Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 303 – Magical Mechanical Cloak

stence. Currently, I can only last 5 seconds and maintain my reason for 3 seconds.” Yang Feng examined the data analysis and smiled wryly.

Although the magical mechanical cloak provided a tremendous amount of fiend power, but it couldnt eliminate the various formidable negative forces hidden in the fiend power.

Yang Fengs physical constitution couldnt bear the fiend baron transformation.

In fact, the black dragon transformation would be the best. If he could get a hold of a living immemorial black dragon heart and dragon crystal, then using the magical mechanical cloak, Yang Feng could carry out the immemorial black dragon transformation. That transformation would definitely last much longer than the fiend baron transformation.

Using xizu technology and the extremely precious cyan akatani star core, the magical mechanical cloak had unlimited evolutionary potential. Not only could Yang Feng carry out fiend baron transformation, but if he could get a hold of the hearts of immemorial dragons, giants, kindred, tetra-armed trolls, and other powerful life forms, he could use the power of those hearts to carry out various transformations.

After producing a few more weapons in the mobile fortified stronghold, Yang Feng appeared in the Miracle City. He handled all kinds of affairs skillfully.

When he finished his work, Yang Feng returned to the St. Tulan City and entered the magic college, where he began his closed door cultivation. Operating various secret methods recorded in Black Dragon Morph, he absorbed Moonlight Warlock rank dragon bone essence.

Meanwhile, after gaining military power, Goyena forged ahead, beating André back one step at a time and recovering numerous lost territories.

André was eventually beaten back all the way to the Merton Province.

While Goyena was a bit complacent, André suddenly plunged into Goyenas rear with 30,000 armored cavalrymen and attacked the Denton City where Goyena stockpiled the army provisions, burning down the army provisions meant for the 400,000 troops commanded by Goyena in one fell swoop.

When Goyena and his troops got the news, the feeling of insecurity pervaded them and they could only withdraw.

Taking advantage of Goyenas retreat, André pursued frantically and overwhelmed Goyenas army in one go, slaughtering many and taking in many surrendered troops.

Goyena had to flee back to the Tandoo Province helter skelter, where he gathered 300,000 troops, defending desperately against André.

Just as André was preparing for a decisive battle with Goyena in the Tandoo Province, the Desert Empire attacked the Gahelid Province all of a sudden. André had no choice but to turn back and fight the Desert Empire.

Time passed. In the blink of an eye, a year passed.

In the deepest part of the 9-story-tall Wizard tower in the magic college, the door to a secret chamber slowly opened, and Yang Feng stepped out.

After a year of hard work, using secret methods recorded in Black Dragon Morph, Yang Feng absorbed a part of the Moonlight Warlock rank dragon bone essence and integrated it into his body.

However, to absorb the Moonlight Warlock bone essence in its entirety, Yang Fengs strength was far from enough to achieve that. Even so, the part of dragon bone essence Yang Feng absorbed strengthened his bones by dozens of times, making them even harder than some frail Starry Sky Warlock rank bones.

Many rare materials were required to absorb Moonlight Warlock rank dragon bones. Ordinary Black Dragon Bloodline Warlocks would have a hard time absorbing the essence of Moonlight Warlock rank bones.

Yang Feng scraped the wealth of the entire Turandot Subcontinent, and had numerous valuable materials, so absorbing the Moonlight Warlock rank dragon bone essence wasnt an issue

With a flick of his wrist, a black summoning stone appeared on his hand. His eyes flickered with a peculiar glint, and he murmured: “Looks like I have to make a trip to the Elven Empire!”

The Ancient Green Forest City was the only point of contact with the rest of the world for elves. This ancient city was a humongous city blessed by the gods of the elven divine system.

An enormous convoy slowly approached from afar.

“What a beautiful city!” Looking out through a window of a luxury carriage, Yang Feng couldnt help saying in praise.

The Ancient Green Forest City looked like an enormous mountain range that had its peaks sliced off and its innards hollowed out by a supreme being, forming a magnificent, humongous city.

Despite being called a city, the Ancient Green Forest City was actually full of all kinds of plants. Because it was a place blessed by the gods, it was perpetually spring inside the city, and there were all kinds of fragrant flowers everywhere. When the wind blew, a refreshing fragrance of flowers fluttered in the air.

Sitting opposite to Yang Feng, Faldina smiled sweetly and said: “Thats only natural. Elves are a race most intimate with nature, and many call themselves children of nature.”

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