Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 307 – Precognition

Chapter 306 – Strong

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“Kafalena, since Duke Ian wants your moonlight divine bow, then give it to him!” Exuding the aura of powerhouses, 4 beautiful elves who looked to be 27 or 28 years old walked over. The leader was a tall woman with long, golden hair, a sexy figure, an enchanting beauty, and an imposing aura.

Kafalena frowning slightly. She hesitated for a moment, then threw the moonlight divine bow toward Yang Feng.

After he caught the moonlight divine bow, Yang Feng stored it away in a storage ring.

The beautiful woman with the imposing aura raised her lily-white hand, and the elven warriors guarding outside the entrance of the Elven Woods withdrew their bows and arrows. At the same time, she smiled gently at Yang Feng, saying: “Duke Ian, I am Erza, an elder of the elves. We elves have no malice towards you. Now, would you please release Benedict? Hes still a foolish child. If he offended you, then Ill apologize to you in his stead.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly, pulled out the sword lodged in Benedicts abdomen, and pointed with his finger. Suddenly, healing water emerged and entered Benedicts abdomen and repaired his injury.

Yang Feng deliberately avoided Benedicts vital points in his strike. Under the influence of the healing water, the injury on Benedicts abdomen healed quickly.

Erza silently recited an incantation, and then pointed with her winger. Suddenly, streams of healing water appeared and sank into the bodies of the elven warriors who had been wounded by Yang Feng, quickly healing their injuries.

“Now, why have you framed me? Why have you called me a murderer whose hands are drenched in elven blood? If you dare lie to me, Ill stab you in the gut. That will certainly be interesting!” Yang Feng grabbed Benedict and cast a lie-detection spell on him. Staring ruthlessly at Benedict, he unleashed the divine energy of fear, and a terrifying pressure enveloped Benedict.

Benedict was full of fear toward Yang Feng to begin with. He was stabbed just now, proving that Yang Feng didnt care about his identity as a member of the Remonfen Family. Now, under the effect of the divine energy of fear, he regarded Yang Feng even more so as a terrifying, godlike existence. He immediately spilled out the beans: “Karina always mentions your name, so I was jealous of you. Thats why I framed you. Release me, Ian. Ill never bother you again.”

The surrounding elves were disappointed when they heard what he said. The elven warriors guarding the entrance to the Elven Woods stared at the lie-detection magic light on Benedict. When they found out that the spell proved his words, they became even more disappointed.

Gazes of disdain and contempt focused on Benedict.

Kafalena creased her eyebrows slightly.

The expressions of Erza and the 3 elven elders standing behind her didnt look too good either.

Yang Feng said with a cold smile: “I heard that elves were an elegant and noble race. However, that seems not to be the case! Thats really disappointing.”

Erza spoke with a mild smile: “Duke Ian, Benedict is still just an ignorant child. Why do you fuss over a child?”

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly. Erzas gentle demeanor made it a little difficult for him to continue to be overbearing. However, he was also somewhat reluctant to release Benedict who was in his grasp.

“Ian, you came! Kafalena, Elder Erza, why are you here?” Following a bright voice, the alluring and uncommonly beautiful Karina garbed in emerald green leaf armor jumped out of the Elven Woods and appeared before everyones eyes. Her innocent eyes were full of curiosity.

When Karina saw Benedict, who was taken hostage by Yang Feng, she wrinkled her eyebrows slightly and inquired: “Ian, why have you captured Benedict?”

Yang Feng responded with a light smile: “He framed me and wanted for me to get arrested. So I captured him instead!”

Shame flashed past the abyss of the eyes of the elven warriors of the Elven Woods.

The more than 100 elven warriors couldnt stop Yang Feng, a single person, letting him easily capture Benedict. This was a dereliction of duty.

Karina looked at Erza and the other elven elders standing aside and spoke: “Please let him go, okay?

“Alright!” Straightforward, Yang Feng tossed Benedict toward the silver-haired elves as if a sack of garbage.

The silver-haired moonlight elves quickly came forward to prop up Benedict, and glared at Yang Feng.

As soon as he was safe, Benedicts handsome face twisted, and he shrilled: “Arrest him. Elder Erza, Kafalena, quickly arrest him. He has broken one of my fingers and stabbed me, you have to take revenge for me!!”

Yang Feng frowned slightly. An intense killing intent in his eyes, he looked coldly at the elves. If they really lost their sensibility and tried to arrest him, then he would no longer be lenient with them.

Erza frowned slightly and said in a cold voice: “Isa, Bella, you two take Benedict back and put him in the blackwood tree dungeon. This is an order!”

“Yes! Elder Erza!” 2 silver-haired moonlight elves responded respectfully, and somewhat helplessly dragged Benedict toward the Elven Woods.

As he walked away, Benedict shouted: “Erza, you have no right to do this to me! Ill tell my mother to punish you! Mark my words! Youll pay for treating me this way because of a lowly human!!”

Erza spoke with a helpless smile: “Im sorry for showing you this farce, Duke Ian. He is just a spoiled brat. I hope this wont affect the friendship between us elves and the Red Earth Wasteland.”

The lower class of elves may not know of Yang Fengs prestige. But the upper class was well aware that a great character had recently risen in the Red Earth Wasteland.

After assimilating millions of people from the Notice Province, the strength of the Red Earth Wasteland had increased geometrically. The number of troops expanded to 200,000, who were being drilled day and night.

In addition to the Red Earth Wasteland, the Funes Province also assimilated millions of refugees coming from the Notice Province, who had settled down by now in the Funes Province.

The population of the territories under Duke Ian had exceeded 10 million, which was equivalent to one-fourth of the elven empire. Even Erza didnt dare to slight such a bigwig.

Benedict was the only man of the Remonfen Family, so he was pampered and spoiled since he was little. As a completely spoiled playboy, he knew nothing about the situation in the rest of the world.

Erza and the other elven elders understood the weight the name Duke Ian carried. Yang Fengs title and fiefs were obtained by piling up countless corpses. Moreover, Yang Feng had a close relationship with the emperor of the Morrince Empire, and he was a superb military commander. Once war were to break out, it would definitely not be a walk in the park for the elven empire.

Using an estranged and indifferent tone, Yang Feng responded politely: “Of course not.”

Elsas eyebrows wrinkled slightly. She could clearly tell the estrangement and indifference in Yang Fengs voice.

Karina gave a beaming smile capable of melting peoples hearts: “Dont mention these trifles! Ian, lets go. Ill take you to the Elven Woods to have fun.”

Yang Feng looked at Karinas smile, and the pressure in his heart was swept away. He smiled and said: “Okay!”

Kafalena frowned slightly: “Elder Erza!”

The Elven Woods was the place where elves dwelt. Apart from elves, only a few, select people could enter it. Even half blood elves, who were closely related to elves, could only live outside the Elven Woods.

Yet Yang Feng, who was a human, was to enter the Elven Woods. This made Kafalena feel a little uneasy.

Erza shook her head, and did not let Kafalena stop Yang Fengs party.

The Elven Woods was the dwelling of elves. As soon as he entered, Yang Feng saw many magic plants rarely seen outside.

Elves on the Feisuo Plane came from high elves of the Sandra Plane, which was one of the 36 primary material planes. The Sandra Plane was said to be covered in countless extraordinary plants. It was a paradise for human Warlocks who specialized in extraordinary plants. High elves of the Sandra Plane were frightening existences not inferior to fiends, dragons, giants, and other extraordinary life forms.

In terms of physical constitution, high elves of the Sandra Plane may not be able to compare to fiends, dragons, giants, and other extraordinary life forms. However, they were proficient in all kinds of nature-attributed spells and element-attributed spells. Furthermore, there were many children of nature and children of elements among high elves.

After arriving at the Feisuo Plane, elves gradually degenerated and merged with the Feisuo Plane, forming the current ordinary elves. Although they were still much more gifted than humans, yet they were far worse off than high elves of the Sandra Plane.

Most elves of the Feisuo Plane were proficient in ordinary nature-attributed spells, which were influenced by their ancestors. As for elves who were proficient in element-attributed spells, there were very few. On the Feisuo Plane, an elven child of nature would still appear every few hundred years. As for children of elements, none appeared.

Elves who were proficient in nature-attributed spells constantly remodeled the Elven Woods that they lived in. After tens of thousands of years of remodeling, the Elven Woods had become a paradise of extraordinary plants, where many extraordinary plants that Pharmacist dream of could be found.

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