

“Zhao Jiang, let me borrow this identity for the time being! In exchange, Ill help you with your revenge if its not too troublesome.” Yang Feng looked at Zhao Jiangs burning body and said indifferently.

“Lets go!” After Zhao Jiangs body was turned into ashes, he turned around and, along with 3976, went to the Autumn Leaf Town.

Autumn Leaf Town was a small town full of western medieval style. The towns mud roads were full of potholes, and excrement of chickens, ducks, cattle, horses and other livestock could be seen everywhere. The towns buildings were worn-out and were in a worse state than the buildings of Chinas many villages.

Everyone in the small town wore tattered clothes and had wizened, yellow faces. They were were mostly black-haired and black-eyed easterners. There number of blond and blue-eyed westerners was fairly small.

Turandot Subcontinent was mainly dominated by westerners, while black-haired and black-eyed easterners constituted a marginalized and humiliated minority. When Zhao Jiangs ancestor crossed the ocean and came to the Turandot Subcontinent, by relying on his status as a Great Knight and toiling laboriously for the Fernandro Principalitys monarch, he was granted the title of baron. His ancestor led a large number of black-haired, black-eyed, and yellow-skinned easterners to reclaim some land. And three generations of hard work later, the Autumn Leaf Town was finally established. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Autumn Leaf Town were mainly easterners, which gave Yang Feng a feeling of time-space disorder.

“Thank heavens, Master, youre back at last!” When Yang Feng arrived at the Autumn Leaf Castle, a 50- to 60-year-old man with white hair and white beard welcomed him. The old man was wearing butler attire.

Yang Feng took off his coat and handed it to the old man, asking: “Mr. Liu, how much money does the castle have at present?”

The butler Liu was an old man who served two generations of barons in the Autumn Leaf Castle, he had a clear understanding regarding the Autumn Leaf Castles finances.

The butler Liu contemplated for a moment before replying: “Master, at present, the castle still has 456 gold coins.”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, 1 gold coin could be exchanged for 20 silver coins or 2,000 copper coins. 456 gold coins was already a huge sum.

Yang Feng spoke: “Keep 100 gold coins for emergency! Use the rest to immediately purchase iron ore! It will be of great use to me, so bring it back as soon as possible!”

Startled, the butler Liu said very carefully: “Master, the Autumn Leaf Town doesnt yield iron ore. We have to go to the Black Rock Town to purchase iron ore. However, the Black Rock Towns Baron Kirov is our mortal enemy. When he sees us purchase large amounts of iron ore, hell definitely raise the price substantially! Its very unfavorable for us! It would be better for us to go to the Giant Stone City to look for other ore merchants and purchase the ore from them!”

“Baron Kirov?” Yang Feng carefully flipped through Zhao Jiangs memories before quickly finding the name.

Baron Kirov was a dog of the Giant Stone Citys Viscount Harley. With Viscount Harleys help and by resorting to various methods, he encroached on the Zhao Familys territory. He was the fiercest enemy of the Zhao Family. Zhao Jiangs death was very strange. According to Yang Fengs speculations, Baron Kirov was definitely a suspect.

“Interesting!” The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly and a touch of excitement flashed past his eyes. He said: “Baron Kirov seems to run an usury business. Send someone to contact him, tell him that I have taken a fancy to the Giant Stone Citys Ms. Sissi [1] and want to redeem her. Therefore, with the Autumn Leaf Town as collateral, I want to borrow 5,000 gold coins.”

The butler Liu was shocked and promptly advised against: “Master, Baron Kirov is a vicious person that oppresses others without batting an eye! The monthly interest is at 4% and theres still the compound interest. We cant afford to pay the interest of the 5,000 gold coins. When the time comes, the Autumn Leaf Town will be snatched away by Baron Kirov!”

Yang Fengs expression turned solemn and he uttered: “I have my own considerations! Do as I say!”

Looking as if he had aged by a dozen years, the butler Liu gave a long sigh, then bowed and left the room: “Yes! Master!”


[1] – 小姐- Ms. is also a slang for prostitute

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