Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 306 – Strong

Chapter 305 – Reversal

Translator: Xaiomoge

The elves didnt expect that Yang Feng would take the initiative to act.

Only Danny, who had been staring at Yang Feng, reacted. Her pretty complexion changed, then she erupted with Sky Knight qi and stabbed at Yang Feng in a shooting-star-like strike.

Yang Feng didnt evade her. He appeared in front of the silver-haired elf like a ghost, and reached out to grab the latter.

A silver light suddenly burst out from the necklace hanging from the neck of the silver-haired elf, forming a silver shield around him.

Yang Feng slammed his fist into the silver shield, and his frightening strength crushed the silver shield.

The silver shield was only a level-2 defensive spell, so how could it withstand an all out strike from the humanoid-dragon-like Yang Feng.

However, the silver shield still blocked Yang Fengs inevitable blow, giving the silver-haired male elf time to catch his breath. Face distorted in fear, he turned around and shouted: “Save me, quickly save me!”

Ding! As Danny stabbed the cloak on Yang Fengs back with her sword, the sound of metal striking metal rang. There was a look of horror in her eyes. Against her full power strike, even human Sacred Swordsmen rank powerhouses didnt dare to block it with their body.

In response, Yang Feng hit Danny in the abdomen with his open palm.

Danny cried out, and was flung backwards as if a broken rag doll, blood and crushed viscera spraying out of her cherry lips.

“Stay your hand, you lowly human!” Following a shout, the figures of 2 exceedingly beautiful silver-haired elves blurred, and they appeared in front of Yang Feng. They drew the rapier at their waist. Carrying silver Sky Knight rank qi, the rapiers stabbed at Yang Feng alike vipers.

Without evading, Yang Feng grabbed the silver-haired male elf, then swung his long sword at the 2 beautiful, silver-haired female elves.

The pretty complexions of the 2 silver-haired elves changed. They reversed their flow of qi and forcibly received the sword strike.

With the flow of qi reversed, the pretty faces of the 2 silver-haired elves flushed, and they spat out a mouthful of blood.

Carrying tremendous force, Yang Feng hit a silver-haired elf in the abdomen with his open palm, sending her flying. As if a shooting star, she slammed into the other silver-haired female elf. When they collided, both elves suffered serious injuries.

Everything happened very quickly. As soon as Yang Feng caught the silver-haired male elf, he felt a scary killing intent firmly lock onto his head as if a divine bow that could be shot at any time was pointed at his head, and a sense of deadly crisis overcame his mind.

A cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng pointed the silver-haired man in the direction from where the feeling of danger came from.

The scary killing intent suddenly stagnated.

Yang Feng shouted sternly at the elven warriors: “Stop, or Ill kill this silver-haired idiot!”

The elven warriors turned sluggish at once, staring at Yang Feng and the silver-haired male elf in his hand.

Yang Feng said coldly: “Put down your weapons! Otherwise, Ill snap one of his fingers!”

The silver-haired male elf shrieked loudly: “Dont you dare! Ian, I am Benedict, the only man of the Remonfen Family. If you lay a finger on me, your whole family will die without a burial to show for!!”

Among elves, sun elves and moonlight elves were the elves most doted on by the Elven Primary God Mofeceraja. The Krossdale Family and Remonfen Family, who belonged to sun elves and moonlight elves respectively, were reputed for their divine looks.

As moonlight elves were royalty and male elves were rare, Benedict was a treasure of elves as well as the hope of moonlight elves to preserve the purity of their lineage without having to rely on the inheritance of elven mother trees. As such, his status in the elven empire was very high.

“Is that so? Then Ill snap one of your fingers first!” Yang Feng smiled and easily snapped a finger of the silver-haired male elf. Blood gushed out of Benedicts finger and fell to the ground.

His face pale and distorted, Benedict howled: “My finger! It hurts!! It hurts!! My finger!! How dare you, how dare you snap my finger!! You fiend!! You fiend…”

Yang Feng barked: “Shut up!”

Benedict immediately closed his mouth, sobbing. Looking at Yang Feng, his eyes glimmered with enmity.

Yang Feng spoke in a cold voice: “Have them lay down their weapons! Otherwise, Ill snap another of your fingers!”

Benedict immediately roared at the elven guards: “What are you looking at? Why havent you dropped your weapons yet? Do you want for another of my fingers to be broken?”

The elven warriors looked at each other. They hesitated for a moment, then clenched their teeth and dropped their weapons.

Yang Feng pointed with his finger and magic light flickered. As if there was a whirlpool, the weapons on the ground rose and flew into a storage ring.

Yang Feng looked at a tall tree to the west and said coldly: “The elf hiding in the west, come out! Im not happy with you hiding there. If Im upset, I might snap another one of his fingers.”

Atop a luxuriant and verdant tree appeared a tall, peerless beauty dressed in emerald-green, exquisite elven leaf armor, with long, silver hair, a curvaceous waist, and plump and captivating twin peaks. Exuding an alluring charm and carrying a heroic aura, she was no less beautiful than Karina.

Locked onto Yang Fengs vital points, the eyes of the peerless beauty were cold and as sharp as arrows. She had a big, silver bow, which exuded palpitation-inducing fluctuations of power, in her hands.

Yang Feng looked at the gorgeous, silver-haired elven beauty and praised: “What a beautiful elf. Whats your name? Which family are you from? If you dont answer me, I may have to snap another finger.”

Benedict pleaded with a painful and fearful expression: “Kafalena, save me, I dont want to have another finger snapped. It hurts! It hurts so much!!”

Kafalena shot Benedict a somewhat exasperated look, and sighed secretly, then said in a magnetic voice: “I am Kafalena of the Remonfen Family, the older sister of the good-for-nothing fellow in your hands.”

Yang Feng spoke coldly: “Kafalena, drop the bow! If, that is, you want to keep your brother intact.”

With the formidable perception of a level-3 Warlock, Yang Feng could tell that the silver bow contained a frightening power.

Kafalena raised her slim eyebrows and said coldly: “This is a moonlight divine bow, a treasure of our family. It cannot be given to others. Ian, youre just a Star Knight. This is the Elven Woods, you cannot escape. Release my brother, and Ill spare your life!”

Frightening auras rose from the nearby Elven Woods as elven Sky Knight rank powerhouses and above hurried over.

There were even 3 terrifying Sacred Swordsman rank qi soaring into the sky and 1 tremendous Legend Wizard rank spirit force stirring the vigor of heaven and earth, forming black clouds in the sky.

The faces of Lightning Sacred Swordsman Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen changed slightly and their eyes flickered with graveness.

Faldina stared at Yang Feng with a beaming smile, not caring about the elven warriors rushing over.

“Oh! Is that so? How interesting. Let me see what youve got.” Yang Feng smiled faintly, and a cold glint flashed past his eyes. A secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel pierced through Benedicts abdomen, and a copious amount of blood flowed out and scattered on the ground.

When he saw the sword pierced in his abdomen, Benedicts handsome face contorted dramatically, and he screamed miserably: “Save me! Save me! Sister! Save me!! Sister!!”

Kafalenas pretty complexion changed, and she snapped: “Stop! Ian, what are you doing?! Do you really want to be an enemy of us elves!!”

“Interesting! Id like to see if you can hold me here! Before that, let me kill the only man of the Remonfen Family, so that your family wont have offsprings! I think that the expressions of the gods you believe in will be very interesting when he dies.”

“By the way, I was conferred the title of duke by the emperor of the Morrince Empire, and there are more than 500,000 troops in my territory! You are welcome to come attack my territory! I think that there will be a lot of human aristocrats looking forward to a large number of elven slaves!!” Yang Feng swung Benedict in the air, a frigid smile on his face.

Kafalena felt a chill in her heart when she heard that, and she looked at Yang Feng with fear in her eyes.

Elves had formidable fighting prowess in the Elven Woods. In the the Elven Woods, even if 1 million human troops were to come, only death would await them. However, once elves went to fight elsewhere, although they would still be the best archers, but they would no longer be invincible.

If Benedict was killed by Yang Feng, the angered elven gods in the starry sky would compel the elves to leave the Elven Woods and fight in the outside world. The elves would lose their advantage. By then, god knows how many elves would die or how many elves would be reduced to slaves and playthings of human aristocrats before they claimed victory.

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