Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 30 – Shi Xue

Chapter 29 – Scarlet Hands Blitz

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The Southern States Coalition was an alliance formed by 10 principalities as well as nearly 100 lesser states, many of which only had a single city.

The Warlock College Antalya was located in the heart of the Southern States Coalition. It was in control of all the member states of the Southern States Coalition.

The headquarters of the Warlock College Antalya, the St. Kaulin City, was the only city within the Southern States Coalition whose population surpassed 5 million people.

The St. Kaulin City, within an inn.

Allens eyebrows creased tightly as he mused: “Damn it all! The Warlock College Antalya has yet to grant me an audience! Are they set on getting rid of the mighty Steel Lord?”

It had been ten plus days since Allen arrived at the St. Kaulin City. During this time, as if he had been forgotten, no one from the Warlock College Antalya has contacted him, making him restless.

Once the Warlock College Antalya was set on disposing of the Steel Lord Yang Ye, then Allens situation would become extremely perilous. No matter how resourceful he was, but Allen was to short of a time in the St. Kaulin City, after all. He had to little information, and so there was nothing he could do.

“Mr. Allen, Sir Köln of the Warlock College Antalya requests to see you.” After knocking on the door, the very courteous voice of a waitress came from the other side of the door.

Allens eyes lit up, and he immediately got up and opened the door.

Next to the waitress stood a 35- or 36-year-old official level-1 Warlock dressed in a white Warlock robe with a silver thread on the cuffs.

The Warlock smiled lightly, saying: “Are you Allen? I am Köln of the Warlock College Antalya.”

“Sir Köln! I am Allen!” Allen put his right hand on his chest and bowed slightly towards Köln.

In Turandot Subcontinent, whenever an Apprentice Warlock met an official Warlock, they had to salute the latter. This was a necessary etiquette. Otherwise, some narrow-minded Warlocks might attack and kill fellows ignorant of the etiquette.

Köln uttered with a smile: “Please come with me! Sir Blitz wants to see you!”

Allens eyes flashed with astonishment, and he cried out: “Sir Blitz! Is it Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz?”

The Scarlet Hands Blitz was a very powerful level-3 Warlock in the Turandot Subcontinent. He once destroyed a lesser state and killed two level-3 Warlocks by himself. Below the Great Warlock rank, he was the number one powerhouse of the Warlock College Antalya as well as the powerhouse most promising to advance to the Great Warlock rank.

The big wigs whom Allen had met previously were merely level-1 Warlocks. Now, however, he was going to meet a level-3 Warlock. Naturally, he was shocked and excited. A level-3 Warlock was not someone that a nobody like him could meet.

Köln spoke with a smile: “Yes, it is Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz!”

Allen calmed down and said politely: “Then, Sir Köln, please lead the way!”

With Köln taking the lead, the two arrived at a wide conference hall in the St. Kaulin City.

When Allen stepped into the conference hall, he saw level-2 Warlocks sit on both sides of the hall emitting terrifying auras. In the seat of honorsat a silver-haired middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties or fifties dressed in a scarlet Warlock robe with three silver threads on the cuffs.

When Allen looked the silver-haired middle-aged man in the eyes, he shuddered immediately and felt a sharp pain in his eyes as if he was looking at two dazzling suns, and his soul shook, on the brink of collapse.

“Terrifying! Is this the strength of a level-3 Warlock? Thats too terrifying!!” Allen had a splitting headache, his mind brimming with horror and dread. He was clear that Scarlet Hands Blitz didnt have to do anything, he could kill him with just a glance. This was the strength of a peak Warlock of the Turandot Subcontinent.

A level-2 Warlock sitting on one side of the conference hall waved his hand, and a rainbow-colored radiance enveloped Allen.

Feeling much better, Allen heaved a long sigh of relief.

Blitz looked at Allen and asked apathetically: “Allen, why did Yang Ye sent you here?”

“Excuse me, are you Sir Scarlet Hands Blitz?”

“I am!”

Allen said in a neither servile nor overbearing tone: “The mighty Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye sent me here because he wishes to supplant the Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality, establish a new principality based on the territory of the two states, succeed the rights and duties of both principalities, and serve the great Warlock College Antalya. If you consent, the mighty Sir Steel Lord Yang Ye can quell all resistance in the Fernandro Principality within a months time.”

“Quell all resistance in the Fernando Principality within a months time, how braggadocious!”

“No, maybe he can really do it! Kenny and Arbane are dead! And Jamt is seriously injured. Reportedly, half of his body was shredded.”

“However, to want to swallow the Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality, Yang Yes appetite is really great! He cant even get the Fernandro Principality, yet he still wants the Senarus Principality, what a greedy fellow.”


After listening to Allen, the level-2 Warlocks in the conference hall began to discuss in hushed voices.

Magic fluctuations pervaded the hall, and Allen wasnt able to hear what the level-2 Warlocks discussed.

Blitz spoke coldly: “Impossible! The Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality cant be handed over to you.”

Allen smiled faintly and said: “If the Sirs of the Warlock College Antalya are unwilling to hand over both principalities, Sir Yang Ye told me to say that we can only choose to side with the Savage Claw. Surely, the Sirs of the Savage Claw will support our takeover of both principalities.”

“The Savage Claw! Fuck, if he truly sides with the Savage Claw, than that will be troublesome!”

“This fellow wants to side with the Savage Claw, what an asshole!”


The level-2 Warlocks in the conference hall stared at Allen with eyes full of wrath.

The Savage Claw was a mortal enemy of the Warlock College Antalya. Neither party knew how long they had been fighting, nor how many of their Warlocks died at the hands of the other party. The hatred between them ran deep and couldnt be dispelled. Now, after hearing that the Steel Lord Yang Ye wanted to side with the Savage Claw, they were immediately filled with ire and killing intent.

Blitzs voice turned chilly and carried ghastly killing intent: “Are you threatening me?”

Allen responded faintly: “No! Im just narrating a possible scenario.”

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