Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 314 – Defeating Sid

Chapter 313 – 3-Headed Golden Dragon

Translator: Xaiomoge

Esramia spoke lightly: “Get started!”

Sids eyes flashed fiercely, then the 3-headed golden dragon bloodline inside him flared up, and the 3-headed monster phantom appeared behind him. A terrifying pressure spread from him.

As soon as the dragon might of the 3-headed golden dragon erupted, the black dragon bloodline inside Yang Feng was suppressed by a fraction.

That was the bloodline suppression the 3-headed golden dragon bloodline exerted over the ancient black dragon bloodline. One of the greatest weaknesses of Bloodline Warlocks was bloodline suppression and restraint that superior bloodlines exerted over inferior bloodlines. Only if Yang Fengs cultivation base was greatly superior to Sids, or if he promoted to a god, could he get rid of the bloodline suppression.

Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly, then silently chanted an incantation and pointed. Magic rays blossomed on his body. The black dragon dragon head on his chest opened its eyes, and tremendous black dragon force continuously poured into him from the black dragon armor.

Strengthened by the horrifying black dragon force, Yang Fengs physical aptitude broke through the boundary and reached Great Warlock rank.

Under the frenzied upgrade in strength, the bloodline suppression the 3-headed golden dragon bloodline exerted on the ancient black dragon bloodline was weakened to the extreme.

“This armor is really a treasure! Unfortunately, you are too weak to keep it!” Sid laughed coldly. With a tap of his feet, he covered the distance of dozens of meters virtually in a split second. In an instant, he appeared in front of Yang Feng and sent an extremely tyrannical punch his way.

Sids speed was fast to the extreme. Yang Feng had no time to chant, and could only stimulate the frenzied black dragon force inside him and slam his own fist at Sid in response.

Boom! When the 2 exceedingly strong forces collided, Yang Feng, whose physical constitution was upgraded to the Great Warlock rank due to the black dragon armor, was forced back by 3 steps.

Sid, however, just trembled a little.

Seeing this scene, Seyssins, Cicéron, Kafalena, Reylo, the complexions of the 4 powerhouses of the younger generation changed slightly.

Yang Feng was extremely strong to begin with. Now that he was strengthened by the black dragon armor, his physique was forcibly upgraded to the Great Warlock boundary. By now, even Seyssins, who awakened the Heracles bloodline, may not be Yang Fengs opponent in terms of strength. Nevertheless, Sid had completely suppressed him in terms of strength, which was simply unreasonable.

“Ha-ha! Interesting! This armor is awesome!! After I kill you, Ill take it from your dead body!!” Eyes shot with blood, flickering with frenzied battle intent, Sid laughed wildly, not caring whether his words would upset Karina.

When she heard that, Karina creased her eyebrows, and her eyes shimmered with displeasure. After all, it was because of her that Yang Feng got himself involved in this mess. She didnt want to see him killed.

Laughing wildly, exuding golden dragon qi, Sid, as if a brutal and formidable 3-headed golden dragon, barreled shooting-star-like punches toward Yang Feng, with each punch carrying a tremendous force.

Pushing the black dragon force inside him to the limit, operating a secret method recorded in Black Dragon Morph, Yang Feng looked like the incarnation of a humanoid black dragon as he fought with Sid at close quarters.

In the middle of the reception hall, a 3-headed golden dragon and an ancient black dragon clashed repeatedly. Dragon roars fell incessantly and frightening fluctuations of power spread everywhere.

Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen watched Yang Feng, who looked like the incarnation of a humanoid black dragon, with shock in their hearts: “So strong! So Lord is this strong! How scary!”

Prior to this, Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen only followed Yang Feng because they wanted to become greater aristocrats of the Morrince Empire. As human Sacred Swordsmen, peak fighters of the Feisuo Plane, they were prideful by nature. They were under the impression that without using magic, Yang Feng would stand no chance against them.

The fighting strength that Yang Feng, who had become the incarnation of a humanoid black dragon, was now exhibiting exceeded their imaginations by far. Only then did they realize that the lord they followed had unparalleled strength and was perfectly capable of battling freaks who awakened god bloodline

Kafalenas pretty eyes sparkled with a peculiar light as she watched Yang Feng in the center of the hall: “Amazing! It seems that Ian really has some skill!”

Sids continuous, unrelenting attacks gave Yang Feng no chance to cast spells. Yang Feng could only keep resisting, having no time and no energy to chant incantations and release extraordinary plants.

“Marvelous!! This is the strength of a top freak!! How amazing!! With the black dragon armor, even though I possess the strength of a Great Warlock, yet I am still in a disadvantage. Without the black dragon armor, I would have been defeated within 10 moves. Sure enough, there is always someone stronger.” As he desperately squeezed out his potential and resisted Sids attacks, a thought flashed through Yang Fengs mind.

Blood oozed from Yang Fengs mouth and dripped to the ground.

Sids punches were as heavy as mountains, and Yang Feng had a very hard time resisting them. Even though the black dragon armor weakened the force by 70%, but the remaining force still caused Yang Feng significant damage.

After arriving at the Feisuo Plane, god knows how many strong enemies succumbed to the Warlock knowledge wielded by Yang Feng, leaving him slightly conceited.

Sids tyrannical and crazed stance sobered Yang Feng up. Without the help of external forces and equipment, he was not the opponent of these formidable freak-like geniuses who awakened god bloodline. After all, before he arrived at the Cangzhi Plane, he was merely an ordinary earthling. To progress to this stage in just 3 years was already his limit.

Sid, who was unable to fight for a prolonged period of time, was getting anxious: “This human has some skill! If I cant defeat him as quickly as possible, how can I showcase my own skill?!”

As he mused, Sid roared and punched out, forcing Yang Feng back. Next, his figure flickered, and he abruptly retreated, reciting an incantation.

In just one breath, Sid was shrouded in countless golden light. Before the golden light completely dispersed, a 10-meter-long 3-headed golden dragon phantom covered in golden dragon scales and exuding endless dragon might slowly took form.

A horrifying Starry Sky Warlock rank pressure slowly diffused from the 3-headed golden dragon phantom.

The Starry Sky rank pressure exuded by the 3-headed golden dragon phantom was far inferior to the pressure exuded by Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar. Nevertheless, the terrifying junior demigod rank pressure already left Yang Feng slightly out of breath.

Exposed to the pressure exuded by the junior demigod rank 3-headed golden dragon, the black dragon bloodline inside Yang Feng shook continuously, as if wanting to submit to the majesty of the mighty 3-headed golden dragon.

Esramia was moved when she witnessed this scene: “Atavistic transformation! Amazing, this Sid really deserves to be called an outrageous genius of the country of dragons. Hes not even a Legend, yet can perform atavistic transformation, truly amazing.”

Atavistic transmutation was a secret method that bloodline life forms that traced back to their bloodline source could perform. Once Yang Feng practiced cultivation until the Great Warlock rank, he could also employ atavistic transformation to change into a Great Warlock rank ancient black dragon.

Sid, who wasnt even a Legend, could execute atavistic transformation and change into a 3-headed golden dragon. That was simply outrageous.

Seyssins, Cicéron, Reylo, Kafalena, and Faldina, the 5 young geniuses looked at the 3-headed golden dragon midair with graveness and bitterness in their eyes.

Sids strength had already reached an extreme. Now that he unleashed atavistic transformation, apart from Esramia, no one else would be his opponent.

Yang Fengs countenance changed slightly. His figure blurred, and he shot toward Sid like a ghost. He poured his strength into the secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel in his hand and mercilessly slashed at Sid.

A golden shield suddenly appeared to block in front of Sid. When Yang Fengs sword strike landed on the golden shield, a vigorous force was transmitted from the shield, sending Yang Feng tumble in the air for a dozen meters

From the golden light came Sids majestic, yet laced with ridicule voice: “Its no use! Ian, when I perform atavistic transformation, my defense is comparable to that of a junior demigod. You, who relies on outside forces to upgrade your strength to that of a junior Legend, cant hurt me in the least!”

Esramias slender eyebrows rose and her beautiful eyes flickered with a dignified look, saying unhurriedly: “Ian, its not too late to admit defeat. Theres no point flogging a dead horse. If you continue, then even if its me, I might not be able to come to your rescue in time!”

Cassius complexion changed dramatically, and he shouted: “Forget it, Lord! Come back!”

If Yang Feng died here, then the dream of Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen of becoming greater aristocrats would die as well. Currently, they were merely hereditary peer chevaliers. Without Yang Feng, it was impossible for them to become hereditary peer barons.

Karinas pretty countenance turned slightly, then she got up in a hurry and cried out anxiously: “Ian, forget it! Hes too strong! Theres no point in beating a dead horse!”

Demigod rank powerhouses were the most powerful existences of the secular world. If they held a god rank armament, some horrifying peak demigod rank existences could even slay gods.

Even after his atavistic transformation, Sid was only a junior demigod. Nevertheless, the terrifying strength of the 3-headed golden dragon wasnt something that a Legend rank powerhouse could contend with.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he sighed slowly. With a flick of his wrist, a pitch-black umbrella appeared in his hand. He pointed the umbrella at the 3-headed golden dragon midair and silently chanted.

The black umbrella opened. Suddenly, extremely mysterious runes appeared on the umbrella and a pitch-black dot, as if black star light, condensed on the tip of the umbrella.

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