Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 310 – Defeating Seyssins

Chapter 309 – Great Elven Monarch Esramia

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The interior of the moonlight tree was very spacious. There was moonlight everywhere, bathing the interior of the moonlight tree in a hazy glow, looking very beautiful.

After crossing a number of winding and strange corridors, a vast reception hall appeared in front of Yang Fengs party.

In the vast hall, in addition to the seat of honor, there were wooden tables and wooden chairs on both sides configured in an analogous manner to the tables and chairs used in court banquets.

Several groups of people were already sitting in the hall.

The people in the hall werent elves. As soon as Yang Feng entered the hall, he felt hostile gazes focus on him.

Guided by Shana, Yang Feng sat on a seat in a graceful manner and looked at the several groups of people in the hall with great interest.

Among the few groups of people, the leader of one group was a burly man with lion ears and a lion tale wrapped around the waist exuding a domineering aura. He was clearly a lionman powerhouse from the beastman empire.

The leader of a different group was a tall man with fair skin, handsome looks, and short, golden dragon horns. He was clearly a powerhouse from the country of dragons.

The leader of another group was very a handsome man with an elegant and unconventional temperament, looking very much like a human man. However, the 3- to 4-meter-tall sharkman powerhouses with quills on their faces around him exposed his identity as a merfolk.

The leader of yet another group was a burly, handsome man with short, blond hair big ears, and an extraordinary temperament. Surrounded by human bodyguards, he looked very much like a human bigwig.

When Yang Feng entered the hall, the eyes of those few groups of people focused on him. After the gazes landed on the beautiful and alluring Faldina, who oozed a fascinating charm, their gazes clearly flickered with amazement.

A strange and quiet atmosphere pervaded the hall.

Yang Feng took a look at the several groups, then took a green warm sunshine fruit from a table and put it in his mouth. Upon biting the fruit, a sweet and refreshing juice pervaded his mouth. When the juice entered his stomach, a burning hot current rose inside him, making him feel very comfortable.

The green warm sunshine fruit was a precious fruit that elves cultivated with great care. It was not only delicious, but also could improve a cultivators physique. In the Ancient Green Forest City, the wholesale price for this fruit was 100 gold coins per fruit. In St. Tulan City, however, it was 500 gold coins per fruit. Moreover, there was high demand but little supply. It was a first-rate fruit sought after by many greater aristocrats.

Faldina pointed to the young powerhouse surrounded by human guards and whispered in Yang Fengs ear: “That one is Raylo, the most outstanding genius of God of War Amigo divine descendant family from the Titan Empire. It is said that he awakened the God of Wars bloodline inside him when he was 10 years old. Despite being only 18 years old, he already possesses the cultivation base of a pinnacle Star Knight rank powerhouse. He can step cross the boundary and promote to a Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouse at any time. Although he doesnt practice magic cultivation, but the God of Wars bloodline inside him immunizes him from level-3 spells and under. He is publicly acclaimed as one of the strongest geniuses in the Titan Empire. He had defeated more than 3 Sacred Swordsmen.”

Yang Feng watched Raylo with a look of graveness and curiosity in his eyes: “A genius who awakened the God of Wars bloodline! How come such a genius is here?

Not everyone in a divine descendant family could awaken their ancestral bloodline. Except for the first generation of divine descendants, who could inherit part of god bloodline, most of the descendants of gods could not awaken their ancestral bloodline.

The bloodlines of gods were the most formidable bloodlines on the Feisuo Plane. Different god bloodlines contained different powers. However, each power was very formidable, far exceeding ordinary peoples imagination.

God of War Amigo was a strong divine power rank god of the Titan divine system, and his bloodline possessed a terrifying power.

When Raylo awakened the power of Amigos bloodline, he gained traces of divine power, and his fighting strength became terrifying. He gained all kinds of innate extraordinary abilities. If nothing untoward happened, he was expected to promote to a Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouse. As for whether he could become a demigod rank powerhouse or not, that would depend on his luck and efforts.

A tall, exceptionally beautiful, noble, and elegant woman with a curvaceous waist, twin peaks nearly bursting out of her clothing, and long, golden hair cascading as if a golden waterfall stepped into the reception hall

When he saw the exceptionally beautiful elven woman, Yang Fengs eyes lit up and his heart skipped a beat. The exceptionally beautiful woman was definitely the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. In front of her, even a gorgeous woman like Karina was considerably lacking.

When the exceptionally beautiful elven woman stepped into the hall, the hall seemed to turn brighter. Practically all eyes were attracted by her. Her luster completely overshadowed Karina, who is also a very beautiful woman, following beside her.

Standing next to the exceptional beauty, Karina looked like she hadnt yet fully matured alike an unripe apple. Kafalena, another elven beauty standing next to the exceptional beauty, had her sheen deem down, as well.

Apart from the 2 beautiful elves, there were still some beautiful elven warriors escorting the exceptional beauty. Obviously, her status was very high among elves.

Leading Karina by the hand, the exceptional beauty walked toward the seat of honor and sat down. She spoke with a elegant and graceful smile on her gorgeous face: “I am Esramia, the great elven monarch of the elven empire. I am very glad that everyone could come to attend the coming of age ceremony of my precious daughter Karina.”

Karina grimaced at Yang Feng while Esramia was not paying attention.

Only now did Yang Feng understood why Karina was so confident that she could see Great Elven Monarch Esramia.

The people sitting inside the hall were all powerhouses. Karinas grimace made these powerhouses focus their gazes on Yang Feng, many of which were of the threatening and warning nature

Ignoring the gazes full of malice, Yang Feng though: “The charm of this lass is really something else.”

“According to the custom of the Krossdale Family, in addition to elves, members of other races who want to pursue members of our family have to pass a variety of tests. The first test is to be the strongest suitor.”

“Seyssins – a lionmen and one of the 3 most dazzling geniuses of the beastman empire; awakened the Heracles bloodline. Sid – a dragonborn with the noble 3-headed golden dragon bloodline; one of the 7 great geniuses of the country of dragons. Cicéron – a merfolk genius of the Empire of the Deep; awakened the Sea Gods bloodline. Reylo – a genius of the Titan Empire; awakened the God of Wars bloodline. Duke Ian of the Morrince Empire. Are you sure you want to take part in this test?” The graceful and noble smile of Esramia seemed to have brightened the hall.

Elves didnt marry people of other races. Thus, it was very difficult for people of other races to marry a pure-blooded elven beauty. The Krossdale Family was a family reputed for their divine looks and for receiving divine favor and blessings, and it was even more difficult to marry one of their women.

In the past, the god who defected due to an elven beauty of the Krossdale Family went through numerous tests set up by the Krossdale Family before finally taking her as his wife.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled. Seyssins and the other 3 people were genius powerhouses with peak bloodlines on the Feisuo Plane. Although he didnt fear them, but he wasnt willing to offend the other parties for no reason. He came to the Elven Woods just to tap into the market and sell the specialty products of the Red Earth Wasteland to the elves in a steady stream.

Smiling candidly and exuding a domineering aura, Seyssins looked around menacingly and said with great confidence: “Of course. I fell in love with Her Highness Princess Karina at first sight. I will pass this test and become the only suitor of Her Highness.”

Cicéron spoke with a smile: “I also fell in love with with Her Highness Princess Karina at first sight. Naturally, I wont give up this opportunity.”

Reylo spoke in an elegant and graceful manner: “In the future, I hope to be able to go to the Red Moon Lake with Her Highness Karina, take a boat ride, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the red moon cherry blossoms. No matter what test it is, my determination wont be swayed.”

Sid was silent for a moment, then looked at Yang Feng. Only then did he reveal the endless pride below the calm and said: “I am the only one who can stand beside Karina.”

After the 4 strongest geniuses of the younger generation made their declarations, all eyes focused on Yang Feng.

A look of anxiety of her face, Karina kept winking at Yang Feng and throwing him meaningful glances, fearing that he would shrink back.

Esramia smiled and asked: “Duke Ian, are you going to back down?”

Seyssins shot Yang Feng a glance. Eyes glimmering with contempt, he sneered: “Ian, you should back down. Youre just an ordinary person and as such, have no qualifications to take part in this test. For your own sake, its best that you quit.”

Cicéron and the other 2 people smiled, watching Yang Feng with contempt and disdain in their eyes.

The 4 people were beings with formidable bloodlines. They were geniuses among geniuses, and even Sacred Swordsman powerhouses may not be their match. Understandably, they looked down on Yang Feng.

“Interesting! In that case, let me take a look at your capabilities! I hope you fellows wont let me down!” Eyes flashing with fighting spirit, Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he shot toward the center of the hall. He beckoned Seyssins and the others with his finger and went on to say in provocation: “Whos first?”

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