Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 302 – Fiend Baron Heart

on, Garça looked at Yang Feng standing in front of him with a look of satisfaction in his eyes.

Yang Feng handing over the power of general to Goyena without hesitation left Garça satisfied.

Yang Feng smiled and spoke with some urgency: “Thanks to your blessing, Your Majesty, your servant was able to defeat André smoothly. Your Majesty, I should be able to enter the royal treasury and select 2 more treasures, right?”

Garça frowned slightly at first, then relaxed his eyebrows, showed a smile, and clapped his hands, saying: “Of course!”

There were ripples in space, and the pinnacle Legend rank powerhouse Riehen appeared from the void. He spoke deferentially: “Your Majesty.”

Garça said: “Riehen, take him to the treasury to pick 2 treasures.”

“Yes! Your Majesty! ” Riehen responded. He scanned Yang Feng with a glance, then reached out with his hand, and a spatial portal appeared in front of him. He spoke apathetically: “Come with me!”

Yang Feng stepped into the spatial portal and, just like last time, entered the royal treasury of the Morrince Empire.

As soon as he entered the royal treasury, Yang Feng went directly to the fiend area and stared at the sealed fiend baron heart, musing. A fiend baron was a frightening existence of the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Fiend baron hearts were an extremely rare good. Once Yang Feng got his hands on the fiend baron heart, he could create a Fiend Bloodline Warlock family.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with peculiar light, and he grabbed the fiend baron heart: “Right, with the cyan akatani star core plus this fiend baron heart, I can make that treasure. Although it wont improve my cultivation base. However, it can substantially improve my battle prowess short term.”

After putting the fiend baron heart away, Yang Feng went toward the ore area.

Although there were also countless treasures in the remaining areas, but for Yang Feng, the precious ores in the ore area had the greatest use.

There were many dragon crystals in the dragon area, yet there were no demigod rank dragon crystals, only Legend rank. With such dragon crystals, level-4 extraordinary life form rank battle robots could be made at most, which had little effect on increasing Yang Fengs fighting strength.

“This is inert atlam stone, one of the main materials for making warp gates. The inert atlam stone here can be used to make 5 warp gates with a range of 3,000 kilometers.” Yang Feng stopped in front of an enormous piece of red ore, and his eyes flickered with a strange light.

Warp gate technology was one of the technologies grasped by xizu. As long as a huge amount of energy was consumed, people could cross a great distance by traveling from one warp gate to another.

The red ore was the core material for making warp gates. Inert atlam stone could only be created by using a more superior energy and matter converter – level-2 fortified stronghold and upwards – at the expense of a large amount of energy and materials.

If he could make 5 warp gates, Yang Feng could return to the Red Earth Wastelands Miracle City from the St. Tulan City in under a minute. With warp gates, Yang Feng could go from one territory of his to another at any time, which was equivalent to bringing his territories closer.

The maximum distance for warp gates wasnt only 3,000 kilometers, but the quality and quantity of the inert atlam stone werent up to par and sufficient respectively. It could only be used to make warp gates to cross 3,000 kilometers.

“Star river xuan chong stone, the core material for super gravity gun, this is it!” Yang Feng hesitated again and again, then his eyes finally fell on a huge piece of black ore, and he made a decision. He grabbed at the huge piece of black ore.

With a flash of light, the star river xuan chong stone flew directly into Yang Fengs hand.

Warp gates could enhance Yang Fengs control over the forces under his command, while the star river xuan chong stone could substantially enhance his fighting strength and diversify his means. Yang Feng ultimately chose to improve his fighting ability.

Warlock cultivation followed a prescribed order. Yang Feng already assessed his current cultivation speed. If nothing unexpected happened, it will take him a dozen years at the fastest to promote to a Great Warlock. As such, it was particularly important to enhance his fighting capability. Otherwise, once he was dead, all his schemes will be for naught.

After selecting the treasures he wanted from the royal treasury, Yang Feng returned to the imperial study, and after humoring Garça for a while, he left the Victory Palace.

When Yang Feng left the Victory Palace, he went straight to his villa. After entering his villa, he declined seeing any visitors.

Shortly afterward, outside the St. Tulan City, a level-4 extraordinary life form thunder falcon accompanied by numerous bolts of lightning appeared midair, carrying Yang Feng toward the Miracle City at the terrifying speed of Mach 5.

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