Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 312 – The Terror of Sid

Chapter 311 – Defeating Cicéron

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Ding! Yang Fengs secret treasure sword slashed at the moonlight barrier as swift as a clap of thunder and produced a loud and crisp sound, and a scary shock wave spread in every direction. The secret treasure sword was sent flying.

“Sorry, my hand slipped!” Yang Feng was forced back a few steps. A bashful smile on his face, he beckoned and the secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel flew into his hand.

All the people present were silent. Clearly, Yang Feng had attacked on purpose. If Esramia was late even by half a step, Seyssins would have been cut in half.

Faldina watched the goings-on with a smile on her face.

Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen looked at each other, feeling hot in the face due to the shamelessness of their lord.

Esramia spoke with a meaningful smile: “Its okay. Pay more attention next time. Dont let your hand slip gain.”

Feeling a chill in his heart, Yang Feng smiled bashfully.

Seyssins eyes were filled with hatred. He immediately returned to his seat, then took out a vial of elixir and downed it. After ingesting the elixir, his right hand began to heal quickly.

There were also grandmasters proficient in pharmacology in the beastman empire. Of course, the number of grandmasters proficient in pharmacology in the beastman empire was much smaller. Besides, the grandmaster Pharmacists in the beastman empire could not compare to human grandmaster Pharmacists. Nevertheless, many potion formulas of the beastman empires grand pharmacists were beyond the grasp of human grandmaster Pharmacists.

“Ian, let me put you in your place!” Cicéron smiled. Body shrouded in water, he floated towards the center of the hall, facing Yang Feng.

Disdain flashed past the abyss of Cicérons eyes, and he spoke with a confident smile: “Able to manipulate magic plants; you seem to have some skill. However, unlike Seyssins, Im not a stupid blockhead who doesnt know how to use magic. Before absolute strength, these magic plants dont stand a chance.”

A fierce glint flashed past Seyssins eyes when he heard that. Keeping silent, he stared at Cicéron with frigid killing intent in his eyes.

Yang Feng retorted scornfully: “Absolute strength? Wait until you reach the demigod realm before talking about absolute strength!”

Without giving them time to continue their squabble, Esramia spoke with a smile: “Get started!”

Cicéron smiled. A mysterious imprint sprung up in between his eyebrows, then the Sea Gods bloodline inside him boiled and countless streams of water suddenly surrounded him, forming flood dragons.

Sea Flood Dragon Barrier was an innate defensive spell Cicéron obtained after awakening the Sea Gods bloodline. The flood dragons condensed from water-attributed elemental particles could even resist the offensive from many Legend Wizards and Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses, capable of withstanding 10 sword strikes.

With 10 sword strikes from a Sacred Swordsman blocked, Cicéron would have enough time to conjure spells and kill the other party.

Cicéron uttered a string of mysterious and profound magic sentences, and countless water-attributed elemental particles surrounded him. A terrifying force circled his body.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly. With his keen intuition, he realized that once Cicérons spell was completed, it would certainly be earth-shaking and irresistible.

Yang Feng speedily spoke a string of magic sentences. Suddenly, magic radiance surge and entered the 10 extraordinary plant water-absorbing demonic rattan seeds in his hands.

The 10 extraordinary plant water-absorbing demonic rattan seeds suddenly swelled and extended numerous tendrils, which wound around Yang Feng and formed a rattan armor.

The moment the rattan armor was formed, Yang Feng had appeared in front of Cicéron.

As if they had a life of their own, the water flood dragons around Cicéron frantically rushed towards Yang Feng and mercilessly bit at him.

The numerous water-absorbing magic vines around Yang Feng suddenly erupted and plunged countless tendrils into the flood dragons, madly devouring the water-attributed elemental particles.

Having their water-attributed elemental particles continuously absorbed by the water-absorbing demonic rattans, the flood dragons were dispersed one by one.

Sea Flood Dragon Barrier, which even Sacred Swordsman rank powerhouses found hard to break, was absorbed clean by the extraordinary plant water-absorbing demonic rattans twisting around Yang Feng.

Killing intent flashed past Yang Fengs eyes. In a flash, he burst out with Star Knight rank qi and mercilessly slashed at Cicéron with a shooting-star-like sword strike

Yang Feng had a hunch that once Cicéron completed that spell, he would either die or be injured. Even if he withstood it by chance, it would definitely shave off a layer of his skin.

After Cicéron awakened the Sea Gods bloodline, he could insta-cast level-3 water-attributed spells; he didnt even needing to recite incantations. This was what made the Sea Gods bloodline formidable. After all, even Legend Wizards had to draw support from the Weave and recite magic sentences in order to conjure level-3 spells. For Cicéron to be able to insta-cast level-3 water-attributed spells, that was simply outrageous. For such an outrageous personage to recite an incantation to release a spell, the spell was definitely of the Legend rank.

Cicérons eyes flashed with regret, and he stopped chanting. He willed and released the spell Great Icicle. Suddenly, a sharp, 2-meter-long icicle appeared and barreled toward Yang Feng with the force of thunder.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly, and he hacked with his sword. In an instant, he erupted with frenzied qi and crushed the big icicle to pieces.

Cicéron abandoned the idea of using Legend rank spells. With a wave of his hand, big icicles unceasingly slammed towards Yang Feng as if artillery shells.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly, and he uttered a magic sentence at once. Berserk fire-attributed elemental particles suddenly appeared around him and formed a huge flame storm barrier.

When the huge icicles sank into the flame storm barrier, the flames surged into the sky and issued sizzling sounds, vaporizing the icicles.

A sea serpent formed from water-attributed elemental particles dropped from the sky and slammed into the flame storm barrier, making sizzling sounds before neutralizing the barrier.

Huge icicles unceasingly bombarded Yang Feng.

Yang Feng had no time to conjure a second flame storm barrier. He could only stimulate his qi to form a bright sword curtain and cut off the icicles.

One giant icicle after another was crashed into pieces by Yang Feng, who employed Dragon Force.

Every time an icicle was crushed, it would emit a scary frigid air.

Following a superposition of the frigid air, a thin layer of ice condensed atop Yang Feng.

As the frigid air enveloped Yang Feng, cold wind whistled and, as if the earth was completely frozen, a piercing chill pervaded.

With the scary physique of a level-3 Warlock, Yang Feng barely resisted the erosion of the frigid air. However, amid the fierce battle, he could detect his physical strength and spirit force rapidly decline.

Faldinas beautiful eyes flashed with graveness: “How amazing! Worthy of a powerhouse who awakened the Sea Gods bloodline!!”

The countenances of Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen looked unsightly. If faced with Cicéron, they would only have a single chance to act. If they couldnt kill Cicéron with one sword strike, then even if the 3 of them joined hands, they still may not be able to cope with Cicéron, who was an Archwizard.

Facing Cicéron, a freak who awakened the Sea Gods bloodline, even human Legend Wizards may no be his match.

Seyssins expression turned very unsightly. Even though he awakened the Heracles bloodline, but when faced with Cicéron, who released level-3 water-attributed and ice-attributed spells without end, he would stand no chance.

Reylos eyes flashed with dignity, and he reflected on how to deal with the endless magic bombardment of Cicéron.

After smashing quite a few icicle, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with madness. He conjured the spells Black Dragon Scales and Dragon Force, then uttered 2 magic sentences and launched the level-3 spell Fire Snake.

2 berserk flame snakes suddenly appeared and made a beeline for Cicéron.

The 2 flame snakes had just appeared, when suddenly, quite a few water snakes appeared and mercilessly clashed with the flame snakes, neutralizing them completely.

The remaining water snakes pounced at Yang Feng, and were absorbed by the water-absorbing demonic rattans.

Yang Feng took this opportunity to shoot toward Cicéron like an artillery shell.

Cicéron willed and 4 big icicles appeared and barreled toward Yang Feng like artillery shells.

Without evading, Yang Feng maniacally rushed towards the 4 icicles.

Before he hit the icicles, Yang Feng chanted an incantation and pointed with his finger. The water-absorbing demonic rattans, which absorbed ample water-attributed elemental particles, suddenly erupted, shot towards the 4 icicles alike flood dragons, and sent them flying.

“I admit defeat!” When he saw the 4 icicles being sent flying, Cicéron spoke very calmly.

Almost at the same time, bright moonlight fell from the sky and covering Cicéron, forming a moonlight barrier.

Yang Fengs figure flashed. Face pale, he retreated by a few steps and spat out chunks of ice, trembling unconsciously.

Cicérons spells contained a frigid power. Even though Yang Feng had the protection of the life force cover, but he was still eroded by the cold air, suffering a lot of internal injuries.

Streams of cold air, as if majestic dragons, rampaged inside Yang Fengs body, making him tremble unceasingly. He had to give his best to be able to disperse the strange cold air.

Were it not for the power of the water-absorbing demonic rattans exceeding Cicérons imagination, the battle would have continued. Without using his trump cards, Yang Feng may not be Cicérons match.

Cicéron looked regretfully and meaningfully at Yang Feng before returning to his seat: “Ian, you have some skill. You won this time.”

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