Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 308 – The St. Moonlight City

Chapter 307 – Precognition

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The sun rays that fell onto the Elven Woods were absorbed by the extraordinary plants via different methods, forming magnificent and brilliant rainbows.

The whole Elven Woods was full of vitality and exuded formidable bio-magic energy. The concentration of bio-magic energy here was even higher than in the Victory Palace.

Yang Feng admired all kinds of beautiful scenery as he walked through the forest, exclaiming: “The scenery here is really beautiful.”

This Elven Woods was really picturesque. If it was on Earth, god knows how many tourists would visit it.

Karina spoke proudly: “Of course its beautiful! After all, here is our home! We went to great lengths to build it!”

Yang Feng smiled. He was proficient in the Feisuo Planes history, so he understood why Karina was so proud.

The elves of the Feisuo Plane came from an annihilation army dispatched by high elves of the Sandra Plane. After the high elven annihilation army came to the Feisuo Plane, it fought numerous desperate battles against indigenous gods of the Feisuo Plane, which was how they got the Elves Woods, a place for them to recuperate

The high elven annihilation army suffered heavy casualties during those desperate battle. The surviving powerhouses ignited their divine fire and became the elven gods of the Feisuo Plane.

After the gods signed a treaty forbidding them from descending into the secular world with their true bodies to fight, the human gods issued a decree for the Morrince Empire, Titan Empire, and other human states to organize expeditionary forces several times to suppress the elves.

These expeditionary forces to suppress the elves suffered crushing defeats in the Elven Woods, incurring heavy casualties. The Elves were thus able to gain a firm foothold on the Feisuo Plane.

Over the millennia, elves were gradually accepted by the Feisuo Planes races, with divine decrees to suppress the elves becoming a very rare occurrence.

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Karina, why have you called me over?”

“I will come of age in a few days. According to our customs, I will be an adult and can get married in a few days. Several guys rushed over to marry me. But I dont want to, so I came to you for help.” Karina said frankly. She hesitated for a moment, then silently recited an incantation and waved her lily-white hand, and a sound-proofing spell shrouded her and Yang Feng.

Faldina, who followed not far behind, raised her eyebrows slightly, then, expressionless, looked at the surroundings with curiosity.

The Elven Woods was a strategic place of the elven empire. Few people of other races could enter this region.

Karina had a remarkable status in the elven empire, while Yang Feng was a greater aristocrat with a very high position in the Morrince Empire. Under these two factors, he was able to set foot in the Elven Woods.

If Yang Feng was just an ordinary person, then even if he was a Sacred Swordsman or a Legend Wizard, it would be very difficult for him to get permission from the elves to enter the Elven Woods.

Karinas pretty face turned dignified: “I have the ability of precognition!”

“Precognition!!” When Yang Feng heard this, tempestuous waves rose in his heart.

Precognition was an extraordinary time-attributed ability. Intelligent life forms with the ability of precognition were very rare. This extraordinary ability was unrelated to cultivation base, and instead, was related to talent. Even strong divine power rank gods might not possess the ability of precognition.

People with this ability were very rare. Yet once one emerged, formidable major forces would compete over them. Ordinary precognition was all well and good. However, if the precognition involved the rise or fall of a major force, it could save that major force, or even make it more prosperous.

Of course, the ability of precognition was very unreliable. Even the Time Lord, who was claimed to have the strongest ability of precognition in the history of the Cangzhi Plane, could only see some fragments of the future at the most. Besides, the future was not unalterable. If you saw fragments of the future, some of your inadvertent actions may result in a change to the future.

Even so, existences with the ability of precognition were called prophets by many races and civilizations and were worshiped by countless people.

Karina said slowly with a strange expression: “These days, I often see some indistinct fragments – blood flowing in rivers in the Elven Woods; you standing in a sea of blood.”

Yang Fengs body turned slightly stiff, and he stopped in his tracks, eyebrows locked tightly together. The power inside his body surged, ready to fight.

Karina smiled naughtily, saying: “Dont be so nervous, I havent finished yet. You are on our side. Also, our enemies are shrouded in a haze, and I cannot see what they really are.”

Yang Feng was a little relieved. For a split second, he thought that he had been lured into the Elven Woods to be killed.

Her pretty eyes sparkling, Karina pleaded in a soft voice: “However, I have a very ominous premonition. After seeing the vague fragments, my intuition tells me that there might be great changes in the Elven Woods, so I called you. Ian, please help me.”

Yang Feng asked: “Whats in it for me?”

Karina smiled charmingly, a crafty look in her beautiful eyes: “Arent we friends? Is it not a matter of course to help friends?”

Yang Feng spread his hands and said: “Blood flowing in rivers in your Elven Woods… The enemy must not be underestimated. If there are no benefits, I wont have the motivation to help out.”

Yang Feng liked the innocent Karina a little. However, if she wanted him to risk his life to help her, their friendship wasnt a good enough reason.

Karina meditated for a moment before asking: “Well, what do you want?”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a strange light, and he smiled, saying: “I want ancient energy absorbing tree seeds!”

As the name implied, ancient energy absorbing trees could absorb all kinds of energy from the void and condense it into magic crystals. An inferior magic crystal contained tens of times as much pure life magic energy as a top grade magic stone.

An ancient energy absorbing tree was a treasure that could produce a steady flow of magic crystals. Coupled with the fact that an ancient energy absorbing tree had a lifespan of tens of thousands of years, the magnitude of its value could very well be imagined.

Ancient energy absorbing trees were very precious treasures even in the Cangzhi Planes Great Cloud Dynasty.

Karina creased her slender eyebrows and spoke: “These seeds are very precious. In general, it takes ancient energy absorbing trees 10,000 years to bear a single seed. We elves have just over 200 seeds in our storage, and I cant get them.”

Suddenly, Karinas beautiful eyes brightened, and she said excitedly: “Thats right, didnt you want to meet Her Majesty Great Elven Monarch Esramia? I can let you meet her.”

Yang Feng smiled and said in reply: “Actually, I dont really want to see her.”

Great Elven Monarch Esramia was born from the Krossdale Family and was reputed to have a godlike beauty. Her personal strength was also extremely outstanding. Reportedly, she was a terrifying existence ranked at the top 5 among Great Elven Monarchs throughout history.

On the Feisuo Plane, god knows how many heroes wanted to meet the Great Elven Monarch Esramia. Reportedly, all the men who had met her succumbed to her charm and submitted to her, madly in love.

“By the way, this is a specialty product I brought. Have a look and tell me if you like it.” With a flick of his wrist, a delicate, silver-plated glass mirror appeared in his hand, and he handed it to Karina.

“A mirror. What a pretty mirror!” Karina received the exquisite mirror and looked at it carefully. When she saw her beautiful countenance, she revealed a cheerful smile at once.

The Feisuo Plane was very backward. At present, bronze mirrors were still the mainstream. This was the first time that the silver-plated glass mirror appeared on the Feisuo Plane.

So long as they willed it, the gods above the starry sky could form a very clear magic mirror. They had no need for trinkets such as the silver-plated glass mirror.

It was Karinas first time seeing such a delicate and clear mirror. She played with it, doing different poses, and couldnt help smiling.

Yang Feng asked with a smile: “So, will your people like this mirror?”

Karina smiled slyly, saying: “Of course they will. They will buy it for a lot of money. By the way, Ian, how much do you want per mirror?”

Elves were a graceful, beautiful, and artistic race, and they paid great importance to their image. The silver-plated glass mirror was definitely going to be very popular with them.

Yang Feng spoke with a beaming smile: “I can sell them to you for 100 gold coins per mirror, and you can sell them for 300 gold coins. Like this, you can earn 200 gold coins per mirror. Pretty good, right?”

Karina said straightforwardly: “Alright! No problem.”

The lifespan of high elves of the Sandra Plane was nearly as long as that of dragons, while the lifespan of elves of the Feisuo plane was 1,000 to 2,000 years long. With the increase in cultivation base, their lifespan would also increase.

The long lifespan allowed them to accumulate a lot of wealth. So long as they could find what they liked, their spending ability was terrifying.

One of the reasons behind Yang Fengs visit to the Elven Woods was to tap into the elven market and sell the goods he produced to the elves.

Money was essential to preserve a large army. Although Yang Feng gained a great fortune in the war with André, but he still strove to make money.

“Are your goods outside?”

“Yes, they are in the Ancient Green Forest City.”

Karina said impatiently: “Then lets hurry up and have Belinda send someone to get them.”

Karina had been staying in the Elven Woods since she was little, so she was tired of seeing the beautiful scenery here. She was a vivacious and energetic girl, and was very interested in trade and making money, which could give her a great sense of accomplishment.

Yang Feng smiled and sped up his pace, following Karina deeper into the Elven Woods.

Under Karinas guidance, they crossed forests, marshes, hills, rivers, streams, and other complex terrain. It took Yang Feng and the other powerhouses 5 days to reach the center of the Elven Woods, the capital of the elven empire – the St. Moonlight City.

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